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Six Years Ago

Nikita was preparing to go on her fourth mission. She was supposed to seduce the leader of a gang smuggling weapons into the country. She would seduce him and then take him out. Nikita was still green, but Michael and Division saw a lot of promise in her. After the hick-up with her first mission, Michael wasn't sure if Division would clear her for fieldwork again, but even with her attitude Nikita was the best. She was quickly establishing herself, rising up the ranks. She was precise in her kills, but still prone to make beginner mistakes.

Nikita was deadly with a gun, but needed to work on her hand-to-hand combat. She was being over-powered by her male assailants and it almost cost her a couple of missions. Nikita had gotten good at finding ways around her slim physique. Using random items around the room to aid her in her struggle. It was all over the second she got her hand on a gun; Nikita never missed. She got that from Michael.

So, Nikita and Michael found themselves working overtime to get her ready for her next assignment, which started in less than a week. Nikita was a fast learner, but even this would be a tricky skill to learn in five days. Nikita had spent the majority of the day running logistical simulations and had spent absolutely no time fighting. Michael gave Nikita permission to leave her quarters after hours and spar with him. Michael was waiting when Nikita came waltzing into the practice room in a black sports bra, black hoodie and fatigues, also black. He was dressed in track pants and a grey t-shirt.

"Hey Michael. It's nice to know that you own something other than a suit," Nikita was smirking, as usual and it drove Michael absolutely insane. Not just because she was too cocky for her own good, but also because she looked so damn cute.

"Very funny Nikita. Now why don't you just stretch before you pull something," Michael was not in the best of moods and had absolutely no patience for Nikita's antics. They needed to focus, which meant flirting was out of the question. Not that he ever intentionally flirted with Nikita, it just sort of happened.

"Yes sir, Michael, sir," Nikita mocked saluted Michael and proceeded to remove her sweatshirt and began her stretches. Dear Lord, Michael was in for a long night. As soon as Nikita removed her hoodie Michael got the perfect view of her ripped torso. She was breath taking even in full workout mode. Michael had to shift his pants to try and hide his member from fully saluting her. He was a grown man for God's sake, not some inexperienced teenager with raging hormones and he couldn't control one measly erection. What was wrong with him?

Michael shook his head, hoping to dislodge his impure thoughts. Once they finished there warm-ups Michael began his lesson. He started slowly walking around her, "When you are smaller than your opponent you must learn to use their size against them. Move faster, make them follow you; tire them out. Normally I would make you bulk up a little more, but since we only have five days were going to have to make you faster. Don't get me wrong, you have pretty good endurance, but when a two hundred and fifty pound man is assaulting you pretty good isn't enough." Nikita patiently stood with her arms folded intently listening to everything Michael had to say. Both were shocked by her actions. Nikita was arrogant enough to think that she could be the best and talented enough to prove it. Hand-to-hand was her weakness. Even with one hand tied behind his back Michael had been able to over power her. She was willing to do whatever it took to improve.

Michael stopped his circling, "I want you to work on your yoga. None of that slow "go at your own pace" yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is not easy. You will be exhausted afterwards but I promise the benefits will far out weigh the costs." Michael spent the next sixty minutes going through a series of sun salutations and then right to the more advanced positions. He knew Nikita could handle it.

Unfortunately for Michael, Nikita's tight fitting pants seemed to only accentuate her ass and he couldn't seem to control himself. Every time she went into downward facing dog, Michael lost control of himself a little more.

Nikita knew she had no choice but to do as Michael said, but that didn't mean she couldn't make it a little difficult for him. Every chance she got, she complained or teased Michael. She knew damn well that he was checking out her ass, that's why she started to purposely push it his direction. She couldn't stop smirking.

Michael was actually excited to fight with Nikita so he could wipe the smirk off her pretty face.

"Now on to the good stuff," Michael cracked his neck and went into a fighting stance. Nikita followed suit. They began to spar, Michael winning slightly.

"Focus Nikita. If you can't take me down, how do you expect to take down someone twice my size?" He was getting frustrated with her. She never took anything seriously and it was really pissing him off.

"I'm trying Michael!" Nikita was getting frustrated and angry. She wasn't trying to lose, but she was surprisingly tired from the yoga and she hadn't been sleeping well lately. She didn't bother telling Michael any of this because she knew he would hand her an imaginary tissue and tell her to suck it up.

Nikita took her anger out on Michael. She blocked his next attack and roundhouse kicked him in the chest. He flew back, but caught himself, advanced towards her and caught her on the chin with an uppercut. Nikita's head snapped back but she did not let that stop her. She launched herself at him and flung her legs around his neck, using her momentum to throw Michael to the ground. He landed on his back with her legs still around his neck, her butt resting on his chest. She pushed her right forearm across his neck, blocking his air supply.

Suddenly the cocky look reappeared, "I think this means I win." Michael, however, couldn't respond because Nikita was still choking him. He used one hand to pull at her arm and the other to smack her on the thigh, trying to get her to release him.

"Do you surrender?" Nikita wasn't stupid, she wasn't going to let Michael go only to have him turn around and take her down. He needed to officially surrender first. That way she could rub her victory in his face.

Michael knew Nikita wouldn't let up until he surrendered and since he couldn't speak he slammed his right arm onto the mat, signally his defeat. Nikita immediately removed her arm from his windpipe and threw hers into the air.

"Wow, Michael that was almost too easy," Nikita's perky butt was still resting on Michael's chest and the smell of her sex was making him uneasy. He had to get out from under her ASAP!

"Get off me!" Nikita sensed a change in Michael and loosened her hold. He shoved her off of him and rolled away. While Nikita was distracted by her victory, Michael came at her from behind and put her in a chokehold.

"Lesson number one, Never turn your back on the enemy", Michael was feeling pretty good about himself for catching Nikita off guard. So naturally he was surprised when she flipped his muscular body up over her head and once again straddled him.

"Haven't we been here before? This is when you give up before I embarrass you by kicking your old man ass." Old man! Who was she calling old? He was only twenty-four for Christ's sake!

Michael growled and grabbed Nikita by her slim waist and flung her down. The two ended up in reverse positions, Michael dominating Nikita.

"How's this for an old man?" Michael was rather pleased with himself. He was nowhere near elderly, but something's around Nikita he felt that way. She was just so full of life and exuberance and he felt crotchety in her presence.

Nikita saw Michael's eyes shift down to her lips then back to her eyes. Nikita began to fully realize the precariousness of their position, their bodies meeting at their waists. Something in the air changed. Suddenly the electricity between the two became palpable, tangible. With out another second's hesitation Nikita raised her head and kissed Michael.

Michael was frozen, his body unresponsive. But based on the ever-present member pressed against her thigh, Nikita knew Michael wanted this. Nikita pressed his bum against her nether regions, increasing the friction, giving Michael permission to respond. Suddenly she was attacking with his mouth.

They became a frenzy of limbs, their moans filling the practice room. Michael shoved Nikita's sports bra up, releasing her perky breasts. He kissed his way down her neck and began to suckle her left breast while rubbing the nipple of the other.

'God she felt so good,' her slim body writhing beneath his powerful one. This was so wrong! She was too young for him, but Michael couldn't resist her any more. She called him a "tease", but Nikita was the true tease.

Nikita wrapped her legs around his butt and wrapped her hands in his hair. She continued to grind her sex against him, moaning loudly. To even the playing field she helped Michael remove his shirt, his lips leaving her body briefly. His lips found hers again, both of their mouths becoming swollen from the passionate kisses.

Nikita's hand moved to Michael waistband and slipped inside, grabbing onto his member. Michael gasped. It had been so long since anyone besides himself had touched him there. She rubbed his cock up and down, making him squirm with delight.

Nikita and Michael had both been brought to their limits and so with help from Nikita, Michael pulled off her pants and underwear. She did the same for him. Despite the fact that both were incredibly coordinated people, they fumbled. They had both been celibate for so long that they were shaking with anticipation.

Nikita grasped Michael and helped guide him inside of her. She was so wet from just him sucking and licking her breasts that it went in relatively smoothly. Although, Nikita did gasp as he entered her. It had been over a year since she had felt a man inside or her and Michael was almost too much to bear.

As badly as Michael wanted to pound into Nikita he remained still, giving her a time to get used to the feeling. He knew she wasn't a virgin, drug addicts rarely were, but he also knew that she hadn't been sexually active in at least a year. After a couple of seconds Michael began to move in and out, slowly at first. Their mutual moans of pleasure and the slapping sound of flesh against flesh, flooding the room.

Soon, Michael couldn't control himself she was so tight! His thrusting became faster and not as deep, he knew he was going to cum soon. So to save himself the embarrassment of doing so first he moved his hand to Nikita's sensitive bud and pinched. She bucked her hips and came immediately. Her cries of ecstasy were so loud; Michael had to put his hand over her mouth so they wouldn't get caught. He gave three more powerful thrusts and followed suit.

He collapsed on top of her, both panting. Suddenly Michael jumped up and away fro m Nikita as though he'd been burned. The realization of what they'd done finally crashing on into them. They both quickly dressed, Nikita slower than Michael.

"We didn't do anything wrong Michael. We are two consenting adults and besides no one is going to find out." Nikita was slightly hurt by Michael's reaction.

"Dammit Nikita! I'm your handler. I can't sleep with you. You're a child for Christ's sake! God, what have I done!" Michael began to pace around the room. "Shit, there are cameras everywhere. Someone is bound to have seen us."

"Can't you just delete the footage or loop some old stuff, so no one finds out?" Nikita was only worried because Michael was worried. He never lost his cool.

"No Nikita, I can't. Things aren't always that easy. You can't just cross your fingers and hope for the best! Some of us have to live in the adult world with real consequences," Michael started pacing back and forth, "Percy had Birkhoff create a system where the footage gets saved every three seconds to a back-up drive that only he has access to. Even if I deleted the footage, Percy would still have a copy," he stopped pacing, "We're fucked."

Nikita barely attempted to control her laughter, "Nice choice of words, Michael." She was doubled over, laughing hysterically.

"This isn't funny, Nikita," Michael tried to act serious and looked pissed at Nikita but soon, he too, was bent over laughing. After a couple of minutes the two gained control of themselves, "What am I gonna do with you, Nikita?"

"Tie me up and punish me?" Michael's cock twitched.

"Stop. You know this can never happen again," it wasn't a question.

Nikita's tongue flicked out to wet her lower lip, "If you say so, Michael," she said innocently.

With that Nikita turned and left Michael to digest her words and figure out how to take care of his now raging hard-on with out her.