Summary: Congratulations! You lucky Matoran now have your very our human. You have to take care of her, feed her, and give her hugs since she can't remember anything. Being a living memory to the Great Spirit has that side-effect you know. Good luck with your new Human!

Note: This story is written by Omicron and Fatala, we hope you like it.

In Matoran Care

Chapter One:

Being Found

Awakening was not a pleasant experience; it was cold and wet. Not something that seemed normal but at the moment she couldn't say really. The young woman slowly pushed herself up her hands slipping slightly against the wet glass that surrounded her or at least had before it broke. Her vision was hazed as if coming out of a deep sleep. Maybe that's what she had been doing though why she couldn't recall.

"Oh no, no, no! It's waking up! What do I do?" The voice was slightly distorted from the tube and there was movement outside. "I am going to get into so much trouble..."

"Meh?" No actual words formed at her lips but the sound was one of confusion. Finally sitting up a hand moved to cradle her head as her vision tried to clear. If she had been sleeping how long had it been, no way it could have been for a few hours. There wasn't much she remembered and nothing of how or why she was where she was now. Where ever that was. That thought didn't help her foggy mind.

"Ahh...ahh... I'm so going to the pit..."

There was a scrabbling... no, not that. Thumps of locks being released and then warm air flooded in as the glass window/tube front was lifted a little and a set of glowing red and orange eyes peeked in through a crack.

"Ahh!" Came a sheik of surprise at the air suddenly rushing in. She curled up upon herself as she shuddered at the warm air that only made her wet skin feel colder. After a moment her body adjusted to the new temperature before she dared uncurl herself. Looking to where the air was coming from blue-green eyes looking towards the red and orange that were looking in.

"Ahh!" The owner of the eyes yelped and leapt back with a, "Don't eat me!" and the lid thudded down closed again.

That was not expected. Slowly she moved gently raising the lid but not by much, just enough so she could see just who was on the outside. "E-eat you?" her voice was low and quiet not completely steady is if not used in a long time. "W-why would I-I do that?" she asked very confused.

A red head peeked around another tube with some kind inside with far too many fins and teeth. "...You can talk?" a hesitant voice asked with the eyes widening.

She did not recognize just what this 'being' before her was but it seemed as confused as her. Nodding her head she still didn't raise the lid anymore, not quite sure if she wanted to come out.

The half metal being peered around and came slowly over, though could leap away. He, for it was more male like and had a male tone of voice, grasped the edge of the lid and lifted it for a better look at the human in side.

As he can closer she slipped back inside, letting the lid fall back behind her. But as the lid was lifted she looked up at him. Her body was long and lean, strawberry blond hair reaching down to the middle of her back and blue-green sea eyes looking up at him.

"...why are you pinkish?" The being asked after a moment, with fear gone, interest was rapidly taking over. "And you have no armor."

Her mind still foggy from being asleep for so long didn't take notice at her own body at the moment or how she should be hiding it in embarrassment. Instead her own curiosity compelled her to come back over to the side. "Why are you metal?" her face coming closer to his curious at this 'non-human' being. Ah! There was something she remembered, but it didn't help much to explain who and what was in front of her. And why she was in a 'tube'.

She got a funning look in return, "I'm Bionicle." he said as if that should explain everything, "A Ta-Matoran."

"Ta?" she cocked her head to the side her hair though still wet falling to one side with it. Looking up and down in, as much as she could see a hand slowly moved as to poke him, though hesitant as if he may be the one to bite her.

There was a pause, and the Matoran reached out. Hesitantly, almost shyly touching his warm, if blunted fingers to the human's out stretched hand. "You are soft..."

"And your hard, but warm." she said. The heat was nice, not like the rude air that had rushed in on her. Even though fascinated by this a different nagging question entered her mind. Looking away from their fingers she moved forward more 'til she was nearly pressed against the side of the tube. "Who are you?"

"My name is Vakama..." The Matoran said, looking over the human again with interest.

Her lips moved to mimic what he said, though not speaking out loud. It wasn't that she didn't understand instead she did it in hopes of remembering so that she wouldn't forget anything else. "I'm Aster." she said with a smile. Though as wary of her as she was of him Aster was more at ease now almost as if she could sense that he wasn't bad.

The Matoran hummed softly before moving and grasping the heavy lid with both hands. With a heave and grunt he half tossed it open all the way, paused and held out a hand, "If you can talk, you shouldn't be in a Rahi storage unit..."

'Rahi? Storage?' his words confused her more. Though she knew she had been put to sleep for a reason storage didn't seem to fit with why she was there. Pushing the new confusing thoughts aside she hesitantly took Vakama's hand to help her out.

The Ta-Matoran frowned up at the human, looking a tad worried since in comparison he was about the side of a child to her. Yet didn't have the air of one as he looked around and went to base of the storage unit, murmuring what was written, "Humino? Is that what you are?"

Aster, though noticing the size difference didn't seem to mind as she stood up a bit unsteadily. She used the side of the tube to keep herself from falling to the ground. Walking hadn't been this hard before, she mused to herself as Vakama read what was on the base of the tube. "Human." she corrected though still paying more attention to getting her balance that caring how he pronounced it.

"Human." Vakama said slowly, trying out the word. He looked back up, "You're pure organic, do you have any over armor at all?"

Looking back up at Vakama she now realized that she was missing a number of 'things' that should be covering her right now. "Umm, I had some clothes." she said remembering slightly though she would be grateful if she knew that she was still missing the feeling of embarrassment over missing such coverings.

The Matoran tilted his head, "Like robes?"

She nodded, robes would work. Actually she was starting to really want to be covered by something. Something to wear and keep the air off of her still wet skin and possibly dry her off.

"Well, I'm going to the pit anyways." Vakama muttered before coming over and reaching up to grasp Aster's right hand and tugged lightly, "Come with me. But don't make a lot of noise okay?"

Again she nodded as Vakama lead her. Walking was a bit easier now and she didn't need to hold on to anything to keep her balance. Running would probably be a problem though. As he lead her Aster couldn't help but look around at her surroundings.

It was dim, mostly, Vakama turned off the main lights in the large room they were in and walked into a wide, just as dim hall. Everything had a laver of dust and an air of no one being around for a long, long time... as is decades. At least.

Seeing the area so neglected Aster couldn't help but shiver. Unpleasant thoughts came to her mind. Had she been forgotten down here like everything that was covered in dust and left to be abandoned? She didn't like that idea, not at all. It was; depressing.

"Are you cold?" Vakama asked looked up again, worried. "It's just a few doors along and one level deeper."

Aster just shook her head no but didn't dare speak the sad and downcast thoughts in her head. But her sad thoughts could easily be read on her face especially with the sad frown on her face as she tried not to look anymore at the old, abandoned tubes.

After going down a some stairs, oddly they were shaped strange. Larger and wider in the center but smaller and ably to fit Matoran feet on the sides. Vakama looked back, pausing and looking hesitant again, "Are, are you okay?"

Not even noticing the difference in the stairs she just shook her head again, this time as if to get rid of her thoughts. "No." she said her voice a low whisper. "Please let's leave this place."

"I thought you wanted some robes?" The Ta-Matoran made a confused face, hand hovering over the pad on the wall that would open the door they were beside.

She nodded to that. Yes she did but... "I do, but then can we leave? I don't like it here." Her voice was still low but there was something else to it now. Was it fear along with an almost desperate plea?

"Yeah, it's a little spooking in the archives." Vakama admitted going into the room, "I came down for some old references on mask making tools." He pounced on semi-round storage containers, shuffling around and looking in different ones.

"You make thing?" At the mention of this she seemed to perk up slightly, her fear gone replaced by curiosity. She remembered making things herself, not masks but other things. Art was what came to her mind.

"I'm a mask maker," Vakama puffed up in pride, clearly happy with what he was, before fore going back to whatever he was doing on the floor. After a moment he stood and trotted back over with something like fabric in his arms. "Here!" He offered the thing that would be skirt-like.

"Thank you." she said taking the offered robe. Looking it over for a minute she then put it over her head to slip it on. Once it was on Aster felt better just to have something on herself.

Vakama smiled, please to be able to help. He vanished and came back with another thing that wasn't really a shirt proper, but he tugged on Aster's hand to get her to kneel down to his level.

Aster didn't know what he wanted but she knelt down to his level. She looked curiously at him.

The Matoran hesitated before starting to wrap the fabric around the girl like a sari almost. Only in the end she had a hood instead of a 'tail.' "Will that work?"

She nodded with a smile. Though not a complete set of cloths it would do, besides who knew if Vakama would know what 'undergarments' were. At least now she was covered and had something to keep her warm.

The Matoran smiled, made sure everything he did was closed and put away again before grasping Aster's hand again. Then he frowned, confused once more, Vakama then made up his mind, "You can come with me. You should fit in my home I think, but I have an active forge."

"Thank you Vakama." Aster smiled. If he had not offered she would have been scared as worried. She didn't know where she was or where she could find help and she didn't want to go back where they had come from.

Vakama had stayed underground as they traveled, assuring aster the whole time that nothing would get them. There was nothing sorry down here, but they had best avoid those weird sounds in that room over there... Now though the Matoran peeked around a corner of an entrance/exit to the Onu-Metru, checking to see of the cost was clear. Ducking back he tugged on the human's hand, "Come on Aster!"

Aster followed Vakama the whole way. Though she felt that he misunderstood her fear and dismay she didn't see to correct him; the reassurances he gave were comforting. As they went she noticed how Vakama seemed to keep an eye out for something or maybe someone. Him checking around the corner had been another obvious sign of it. But she didn't question. "Ok." she nodded following once more.

A tinkling, clunking sound had Vakama's instant attention. The Ta-Matoran suck in his breath on the word, "Vhaki!" Before he was using all his strength to pull Aster, "Hurry! Down the alley!"

Aster resisted the urge to yelp at the sudden strong pull from Vakama. Though nearly tripping over her own feet she managed to continue him with only a small stumble. What was this Vhaki and why were they avoiding them?

Vakama didn't let up his urgent pace, taking twisted and turns through the city that was eerily empty-seeming. Almost too suddenly the Matoran was pulling Aster into a building and although it was much, much hotter it had the air of 'safe.' Vakama took a deep breath and sighed, locking the door from the inside.

The frantic run left Aster winded once they were safe. She plopped down to the floor panting her legs feeling week from so long without running. What seemed to make it worse was the heat of where they were. The air was heavy with heat that made her sweat with the high temperature.

"Are you okay?" Vakama asked coming over closer, leaning over with hands on 'thighs' and tilting his masked face to peer at Aster's face. "It's not too hot for you is it?"

"Maybe a... a little." she panted slightly. A few beads of sweat rolled down her face, though they were partially from the frantic run. But the heat was not exactly comfortable.

"I have some water." Vakama offered, shuffling closer to pat the human on her shoulder, taking that interested look again.

Water sounded good, really good right now. "Thanks." she said her eyes turning to look at him. Her throat was parched and slightly sore from needing something to drink.

The Matoran motioned for the taller Aster to get up, and once she did grasped her hand again. "My forge is on this level, I live up on top."

A forge? No wonder it was so hot inside. Getting up Aster once more let him lead her out of the hot forge towards someplace hopefully cooler.

Vakama moved up a flight of stairs, made for his sized feet, "Be careful, you might fall."

Going up the stairs was a tricky task but Aster managed to follow Vakama up though a couple times she had to use her hands for support.

The Ta-Matoran waited on the top of the curving stair case, having pushed a door open that flooded the hall with soft yellow-tinted light. Inside was thankfully high-roofed so the taller Aster wouldn't have to hunch over. It was well kept with assorted tools, data pads and un-named things.

Once inside Aster stood up and looked around. Though she didn't recognize most of the items she still got the impression that it was a home like most others would be. Or at least she thought so.

Vakama darted around, getting first a handle-less cup and set it down by an orange cushion in the middle of the room, there was not a chair in sight. "You can sit here," He said before climbing up on cubby like storage wall to get something and came back with a bag/container that sloshed. He poured water into the cup. "It might be a bit stale."

Aster sat down still looking around the room as Vakama darted around getting the cup and water. She smiled at the offered water. "I don't mind." It was true that the water was a bit stale but regardless it quenched her thirst. "Thank you again for your kindness."

"Well, I couldn't really leave you in the archives." Vakama said, "I don't know what to do really with you now. Where do you come from?" he added sitting down on a cushion.

At his question Aster frown. She looked down at the cup in her hand and the small bit of water that was left. How was she to answer such a question when even she didn't know answer herself. "I don't know. I don't even remember how I got in the archives or why."

"Er, you were in live storage..." The Ta-Matoran said shifting in his spot.

"Why would I be there?" she looked up to him. Maybe he would know why she would be in such a place.

"The archives are...well...that. The archives are used to archive and catalog things and Rahi." Vakama said slowly, "I found you in one of the older areas."

"Are the older areas used for the same thing?" she asked. From what she had seen if appeared that it was meant for things of the past to be forgotten.

"Older than the place I found you? There's a few places, but it's how Mata Nui remembers...oh I hope I didn't make him forget anything with bringing you here." Vakama's eyes widened and he trembled a little bit, his orange and red eyes wide.

"'How Mata Nui remembers'?" Aster didn't understand what he meant or who he was speaking of. How could she waking up make someone forget something? "Who is Mata Nui?"

"Mata Nui is the great spirit, he lives in us, and we in him, in a way." Vakama nodded to his own words.

She didn't understand what he meant. The word great spirit did ring some bells but not enough to remember anything. But the name Mata Nui she had never heard before. "And the older archives help him remember?" None of what he said made any sense.

"Well, Metru Nui is his mind...sort of." The Matoran shifted again, almost wiggling on his cushion but not leaving it as if it was his safe spot. "It's a little hard to describe."

If she had been confused before she was completely dumbfounded now. The look on her face was obvious that she had no idea of what he was speaking of.

"Sorry," Vakama seemed to wilt a little, looking down and around his home before glancing back. "Do you eat?"

Vakama didn't need to apologies, Aster didn't remember much of before she awakened. Maybe if she didn't she'd know what he was talking about; maybe not. She wouldn't know unless she remembered. But pushing that aside she nodded at his question. Yes, she did eat.

The red Matoran hopped up, looking through a cubby at his height to pull out some of his favorite jerky. He hesitated a moment before coming over and offering it. "Here, it's hot but I love it."

"Thank you." Aster smiled as she took the offered piece. She didn't bite into the piece immediately. Instead she pulled off a piece of the jerky. Not remembering much also made her unsure of what she liked and didn't like; at least taste wise. Slowly she took a bite of the jerky. He was right it was hot, at least spice wise. Though it tasted good it was just a bit too spicy for her taste, she was glad that she had only taken a small bite and had some water leftover to drink away the hot spiciness.

Vakama frowned, "Are you alright?"

She quickly drank down the rest of the water she had. "You weren't kidding when you said it was hot." she said after a moment.

"Not a whole lot but enough." The Matoran said, but had noted the reaction, "I might be able to get some fruit from Ga-Metru."

"I guess I'm not that good when it comes to spiciness." Aster said laughing at herself. The last thing she wanted to be was picky, especially with Vakama helping her so much.

"I might have a few things here." The Matoran poked around again, "I haven't been eating here for a while."

"Sorry. I wish I could help make things easier." Aster apologized not knowing what she could do to make things easier for Vakama.

"Well, you have just woken up from being inside a stasis tube." Vakama said, "Being a memory would probably interfere with your own memories...I think..."

That did seem to make sense. "I guess so. Though most is a blur I am starting to remember bits and pieces."

"Don't force it." Vakama coming back with the water sack from before and offering it to Aster.

Aster nodded to both what he said and to his offer of more water. Drinking the water given her eyes looked around the area. There was some things she recognized as normal kitchen items but some were oddities to her. A couple objects on the walls caught her eyes, was this Vakama's art?

The Ta-Matoran tilted his head, "What is it?" he asked, slowing edging closer and seemed to have the apparently universal 'I want to poke...' need.

"What is that?" she asked pointing to, what appeared to be a carving of some sort to her. It was made out of a copper looking metal shaped with no signs of chips or dents. Clearly it was shaped with great persition with not visible flaws.

"Oh. That's my first Kanohi mask," Vakama brightened, "My old teacher made it for me when I was little. I keep it for a reference since he was one of the great Mask-Makers on Metru Nui." He went over to it, lifting the mask off the wall and coming back over to show it.

"It's beautiful." she said looking at the flawless craftsmanship. "Now you make masks too?" Aster asked remembering that earlier Vakama had mentioned something about him being a mask-maker.

"Yep! That's what I am, a Mask-Maker." Vakama, despite being smaller than the human, seemed to puff up a bit in his pride of his craft, "I heard that Turaga Duma was considering me with only with a few others to be the crafter of the Mask of Time."

Aster smile more at seeing Vakama happy and proud of what he did. Though she didn't remember what she use to do for a living she did remember that she loved it very much. A couple of the things he said next she didn't know but didn't ask about it. It probably was annoying to answer questions that were probably obvious. "It sounds like it would be an honor."

"To craft a mask that could be a legion..." Vakama trailed off with a happy, slightly glazed look. After a moment he shook his head, humming in the equivalent of a blush, "I'm sorry."

"It's ok. You really love what you do not many can say that." she said happily before catching what had came out. Aster looked confused at herself as to why she had said 'not many can say that'. "At least I think?" she said trying to correct what she had said if it had been wrong.

"That's true I guess," The Matoran nodded, "Most Le-Matoran do I know for sure. Uh..." He paused looking around, moving to gather up his other cushions and placed them in a row roughly about the length of the human, "You can rest here, I have a few masks to finish below."

Aster did have to admit she was tired She was tugged back to the cushions and Vakama promised that he would be back in a little while.