So I wrote this story a month and a half ago before anything was known about Michael's past. I went back and tried to make things correlate with the new information. I will do my best to keep the story parallel to the show, but I cannot promise anything.

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They knew it went against protocol. Division would have their heads, but it didn't matter to them. They loved the thrill of the chase and the secrecy. Sneaking around base, knowing that at any moment they could be caught and severely punished was the best part…well one of the best parts.

No…the best part was when their bodies fit together perfectly, as if they were created specifically for each other. It wasn't love; it was lust. Pure unadulterated lust, and that was exactly how they liked it.

They didn't plan for it to happen, but once it did there was no turning back. Sometimes you just can't fight the passion and you need to give in to your primal instinct.


Six years ago

Nikita had just gotten back from her first mission and she was furious with Michael. She had put her faith in him and he had lied to her. Not that it was his fault, he was just following orders same as her. But for some reason Nikita thought that she and Michael were above that. Apparently she was wrong. She had confronted him, only meaning to rip him a new one for lying, but instead she'd accidently stumbled upon one of Michael's secrets. What did he mean he owed Percy his life? Did Percy rescue Michael during a mission? Was Michael so desperate that he felt like he had nothing left to lose and therefore willingly gave his life to Percy? Or was Michael like her? An ex-delinquent, recruited into Division and thus into the "welcoming" arms of Percy, who then became his "savior". She wanted so desperately to broach the subject, but was unsure how she would do that. All signs screamed, "Approach with Caution". Michael was usually known for his even temper, but lately Nikita had been seeing a different, less gentle side of Michael - not that she secretly wasn't enjoying the more primal side of him, but it definitely was not going to help her when trying to have a calm rational discussion about his well guarded past.

Nikita would have to find a way to get Michael to let his defenses down, even if it meant playing against his weakness.

She was his weakness. Nikita. Michael tried to fight his growing attraction for her by being snappy and rude, but if anything his new "attitude" had only served to draw Nikita into his orbit instead of shoving her away. In Michael's mind it wasn't entirely his fault. He couldn't help himself. She was just so damn sexy with her sarcastic sense of humor and quick wit. Michael had unintentionally spent many a night fantasizing about all the naughty things she could do with that sharp tongue of hers…He should have known from the first time her met her that she would be his downfall.

Michael remembers the way she had shrunk herself into a ball and wrapped her arms around her legs, trying to comfort herself when he informed her that her old life was over. Not that she was sad that she would no longer be a raging drug addict, but that she would have to start all over again. The many nights she spent in detox were nearly his undoing. Michael wanted to badly just to hold her in his strong arms and comfort her, letting her know that everything would be all right, although "all right" was relative.

After Nikita's first mission, Michael highly doubted that she would see her new life as being much of an improvement. She went from slowly killing herself to ending the lives of others. Michael needed space. He needed to distance himself from Nikita and hopefully lose his feelings for her on the way.

Michael had had far too many near kisses with Nikita and the ice around him was getting thin. There was rumbling amongst the recruits about their "intimate" moments. He knew it was only a matter of time before Percy got wind and starting investigating. Hell, Michael wouldn't be surprised if Percy already knew. That man had eyes and ears everywhere.

Michael would be wise to watch his step and tread softly. Although when Nikita was involved, that was nearly impossible.

Amanda trained her well. Nikita had become the master seducer. He had seen her in action on more than one occasion. Not out in the field, she was still too green for that, but with the other recruits. She had all the men on the compound wrapped around her slender finger. Nikita didn't necessarily know that she was sexy and that's what made it work. Her faux innocence was too hard to resist. Michael knew more than anyone that Nikita had a dirty shameful past, but he admired her for still keeping a portion of her innocence. She still had that exuberance that gave away her young age. That's what he liked most about her.

Also, Michael wanted nothing more than to take her last bit of innocence, with her permission of course.

Luckily for Michael he was able to hold off his feelings for this long. Maybe the more time Nikita spent in the field the more she would grow to dislike him and leave him alone.

Unfortunately for Michael, he had no such luck.

Michael loved watching Nikita triumph during a fight. He was her handler/trainer; her successes were his too. He was proud of her, even though he knew that the better she got the harder it would be to resist her. If only she knew how hard, pun intended, he had to work to cover up his desire for her. Maybe then she would take pity on him. Although knowing Nikita, she would turn it into a game; taking him right to the brink, giving him every hope that this time would be the time their encounter ended in his favor, before pulling away.

Nikita had grown cocky and Michael would have loved nothing more than to wipe that always-present smirk off her face and kick her ass. Then he would take her up against the wall, rough and primal, just as it should be between them. He'd thought about it an awful lot; made himself hard on more than one occasion.

He'd routinely gone to her room, to debrief her on her mission. Michael could easily have taken her right then and there, but for some reason that seemed too easy. As much as Michael wanted Nikita, he also enjoyed the hunt, stalking his prey, although usually it was the other way around. No woman had confused or excited Michael more than Nikita. He had never jerked off more in this life than he has after his "meetings" with Nikita. He needed to rectify the situation in one way or another before it got completely out of hand and drove him crazy.

Of course Michael knew his attraction to Nikita was completely wrong. Not only because it was strictly prohibited by Division but also because she was only eighteen. Nikita was legal, but barely and that made Michael's attraction to her forbidden and thus more alluring.

Nikita was currently running for her life, pretty much a normal day in the life of an ex-assassin. Only this time Michael, here former handler was hot on her heels. She knew he would never kill her, but sometimes she had a fear that one day he would break and haul her ass back to Division and she couldn't have that. Michael and Nikita's relationship was precarious at best. Back during the height of their mutual involvement at Division, it was rock solid, nothing could shake them. Now, it was hanging by a thread and that thread could snap at any moment.

Nikita had done the one thing a good assassin should never do; she questioned her superiors and it got her into hot water. By association, Michael was swept up in the scandal as well. He was her handler after all. He was in charge of her training, her behavior and the amount of knowledge she was given on every mission. He had trusted and fallen for her and his feelings clouded his judgment and he told her much more information than any young recently active assassin should be privy to.

They had both become too involved with each other in more ways than one and it led to nothing but heartache and destruction. Michael tried to curtail his feelings for Nikita, keeping them merely sexual at best, although he always strove for a strictly professional relationship. So naturally he was surprised by his feelings of jealously every time Nikita had to be romantic or sexual with a target. He was completely enraged with her real involvement with Daniel. They had something he and Nikita could never have, love. Now Michael was bordering on paranoia, with his wonderings on what Nikita and Owen did together. They were cut from the same cloth and that made Michael uneasy.

Nikita was growing tired and she knew the longer she let Michael chase her the more enraged he would become. Before Nikita could decide her next move, Michael had taken advantage of her inner struggle and caught up with her. He grabbed her left arm and spun her completely around and he attempted to put her in a chokehold, but Nikita was too fast. They had spent too much time around each other. They could anticipate each other moves. She counteracted his attack by slamming her right elbow into his stomach, affectively knocking the wind out of him. The breath left Michael with a whoosh. While Michael was temporarily stunned Nikita flipped him onto his back and straddled his lean waist.

She flipped her hair back and out of her face with her left arm, "This seems familiar." Nikita had a smirk on her face while she pummeled Michael in the face. Michael through his arms up trying to block Nikita's punches and save his face from the myriad of bruises he would likely receive. Michael found an opening and grabbed Nikita's forearms and used his own momentum to propel her off of him so that he was now straddling her.

"This is more like it!" He said triumphantly. Nikita was shocked. Michael had not been able to put the drop on her in many years and yet he had managed to do so twice in one fight. It was time to kick it up a notch. Nikita used both or her hands to push Michael off of her and he landed a couple of feet away. She jumped up and got into a fighting stance, guard up. Michael shook it off and mirrored her stance.

"Come on Michael, we can't keep playing this game. So what's it gonna be? Are you going to kill me or let me go?" Michael didn't want to answer his question because honestly he had no idea what he would do. He'd been grappling with that decision ever since Percy assigned him the task of taking Nikita down. Michael made her, so he had to finish her.

He came at her with a right jab then a quick left followed by a right hook. She ducked to miss all three and she landed a blow of her own on his left side. He retaliated. They became a blur of arms and legs, kicking and punching until one of them wins. Finally Michael got Nikita on her back. She always seemed to forget that he taught her everything she knows, plus he'd been training specifically for these encounters. He squeezed her slim waist with his muscular thighs and pinned her arms above her head.

"Stop struggling. You're just going to wear yourself out." Of course Michael knew Nikita was never going to listen and he was right. Nikita continued to struggle. She bucked her hips in an attempt to throw him off.

"Nikita", Michael said warningly. All of her wiggling was making him increasingly hard. He did not need the added complication of a raging erection to enter the mix.

"Come on Michael. I know you like to be on top," a hint of the old, flirty Nikita peaking through. Nikita shoved her chest and head up at Michael trying to force Michael off her. Michael was fully aroused from all of Nikita's squirming. He wanted to get as far away from her as he could to hide his obvious arousal. Naturally that was not an option, so Michael took the complete opposite approach and ground his pelvis into Nikita's, bringing his erection front and center.

"Oh", Nikita shouldn't have been surprised but for some odd reason she was. Something primal in Nikita snapped and she began rubbing her pelvis against Michael's. He knew he should try to resist her but instead threw caution to the wind and slammed his lips into Nikita's in a bruising kiss. He started dry humping her, for lack of a better term. Michael transferred both of Nikita's arms into one hand and placed his other on her stomach.

Nikita really wanted to touch Michael, to run her hands up and down his toned body. The thing Nikita liked most about Michael was that he was completely male. He was so effortlessly masculine and in a world of metrosexual men getting mani-pedi's, Michael was a breath of fresh air.

He knew how to handle a woman.

Michael did not like the idea of having sex on the ground in the middle of an alley, so pulled his mouth away from Nikita's, grabbed her wrists and pulled both of them up off the ground. He spun her around and walked her backwards until her back slammed into the brick wall. Michael attempted to hold Nikita's hands above her head, but she would have no part of it. Nikita pulled Michael's white dress shirt out of his belted pants and ran her hands up and down his chiseled chest. She wanted to lick her way across his body, but the position they were in did not allow it.

While Nikita was busy feeling Michael up, Michael was assaulting her lips, eventually kissing his way down her neck. Nikita's moans filled the vacant alleyway. Suddenly he stopped his ministrations and pulled back to look Nikita in the eyes.

"You know if we start this again, there is no going back." He wanted to give her every chance to back out. This way when the shit hit the fan, she couldn't blame him.

"I know, Michael. I want this," and with that their fates were sealed.