So despite the fact that you might think I've been completely useless and just a supporting character in this story. You are wrong .

-Love Ashley


Ashley always had a passion for the History of Magic as well as butting into her best friend's life. Her trip to Egypt as well as her reclusiveness is all for the sake of one Hermione Granger. And right now she thinks her friend needs her more than ever.

Lately suspicious things were happening. For one Hermione had been receiving short letters that she had to be crazy to think Snape sent, also Minerva had recently left being replaced by a too hot to be real sub that strangely knows her way around the school as well as the student body for her just getting here. Not to mention Dumbledore had been so well behaved lately … definitely something wrong there. Not to mention Lily has been well behaved and the sworn enemy houses had nearly become best friends over the week.

Something had to be wrong. Pulling out the stone of Osiris she found in Egypt she placed it in the center of the pentagram she drew. A toss of colored sand here and there as well as a chant she activated the All Seeing Eye focusing on the top most corner of her pentagram that rested a possession of the new transfiguration teacher.

The piece of robe she 'accidently' snagged off by steeping on her cloak glowed along with the crossed stars. In the center it gave her a bird's eye view of the woman. After thirty minutes of gazing she didn't find anything suspicious as of yet.

The next piece that glowed was a strand of red hair. This time proved more interesting.

"You what Harry!"

"I'm trying to break them up Mum."

"You you," she stammered, "Smart, handsome, cunning boy," she praised, "Severus has no idea does he?"

"None so far."

Smiling, "Then I'll take it from here. Give this," she wrote on a piece of parchment, "To him post haste."

Harry left pausing just before the door, "You are going to make up with him aren't you?"

"Of course." She said knowing good and well she was talking about another.

Glad at the new found knowledge she turned to the pile of glitter taken from the chair that the headmaster sits at during meals. Inside his room he was looking at a book with handsome adult male wizards with a bright smile on his face when he looked up as if he sensed something.

Closing his book he looked up, "I know someone's watching." He smiled then closed off the link. No matter she saw what she needed. A stack of near extinct potions books on his desk to lure Snape? Notes scrawled to Minerva but addressed to her sub. Not to mention the various cloaking charms she could detect by just a hint of a shimmer when she squinted her eyes. Yep, he was up to something.

Following that a comb of Hermione's. The girl was waiting in an abandoned corridor for a reason she couldn't fathom using various cleansing charms on herself to enhance her hygienic appearance.

Raising a well-manicured eyebrow she turned to the ebony button from Severus himself. Who knew getting your hair stuck worked wonders? Anyway she gazed to see him waiting in his classroom checking the time every other second.

With a sigh she summoned her patronus. An African elephant looked at her. "Tell Hermione that Severus wants her in his classroom. Stop for no one."

The creature stampeded off leaving her with enough time to look at her last suspect, Harry Potter. In her circle she had his autograph which was easy to ascertain. All you had to do was mention quidditch and he will do anything.

This showed Harry reading the note his mother gave before crumpling it in his hands and returning to his common ro … wait that turn was away from Gryffindor tower! Bending down she saw him tap a brick wall in a specific pattern. Once he did the walls fell away.

Her eyes followed him as he met up with Pansy. She sneered at him before smiling, "Appears your plan is working."

"Of course it is."

"What's the matter Harry you seem angry?"

"Don't tell me Slytherin's have a heart now?"

"Forgive me for trying to be nosy," she snorted, "but I think we need to pick up the pace."

"Don't worry we're nearly there." Harry said.

"We better be," standing, "Who knew the great Harry Potter would make such a wonderful Slytherin."

Pulling out she turned back to Snape's corner.

"You're late." He snapped.

"Me," she hissed, "Ash just sent me a patronous that told me you wanted to meet me here unlike the letter you wrote!" she tossed it at him.

Looking at it, "I didn't write this!"

"Oh so another Severus Snape did!"

"And another Hermione Granger wrote this!" he tossed his at her.

Ashley had hoped the two would realize they were forged but that was too much to hope for. Not going to watch the rest of the argument she placed on her robes and stole through the halls. Her first stop began to round the corner when she grabbed her.

"Who do you think you are?" Pansy snapped trying to free herself of Ashley's death grip when she paused.

Wand in hand, "You will tell me everything of Harry and your plans. You will then quietly walk down to your common room and forget this conversation ever happened."

A shadow passed her eyes before she did as told. Following that she placed a charm on the room Hermione and Snape was still arguing in so she would have time to go to his dormitory that had so many locks on it you would think he was protecting middle earth instead of a sparse bed room.

Making haste she turned his computer on then tried to hack his page. She needed an ally that not only she can trust but one that would want to help Severus as well.

"Hey what are you doing here!" Malfoy held his wand at her until a wordless spell had him sleeping where he stood.

"Email and password?" she thought on it. After various unsuccessful attempts she logged on as Hermione. If she was correct then the man probably didn't bother with privacy settings. Looking up his page she scrolled to the bottom and found his email address. Left clicking she copied it, logged out, and pasted it into the email slot. Now all she had to do was guess the password.

After trying black, dark, potions, Hermione, black, Severus, snape, black, alchemy, little Severus, and black she near gave up when she remembered Lily was his old crush. A few seconds later she was in. Smirking at his scowling picture she looked at his very short friends list when she spotted a blonde that is reminiscent of sleeping beauty on the couch.

"Lucius Malfoy eh?" clicking on it she saw a picture of him laying nude with a green and silver present covering his man hood with the caption 'guess what's inside'? And boy did he look handsome. A bit old for her taste but she could easily imagine making him into her slave slash sugar daddy.

Scrolling down the page she noticed he had two thousand seventy four friends, only two being male. Most were young girls that resembled twigs. Scoffing at the scantily dressed toothpicks she figured there might just be an easy way to contact him.

Logging out and removing the memory of her being here from Malfoy Jr. she stole pass removing the spell on the potions room as well as collecting the letter thrown away. Using magic she sent it to Snape. The best strategy there is is to always make the other believe they are in charge until you are ready to strike.


"I should have known you were like her," Snape hissed between his teeth, "stringing me along until you found no use in me!"

"Severus for the thousandth time I didn't write that letter just like you said you didn't write the one I received!" she yelled red in the face.

"I bet you wrote them both to break up with me!"

"Or someone else wrote it …"

"What are you doing here!" Snape snapped at the unwelcomed visitor.

Ignoring him, "Hermione I need your help."

"Can't it wait?" she asked motioning to the fact she was busy.

"Until after you're done bitching? No."

"Ashley…" Hermione started.

"Just compare each other's hand writings retards oh and this was tapping on your door." She handed him Lily's note.

He snatched it from her hand, "Thank you. Now if you will so kindly leave …" He tried to be nice this was Hermione's best friend after all.

"Fine," she snapped, "I'll just post embarrassing pictures of Hermione online. Bye …" she ran out of the room.

"Wait come back!" Hermione chased after her. Finally caught up, "So what did you need me to do?"

Smiling, "I forgot."