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Chapter One

''Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!'' Sophia jumped up and down on Alvin and Brittany's bed.

Brittany and Alvin both sat up. Alvin rubbed his eyes. ''What-'' Alvin's eyes widened.

Aaron, Brandan, and Dustin came running in the open door and tackled Alvin on the bed.

''Hey, Dad, so where you gonna take us today?'' Aaron asked from on top of his father's stomach. Dustin crawled next to Brittany, Sophia in the middle, and Brandan next to Alvin.

''Would you guys calm down?'' Alvin laughed. ''I was thinking we could go shopping or-''

''Shopping!'' Sophia yelled. ''Sounds great!'' Alvin glared. She shut up instantly. He chuckled.

He sighed. ''Alrighty then...''

''How about this?'' Sophia held up a sparkly tee as Brittany studdied it.

She smiled. ''I love it! Now go and try it on!'' Brittany rushed her to the fitting rooms.

Aaron put on a pair of deep red and black sneakers. ''Perfect! Can I get these?'' His eyes beamed with excitement.

Alvin laughed. ''Sure.''

Brandan came out of the fitting room with a pair of jeans. ''Hey, Dad, these fit really good! Can I get them?

''Go for it, kiddo!''

Dustin looked through the shirts. He, for some reason, couldn't find one that was in his liking. He looked over and saw Brittany and Sophia looking through shirts. Sophia held up a purple one and showed it to Brittany. It was a tank-top and had in cursive writing 'Popstar'.

'That's kinda pretty...' Dustin shook his head to clear the thought. He grabbed a random dark purple tee and looked at Alvin. He gasped when he saw Alvin standing next to him.

The look on his face was strange. ''Having second thoughts?'' Alvin looked down and locked eyes with Dustin.

Dustin's brow furrowed. ''Of course not!'' He held up the shirt in hopes to change the subject. ''I like this one. Can I get it?''

Alvin sighed. ''Yeah.''

They went to many different stores and they all found something. When they got back to the hotel, it was about 9pm.

They got out of the rental car and walked toward the hotel. None of them noticing the two men behind the held-up news paper on one of the benches.

''Four kids? Are you kidding me?'' a dark voice asked.

''Oh, stop complaining!'' the other voice said. This one was even darker. ''It gives us a better selection.''

They both smirked. ''True. So who are we-''

''I'm not sure yet.'' he lowered his voice as the woman at the counter looked over at him. ''But I have a good idea on who it might be.''

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