FANDOM: Doctor Who (2005)
AUTHOR: Me/ChellusAuglerie/TempusDominus10, etc
TITLE: Wish Right Now

GENRE: Romance, Angst, Spiritual
CHARACTERS: the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Jack Harkness

PAIRING/S: River Song/the Doctor

SPOILERS: again, possibly everything.
DISCLAIMER: I own what I own. Which isn't much.
AUTHORS NOTE: again, following the theme of apotheosis I so enjoy. Cheers!
SUMMARY: Catastrophe. Who will survive, and how?

The blow shatters bones of metal and glass.


This will not do; his ribcage is crushed.

The Nightmare Child rushes to fill the gap.

I stand between Creation and the Child, weeping in my bloody dress.

And then I smile.

Because I live in Hope.

I draw myself up and laugh at the consuming maw.

Jack Harkness stands beside me, waiting.

His faithful herald, looking for the miracle.

I breathe his Name along with mine.

Gold flutters.

And here it comes.

I remember him; his smile fills my world.

Yeshua's wings outshine the Darkness.

We are not alone.