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Chapter Twelve

Aaron sat in the waiting room of the hospital with his family while he nervously flicked his thumbs together. Dustin had gone into labor hours ago. Aaron looked around and saw that everyone had gathered for this event. His aunts and uncles. His cousins and even his grandpa Dave was here. His mom was in the room with Dustin for the birth, his dad wanted to go as well but the doctors would only let one family member in during the birth.

The only people in the room who looked more nervous that Aaron were Jake and Rebecca. They sat next to each other and held hands while they waited.

"Is Dustin going to be alright?" Aaron was brought out of his daze by his younger brother's voice.

He turned to Brandon and was about to answer but his sister beat him to it. "Of course he is. He's our brother and a Seville isn't he?" Brandon nodded.

"You're right. Dustin will be alright, I know it." Brandon looked relieved but Aaron wasn't ready to relax just yet.

He looked to his dad who was sitting in the row of seats opposite of the kids "Dad, is it suppose to take this long? He's been in there for five hours."

Alvin nodded to his son. "Don't worry Aaron, bringing a baby into this world can take a while. It's not uncommon for labor to last upwards of twelve hours."

Aaron still wasn't sure. He had a pit in his stomach that got worse every time he thought about Dustin. He hated the fact that all he could do was wait, he felt like he should be doing something. He stood up. "Dad, is there anything I can do?"

Alvin shrugged, "Well, you could see if anyone is hungry and make a run to the vending machine."

It wasn't much but it beat just sitting there. "Can I have some money?"

Alvin reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He fished out enough money to get something for everyone and handed it to Aaron.

Aaron quickly made his way around the room and got everyone's orders.

"I'll come with you." Theodore stood up and caught up to Aaron. " That way you have some help to carry all this."

"Thank you uncle Theo." Aaron smiled at his chubby uncle, who returned the gesture.

After a short walk they reached the vending machine and Aaron began to put money in and pulled the food and drinks out. As he did he struck up a conversation with Theodore "Uncle Theo, am I over reacting about this whole thing? Everyone else seems so calm..."

Theodore put his hand on Aaron's shoulder "Not at all. It's alright to be worried about the people you care about. If that was your aunt Eleanor back there I'd probably be having a panic attack by now. The two of you share a close bond so it's to be expected that you would be concerned."

"Is he going to be okay?" Aaron looked into Theodore's eyes.

Theodore smiled warmly at his nephew "Birth is a everyday thing here. The doctors here are experts and as long as there are no complications everything will be alright. All we can do is wait."

"Thanks uncle Theo. I think I can relax now." Aaron did feel a little better but he was still worried.

Aaron and Theodore gathered all the snacks and drinks and headed back to the waiting room. After a short walk they began to hand out the food and drinks and Aaron took his seat next to his siblings again. "Any word yet?"

His dad shook his head. "Nothing yet."

A few more hours passed and it was now getting close to 9 P.M. Brandon was asleep with his head on Aaron's shoulder while Sophia had began a conversation with Rebecca about cloths. Alvin had his phone out and was texting someone.

Aaron was sure that if nothing happened soon he was going to die of boredom. "Nothing yet Dad?"

Alvin was seriously considering saying something about turning the hospital around if Aaron asked one more time. "Aaron, you've been here with me. If I knew something, you would too."

"I'm going insane!" Aaron let out an annoyed sigh.

Simon walked over to the young boy "How about we go for a walk?"

Aaron looked at his bespectacled uncle. "That sounds better then just sitting here." Aaron carefully shifted his brother off of his shoulder and got up, pausing for a moment to stretch his legs.

Simon put his hand on Aaron's back while the walked. He looked back at Alvin who mouthed "Thank you." It wasn't long before they were outside. Aaron enjoyed the fresh night air.

"Aaron, how are you doing?" Simon asked as they took in the sights of the hospital.

"Better now that I'm not in there being bored."

"I mean besides that, in general." Simon had a concerned tone to his voice.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. "Fine."

"I'm glad to hear that." Simon smiled at his nephew.

Aaron and Simon made some small talk about the hospital and how old it was before taking a seat on a bench and spending some time people watching. They made up their own stories for the people coming and going around the hospital.

"He's here to see his mother who sprained her ankle in a triathlon." Simon pointed at a skinny man walking into the hospital.

Aaron laughed, "What about her?" Aaron pointed at a young girl leaving the hospital.

"That ones easy, she was just here to have her eyes replaced with bionic ones."

Aaron laughed again.

Simon's phone rang out with a up beat tone and he opened it to read the text message he just got. He smiled. "Let's go meet your niece."

Aaron smiled and he and Simon stood up and made their way back into the hospital.

* A few minutes earlier *

Dustin's face was covered in sweat while his mom gently rubbed his shoulder.

"You did great!" Brittany encouraged.

"Is the baby alright?" Dustin was breathing heavily while he was still being cleaned up by the nurses.

Brittany looked across the small hospital room wear the nurses were tending to the newborn. The baby was screaming at the top of her lungs, no doubt because it was so cold outside of the womb. "She's fine, Sweetie. How do you feel?"

"Like I just pushed out a bowling ball" Even though he was more tired then he had ever been, Dustin still kept his wit.

Brittany smiled at her son. "Yeah, that sounds about right."

A nurse walked over to the bed pushing a wheelchair. She smiled at Dustin. "I'm going to take you to your room now and we will bring the baby shortly once she is cleaned up."

Dustin nodded and with Brittany and the nurse's help he got into the chair. The nurse began to push him out of the delivery room with Brittany following closely behind.

As soon as they got outside Brittany put her hand on Dustin's shoulder. "I'll catch up to you in a few. I'm going to go tell your father and the rest of the family that she's here."

Dustin nodded as his mother walked off.

It wasn't long until Dustin was sitting alone in a hospital bed wondering about the baby. His train of thought was broken by his mom and dad coming to the room. "Hey kiddo!"

Alvin took a seat next to Dustin and held his hand. "You look good."

"Thank you." Dustin smiled at his father.

The door opened again and a nurse walked in carrying something wrapped in a pink blanket. She walked over to Dustin and handed the young boy the baby. "Here is your daughter." The nurse gave the family a warm smile before leaving the room.

Dustin looked down at the baby who looked back at him with a pair of dark blue eyes. Her face was shaped like Brittany's was at her age and she even had the same hair color as her grandma.

"She's beautiful." Dustin cooed while he looked at his offspring.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Dustin called.

Jack and Rebecca came into the room. They walked over to the bed and they both gave Dustin a warm smile. "How are you feeling?" Rebecca asked while she looked at the baby in her cousin's arms.

"Fine. Would you like to hold her?" Dustin smiled when he saw Rebecca's face light up at the thought of holding the child.

She nodded, "May I?" She sat down on the bed next to Dustin and held her arms out gently.

Dustin carefully handed her the baby. Jack placed his hand on his wife's shoulder and looked down at his adoptive child with pride and joy.

"What's her name?" Rebecca asked while she softly rocked the child in her arms.

"Kristlen Autumn Seville," Dustin's voice held a tone that reflected the deep thought he had put into the name.

"Hello, Kristlen." Rebecca said softly to the infant in her arms.

Kristlen cooed in response, almost as if she understood.

There was another knock on the door and Aaron let himself in without waiting for an answer. He quietly walked over to the family and smiled at his niece. "May I hold her?"

Rebecca nodded and gently handed Aaron the baby while being sure to show him how to properly support her neck. Aaron looked at the child and a calm washed over him. He held her in his right arm while he softly poked her nose with his left hand. She quickly pulled his finger into her mouth and clamped down on it with her gums. Aaron laughed, "She tried to bite me."

The room all shared a good laugh at Kristlen's attitude.

**3 Weeks later**

It didn't take long for Dustin to readjust to non pregnant life. He spent almost the entire first week rough housing with his brothers enjoying the fact that he could once again. He had also started to take a morning and afternoon run to try and get rid of the weight he had put on over the past nine months.

He had gone over to Jake and Rebecca's house a few times to see Kristlen and check up on her. She had adjusted to her new family with no problems.

Dustin felt like himself again for the first time in months. Now that he could put everything that happened behind him, Dustin truly felt hope for the future and the things to come.

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