A New

All I could think about was him, my life, my love…my Edward. My heart has ever been the same since his cold and hurtful words in the forest. Everything reminds me of him. The floor he walked on, the window he climbed through every night and my bed were he held me so many months ago.

But I am healing, each and everyday I get better by the little. Charlie on the other hand won't stop telling me I should move in with my mother Renee.

I'm actually starting to like the idea of moving on. But as much as I miss my mother, I don't know if I'm ready to move in with her and Phil.

I'd like to go somewhere sunny and warm not like Florida. Somewhere there is a lot of sun but still has a chase of snow in the winter.

I ponder this as I walk down the staircase, maybe I should at least tell Charlie I'm thinking about it. I find him sitting on the coach watching a baseball game as usual. He doesn't seem to have realised I'm in the room. I clear my throat as loud as I can to get his attention.

He jumps a little as he picks up the remote and turns down the volume. " Hey kiddo I didn't hear you come down was up?" Deep breath I reminded myself.

"Umm Charlie you know how you said it would be best if I moved away from Forks." He slowly nodded.

" All right so I have done some thinking about it and I've decided that it would be best." He was silent for the possible longest minute of my life.

" Well Bella you know I don't want you to go it's just when Ed- when he left, you were like a stranger to me Bells. I was scared that I was losing my little girl." I thought all my tears were wasted over Edward and yet I could of burst out into tears right there and then. " Dadd."Why did he have to make this soo hard.

Then it was my turn to speak about how I felt, how should I start. " Dad you know I don't want to leave I just think that it'll be good for me you know." My voice cracked a little on the word leave.

Charlie was silent again, his face made of stone but his eyes told a different story.

"Ok Bells if it's what you think is best but where are you going to live?" Oh crud I hadn't even thought about that. Living with mom seemed a little bit childish and hurtful to Charlie. So moms out of the list. I was trying to think of somebody who would jump at the idea of having me stay for a while.

It took me about five minutes to think of a name…. I got it! Elena Gilbert my best friend who I still talk to now and then. She used to be jumping up and down when I asked if I could stay a night. I laughed at this memory. Then I realised Charlie was still waiting for an answer so I'd better explain.

"Charlie remember Elena Gilbert my best friend from a few years ago?"

"Oh yeah that nice one you used to invite over a lot, oh and that reminds me you have some phone bill to pay." he said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at him. But then again I have been on the phone a lot this week. Charlie started to laugh throwing his head back practically shaking with laughter.

" All right I know I've been on the phone a lot these days but I miss her dad." He coughed trying to stop his laughter probably thinking if he kept laughing he might hurt me. The one most important thing I have in common with my dad is that words can't hurt me but heartbreak can really damage me.

" Mmm ok fine! Go and move in with Elena but … call me and visit Bella at least once a week to let me know if your ok." Charlie was getting a little upset now and to my surprise when I rushed over to hug him he didn't even hesitate.

"Oh dad of course I will everyday I promise." I swore that I felt a tear roll down his eye. I was starting to cry now but I didn't mind because through these past couple months Charlie's seen me cry about fifty times.

Charlie cleared his throat signalling me to let go of him. " All right then I think that you should give Elena a call and ask if it's alright."

I laughed I probably should have called before I got all excited. But I have every right to be happy because this is the start of something new.

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