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A/n - a fortune cookie of mine... (Now being dissolved by my stomach acids) had a fortune of 'you shall finish what you have started…' I laughed a little Cuz' if you know me I don't finish things. I start em' and move right on (lol) I thought it would go good with fan fiction Cuz' I do that a lot! But no worries… my um... Early New Year's resolution will be finishing what I started. : ) Cuz' I love yall' so much (Wtf. lol) anyway on with the story...: D

Sam's POV-

I am running threw a meadow of bacon and ham! The grass is Meat flavored, the sky is blue tea and the clouds are mashed potatoes. Ew… weird combo but I don't care it's my …dream?

"Sam," a little bunny hoped up to me "Sam, wake up!"

I of course did NOT! Want to listen to that bunny, so I voluntarily ignore that bunny, by acting like my sleepy self.

"Oh... What a cute bunny, what flavor are you..?" I grabbed the bunny's paw and heard a loud scream. That woke me up for sure… my eyes burst open to see Mrs. Cook glaring at me, I turned my head to see Freddie have a pained face and holding his hand.

"Oops." I say sweetly patting Freddie's face, making him flinch. " at least the Brightside is that your hand tasted like bacon.."

"Sam…" Freddie started but Mrs. Cook cut him off.

"Samantha, there…" she started but I cut her off.


"Sorry, Sam… but I am afraid there is no Brightside. Mr. Benson please walk yourself down to the nurse I will call in a minute, class dismissed," She says "except for you Sam…"

Freddie shoots me a 'Thanks a lot... Sam look'

I give him a 'At least your not in trouble look'. He leaves, so did the rest of the class. Why is Fred-nub mad at me? Mrs. Cook waits a while after everyone leaves to talk to me. It was kind of getting awkward with her just writing, so then she stops and looks up.

"Sam you have been falling behind in this class…"

"If I had a dollar every time I heard that!"

"Anyway I added up your grades and you are barley passing, so I thought you could do a project to make up for your sloppy work."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! First school work, then homework… now projects? I mean what the chizz?"

"Sam in order to not fail English you have to do this. Here…," She reaches into her desk and pulls out a book, and hands it to me "It's a good one, it really draws you into it, it makes you feel like your actually apart of the book… (A/n remember that…well you don't have to) well you do if you have a creative imagination like I know you do.

"Fever 1793," Sam questions then flips over to read back. "Wait this is historical non-fiction?"

"Yes, I think this book will be very…interesting for you."

"Um thanks?" I say while leaving "Well bye…"

"Bye Sammy" she says

I leave no one has ever called me Sammy before, only my relatives. But another weird thing is she isn't my real English teacher she's a sub. But she acts like she's known me forever. I turn around to get one last look at her, but she disappeared …weird.

Well better head to Carly's…

So how was that? It was my intro. To this crossover. Mystery huh? Anybody catch the Fever part? Besides the Book name. Lol. Js I'm not going to have the characters in the iCarly universe only the book…oh crap I gave too much away…! My hands hurt soooo much I typed this and b4 that I typed a 700 word essay/story about the 1730 so it kind of made me want to make this. Also because I read this book in E.L.A . and I wanted to make this from the start. but im rambling. Oh and no worries I'll update my other stories soon! Lol okay byeeeeee: )

- Sarah