After almost two hours of a water cooler with no water, someone had finally replaced the empty bottle. Some people were filling up their water bottles. Others were milling around, just because it gave them an excuse to not do anything.

Kathy wandered up to the water cooler, empty bottle in hand.

"Hey Kathy. Is the copy for Chopin's ready?" Matt asked her.

Kathy shrugged. "Almost. It's such a shit campaign, pardon my French."

"We're going to lose that account soon, if we aren't careful," Matt said, implicitly agreeing with her.

"That's all we need." Rob, who had been munching on a power bar, butted into the conversation. "Do you think Kinney is going to take Chopin's as well?"

Everyone frowned. Rob had a habit of talking with his mouth full, and the result was disgusting.

"He's already got some of our best accounts – it wouldn't surprise me." Kathy said finally. She tried to fill her water bottle, but the crowd right in front of the water cooler wouldn't budge.

"Kinnetic, right? That's what his agency is called? I can't believe Brian Kinney started his own agency. I always thought he'd just takeover Vanguard. And I can't believe that he stole Brown Athletics, either. The nerve of the guy." Matt handed his notebook to Kathy, as he bent down to tie his shoelace.

"You talking about Brian? I saw him day before," Julia said. She was one of those people who were milling about the water cooler, doing nothing.

"Really? Is he trying to poach you? Did you interview for him?" Matt asked, looking up in shock and excitement.

"Pffft. I wish. My sister-in-law had her baby over the weekend, so I was visiting her. And he was in the maternity ward…with Justin!"

"What? No way! Did you speak to them?" Rob spluttered. Most of the crowd were talking at the same time, not giving Julia a chance to respond.

"They're still together?"

"They had a baby? How?"

"Justin Taylor? The one who went to Eyeconics from here? He had a baby with Brian?"

"Guys! I don't know. I didn't speak to either of them. But Brian was carrying this baby – and Justin was there too, fussing, and someone was taking pictures of them, or the baby, or who knows. And people were congratulating Brian, so…I'm pretty sure it's his kid."

"Cynthia. She was probably the surrogate. I mean, she did follow Brian out of here. I think she always had a thing for him," Matt stated.

"Don't let Vance hear you say that," Kathy suggested.

"Vance had a thing for Brian? Is that why he fired Justin? Why'd he ever let Brian leave?"

Kathy rolled her eyes. "Oh for fuck's sake. Vance had a thing for Cynthia. Everyone knew that."

Rob stage whispered, "I hear he has a thing for Patty now."

"Well, it's Vance. I don't think a pregnant Cynthia would have done it for him."

"Matt, it's not Cynthia." Amanda, who no one had noticed, joined the gossip session. "I saw her last month; she was getting her car serviced. Believe me, the woman was not pregnant."

"He probably paid for a surrogate," Kathy said. "I hear Kinnetic is doing really well…and he minted money when he was here. I mean, he drove a fucking vintage corvette. Those things don't come cheap."

"Another reason Justin was hooking up with him from the get go. Money, power…he sure had his eye on the ball." Amanda griped.

Matt laughed. "You're still pissed about the Callisto fiasco, aren't you?"

"We did perfectly fine work on it; less than two weeks here, Justin redoes the whole thing and steals the account from us. And now it's at fucking Kinnetic. Goddamn right I'm still pissed."

"Didn't you help him on that, Kathy?"

Kathy shrugged, clearly unwilling to make enemies of her present colleagues. "I just had to give a few lines, that's all. Anyway, I don't think Justin was sleeping with Brian when he was here – I asked him then, and he said no."

"Oh please," Rob said, his mouth still full of food. "I'm sure he was lying. I'm pretty sure the two of them hooked up after one of those Eyeconic presentations. They were locked in together long enough, that's for sure."

"Yeah, but Justin was with Eyeconics then."

"What I want know is, is Justin still at Eyeconics, or has he moved to Kinnetic?"Julia wondered.

"I think he's still at Eyeconics. Patty told me that Vance tried to arrange a meeting with Eyeconics a few weeks ago to get the account back, and he was offered a meeting with Justin. He is evil. I never trusted him," Amanda said.

"Yes, we know," Matt said, glaring at her. "That's why you got him fired, and we ended up losing three of our biggest accounts because of that. Thanks a bunch, Amanda."

"Hey! It wasn't just me, ok? Don't blame me for all of this. Not like any of you were ok with the two of them sleeping together when Justin was here either."

"Except, like I said, they weren't sleeping together," Kathy said, finally filling her bottle and making a move to leave the conversation and get back to work. She paused briefly. "Next time, you should pay more attention to what they won't tell you at the water cooler."


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