I decided to rewrite this story. I'm sorry to anyone who really liked the way it was going before, but I was having a hard time continuing it because it felt like I was writing myself into a corner. I'm basically going to change the entire direction this story was headed in, I'm going to try and keep it simpler, and it will be more focused on the four main characters: Ventus, Vanitas, Sora and Roxas.

Anyways, the beginning at least will be the same, more or less. I've only made a few changes in these beginning chapters, most of them adding detail to areas that I think needed more attention. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy the new version just as much as the old.

Roxas, on average, fell down the stairs at least once a day.

He would walk into a door at least three times a day.

He would arrive late to class at least twice a day.

And get chased home by some ravenous dog and/or a bully about once a week.

Yeah, he was pretty unlucky, but whenever he felt bad, he would just look at his twin brother, because Ventus was the real unlucky one.

Roxas fell down the stairs this morning? Well, Ventus fell down them, up them, almost every time he got near them.

Roxas walked into another door? Well, Ventus once got a concussion from that, because he does that whenever there is a door around to walk into, if there is no door, then he walks into the wall.

Roxas got a demerit for being late to class? Ventus got five for being late and "arguing" with the teacher.

Oh, and Ventus is chased home every day, but he stopped seeing that as unlucky and more as a good form of exercise.

So, yeah, Roxas was unlucky, but Ventus was cursed. He could never catch a break anywhere he turned, the frustration with his own inability to simply live correctly was starting to make him lose his real meaning for life. And then he met Sora.

Yeah, Sora. Who was he? The single most hot, friendly, funny, athletically gifted, clever, witty boy that Ventus had ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was love at first sight, he was positive that they were meant to be together—they would just balance each other out so well! Sora was so LUCKY. And Ventus was so UNLUCKY. What he wouldn't give to be as lucky as him. Or, actually, as lucky as his twin…

Roxas was a lot luckier than he thought, to have a guy like Sora completely in love with him…

But anyways, that was just another aspect of Ventus' life that he would have to deal with, the whole being in complete love with someone only to be smacked in the face with the fact that he finds your twin a hell of a lot more attractive than you. Yep, okay, that's fine, it's fine, he's fine. You know, just fucking FINE.


Ventus grumbled under his breath as he finally slammed the front door shut behind him, listening to Professor Xemnas' chihuahua viciously attack the door (and the new paint job VENTUS would have to do all over again) after him. He just sighed though, already pretty thoroughly accustomed to this kind of abuse on his life. Instead, his thoughts were focused on his brother and his crush and their new budding romance.

You know, the one that made him want to hang himself whenever he thinks about them kissing…

Yeah, that one.

Just because he knew about them, just because he loved both of them, just because he wanted them both to be happy… It didn't mean that he would just accept his unhappiness. That whole "their happiness is enough for me" shit… What was the point of accepting it as simply as that? Did it make him a bad person because he desired his own happiness over theirs?

… Probably.

He dropped his bag to the floor, leaving his converse on until he would get to his room, because the last time he tried taking them off by the door, he realized his balance was shit and nearly broke his skull when he hit his head against a table by the door. So he slowly took the stairs, turning his attention to each step, remembering, thankfully, this time that there was still a worn spot on the fifth step that was particularly slick. When he made it up to his bedroom door without any harm coming to him at all, he thought for sure that if there was a God, then He had suddenly turned around to bless him.

Then he opened the door, and he knew that if there was a God, then He was definitely just fucking with him.

The state of shock one is put in when seeing the person they had been completely in love with for the past year or so all over their twin brother is not something to be described in words. He wasn't in denial, he knew about their relationship and knew that this would probably happen… But knowing it would happen didn't make it easier.

The best description that can be provided for it is that you feel something close to excitement and nausea at the same time. Like your favorite celebrity coming out to greet you, and that excitement you would feel, then they pull out a gun and point it at your head, and the absolute cold terror that would cause your stomach to curdle. Because when he saw Roxas under Sora, saw their lips locked, it was like seeing his dream happening right in front of him for just a moment, like seeing himself there instead of Roxas, seeing what he would only dream of having… Then having the reminder that this wasn't him, that would never be him, he would never have that.

He felt short of breath, and sick, and kind of dizzy… Actually really dizzy. But hell, he didn't really care about that right now, maybe if Roxas didn't stop whoring his lips off to Sora, Ventus really will pass out from shock and heartbreak, and Sora will forget Roxas to come to his rescue… He doubted that though, especially since Roxas seemed to be trying to push Sora off, but Sora was the one clinging to him and kissing him.

Ventus was pretty sure he was going to be sick…

He didn't wait for any kind of great Sora rescue, he wasn't dumb, just unlucky, and he knew when he didn't have a chance. From the way Sora had been all over Roxas, it was pretty obvious that if he did pass-out, then Roxas was more likely to notice the sound of his body hitting the floor than Sora.

It wasn't the smartest move in the world, he knew it wasn't, but he didn't care at the moment. He turned around blindly, darted down the stairs (fell down them, actually), hit himself on the forehead with the door before shoving out onto the street. He ran across the street, down an alley, down another alley, and down a few streets, and a few more alleys, and basically just ran until his lungs were about to collapse on themselves and his legs were burning from pain. Over and over in his head, all he could think about was the sight of the two, just completely oblivious to him, completely consumed in their own world, his brother with a boyfriend, that boyfriend the only guy Ventus had ever wanted so bad…

It was dark, but he was under one of the street lamps, so it was as good a time as any other to finally let his stomach greet the outside world. Brushing the hair from his sweat-soaked forehead, his eyes seemed to be vibrating as he stared at the concrete wall he was against. Taking a few deep breaths, he trembled a bit as his stomach twisted and then settled.

He saw the small gang of tough looking guys walking down the street, he knew he should probably move and start running. Problem was, he didn't really care at the moment, they could beat the shit out of him, but he wasn't sure he would actually feel it, they could kill him and throw his body in a dumpster, but he wasn't sure that he wouldn't just feel relief.

How many times had he thought of suicide? At least once a week? He would never have the balls to off himself though, just another unlucky thing about him. This was basically suicide though, letting himself sit there, even after the guys noticed him, after they started heading in his direction, and he just sat there, wondering, kind of hoping, that one of them would pull out a knife or gun. The closer they got though… The louder their steps became, echoing off the walls, holding the deep threat that only being approached at night could hold, the faster his heart hit his ribs, the more afraid he became, the more he realized he really did not want to die.

Or rather, he wanted this to end, all of this, everything, his life, his curse, all of it. But he did not want to go through this. He did not want to die painfully, he wanted it to end, but he did not want to experience the end.

He couldn't even accept death, his curse prevented even this?

He couldn't move though, he was too scared, his vision was swimming, everything was shaking. Anything, he would do anything for this to end, give anything, anything at all to not have to have it end this way. Whatever he had… his money, his life, his soul, whatever was needed.

They reached him, and he looked up at the tall redhead before him, with the acidic green eyes and some dumb looking upside down triangle tattoos on his face…

"Hey, you need help kid?"

Ventus blinked up at him, and gasped as his knees suddenly and finally gave out. One of the guys grabbed his arm, gently lowering him to the ground. One was muscled with brunette hair and intense blue eyes, and the other with long silver hair and aquatic green eyes, both looking at him with some level of concern, as the first one, the red head, continued to watch him with a frown. He found the only thing he could say was, "You're not gonna kill me?"

The redhead's eyebrows jumped up, "What the fuck? Hell no!"

He stared at the redhead for another minute or two, began to stand on weak knees, and started to walk away, ignoring their questions as they drifted into the background.

Fucking mother fucker fuck. Scared for no reason, once again, getting worked up for nothing… It figures he would run into the only gang members in this city that were good concerned citizens…

He stumbled over a stray brick on the sidewalk, tripping onto the ground, a sharp pain running up his side as he gasped and felt his eyes go wide. He groaned in pain, the sharp digging pain scrapping against something inside him, causing a thousand small stabs to race across his nerves. It was until he rolled and reached over with his other hand that he realized a shard of glass had managed to stab him in his fall, managed to get in between his ribs, and probably stab something vital inside him.

The irony was literally killing him.

He coughed, flecks of blood being splattered across the asphalt, pain racing through every limb in his body. So he was going to die… This was… Less scary than he thought it would be…

Roxas was going to cry… It made sense, for him to think about his only family as he died… He just wished that he didn't have to, because even as his body began to go numb, and his sight turned to black, and the air began to turn cold… He never would regret anything more.

It was then that he had opened his eyes up a crack, just to lock with a melted golden gaze across from him. He wanted to jump, act shocked or surprised that someone was there and just watching him die, but couldn't bring up the emotions right now. To tell the truth, he knew he should feel that way, he did, but he didn't feel that way, he just didn't. So he continued to lie there, watching the boy across from him watch him intently.

Eventually, the black-haired boy moved, reaching out to him to brush his fingers against the injury. Ventus had been expecting pain from the touch, but didn't feel anything instead. He was dying; relief of pain was something he would be thankful for. Suddenly, the person grabbed the shard and tugged it out, making Ventus' eyes pull wide, his hand jumping up to hold his injury.

It was gone.

Ventus felt his clothing, felt the blood that had been staining his white shirt in its royally passionate color, but there was no stab wound, no injury at all. The first thing he thought was that maybe he was already dead, and this boy was actually an angel or something. But that seemed highly implausible to him, mostly because he felt the same, everything looked the same, he wasn't floating, and this would be one shitty heaven if this was it.

"I'm Vanitas, you called me?"

He turned his attention back to the boy in front of him suddenly, his eyes widening, "E-Excuse me?"

Vanitas' eyebrows furrowed together in quick annoyance, "Dumbass mortals never know what the hell they make such bold statements… Just before, back there, something about selling your soul for a reason that isn't so concerning to me. Did you or did you not want to sell your soul?" He leaned in close, eyes narrowed in annoyance as the blonde jumped back in surprise, yelping as he winced and brought his palms up seeing them all scratched up from small shards of green glass.

A beer bottle… he had been dying because of a broken beer bottle. With the world spinning around him, it was these things that began to seem the most important.

Vanitas rolled his eyes, but Ventus ignored it, "Wait… You heard that? What does that have to do with you? And how did you save me?"

"Wow, yeah, can we just skip to the point? I'm sick of having to explain this all the time. Basically, I'm a demon, I'm in the soul buying business, heard you were putting yourself on the market, decided to have a look see," The melted gold eyes shimmered as they traveled the length of Ventus' body, sprawled out in front of him on the asphalt, cradling his hurt and bloodied hands, "So far, what I see doesn't look too bad. What's the price?"

Ventus just continued to blink, "Wait… What?"

Vanitas huffed loudly, collapsing back to lie on the ground, "Jesus fucking Christ kid, were you dropped on your head as a baby? Let's go over it again, I'm a demon, you got that? I'm interested in buying the soul that you offered, remember? So just name your price, I'll do what you want in exchange for your soul for all of eternity."

Ventus didn't answer, just stared at him still, Vanitas staring back at him straight on, making a shiver run down the blonde's spine, "Are you high?"

The demon had never been more aggravated in his life.

"This is why I hate actually talking to you humans… Okay, alright, whatever. Obviously, you're just slow, really slow. So, look, I'll give you until tomorrow night to come up with a price, be alone in your room that night, and I will come to you, we'll make a deal, and I'll solve all of your problems. Just, please remember kid, don't think this is a joke. We're talking seriously here, this is your soul for all of eternity, I will own you forever, so don't waste it on something like Blitzball tickets."

Suddenly, the other boy was in front of him, his warm hands wrapped around Ventus', and then black tendrils of smoke curled around the figure from nowhere, engulfing him. It cleared to show he was gone, leaving Ventus to continue sitting there, in the dark, alone, cold… until the police car picked him up for loitering in a non-loitering alley.

Lying back in his bed, his brother was already sleeping across the room from him, making him sigh and roll onto his side away from him.

Why did things have to go this way, why did he have to be so unlucky, couldn't he, at least once, get something that he wanted, have something that couldn't be ruined? Couldn't he at least fully resent those that made his life difficult? Was he truly doomed to live like this for the rest of his life, tortured like this… It wasn't fair. Why him?

Sure, Roxas was pretty unlucky too, but nowhere near as unlucky as Ventus, and either way, he still seemed to get the things he wanted in the end. Like friends, good grades, Sora… Of course Sora would like him, be more attracted to him, because even though they look identical, Roxas is better in that aspect…

Roxas was more than that though… He was a genuinely good person, he was his brother, he was the only person who could relate to him in even the slightest… Even when he was consumed with jealousy and hatred for him, he still loved his brother.

He squeezed his eyes shut, begging himself to not cry again tonight, he was so sick of it, so sick of being caught here, of being unable to get what he wanted, of being unable to even try to get what he wanted, of always failing at everything so he wouldn't even think about attempting. It wasn't fair that life had to be this way for him, not when people like Sora were born with this natural glow to them, and Roxas who somehow managed to maintain some sort of affection from people despite being nearly as unlucky as him…

He hated it, he hated the idea of it, he never wanted this…

He would do anything to change it.

Morning was usual for him.

Wake up, punch wall just beneath the sill of his window where his alarm clock sat, then punch his alarm clock into shutting up. Get up, get to the bathroom to realize Roxas got to it before him and he has to wait, go (fall) downstairs to make breakfast for himself, burn the toast, burn himself while burning the toast, give up, watch the morning news until Roxas gets out of bathroom.

Get into the bathroom, brush his teeth, stain his shirt with the toothpaste, change his shirt, wash his face, get his shirt collar wet, change his shirt again, think about trying to improve his appearance after that, but gives up because he doesn't feel like changing his shirt anymore. Goes to bum breakfast off of Roxas, Roxas burns the eggs, the toast, the bacon, and himself, Ventus laughs, then burns his tongue on the burnt eggs. They eat, they miss the bus, walk to school, Ventus trips over a crack and scrapes his elbows, they get to school, and Ventus is late to homeroom for going to the nurse about his elbows, gets five demerits and a detention tomorrow afternoon.

He groans as he falls into his desk, laying his head down on the surface in front of him to let some of the regular morning angst wash over him. This happened again and again, nearly every morning. At one time, Ventus had actually had some hope left, he would try to do something different from the day before as if expecting that it would result in better luck. It never did, so that idea had been forgotten about fairly quickly… It was pretty lame anyways, now that he thinks about it.

Suddenly, the bell rang loudly, making him moan under his breath at the piercing pain through his head. Just great, now he has a head ache. Standing, he slowly made his way out of the classroom, walking down the hall stuck behind a particularly loud and slow moving crowd of kids. He scowled to himself, feeling some kind of bottled up rage forming in him as he was forced to come to terms with that fact that these dumbasses, who couldn't manage to say goodbye to each other in the morning and go to fucking class, would be the ones to make him late to his class…

It's a little obvious that it would be at this point that he would snap, especially after realizing they were freshmen. Seniority wins out here, right? Well, turns out, it doesn't matter how much seniority you have over freshmen, shoving them into a locker will still double the amount of detention you have for that week. And so Ventus was still late for his next class, only now with the majority of the freshmen year despising his guts, and twice as much detention as before. Just fucking great.

"-We'll make a deal, and I'll solve all of your problems."

He flinched as that line popped into his head again, making him remember that possibly psychotic boy from the night before, a chill running down his spine as he thought how those words would match his needs so perfectly right now. How he could use someone to take care of all these dumb little problems for him, he would love it; he would die happy because of it. If he thought it was possible, he wouldn't hesitate to make the deal. But, really, he wasn't dumb; he wouldn't fall for such an obvious scam. Sure, the disappearing act at the end was pretty cool, but there was no way in hell that demons really existed…

School took forever to end, but thankfully it ended with only minimal more damage to himself. Running home from Seifer, a bully, this time, he reached the safety of his home in time, slamming the door shut behind him as he heard Seifer's threats just on the other side. Solving all his problems though, even if it were a scam, he would take almost anything he could get, as long as that guy tried it would possibly be enough for him…

Then he suddenly remembered something else about that boy from yesterday… Hadn't he said he would be coming back tonight? Yeah, he'd been telling him to make sure he was alone in his room for their meeting, but he didn't see how that was going to happen, he did share his room with Roxas and he can't just kick him out for no reason like that.

Sitting on his bed later, flipping through a novel he was reading for the fifth time, he hissed and began to suck on his finger when he got a paper cut, looking up slightly to see his brother staring at him, "What?"

Roxas quickly shook his head, "Oh, um, nothing… But, uh… I'm gonna be going out tonight, alright?"

Ventus raised an eyebrow, "Alright? You don't need to run this by me first. Do you need me to come too; we're pretty dangerous to leave out alone at night."

Roxas sighed a bit, standing to walk over to his closet and begin dressing in his carefully pre-picked wardrobe, stripping off his pants as he decided to tell Ventus more, "Well, uh, I'm not gonna be alone exactly…"

Ventus looked up in surprise, "Oh, who you hanging out with? Hayner again? Or Pence?"

Roxas just shook his head slowly, tugging his shirt on gently as he sighed and turned to look at his brother, "Um, Sora's taking me out on a date."

Ventus paused, looking up from the familiar text to just stare at his brother, "Oh."


It was quiet, tense and absolutely silent, a ringing in his ears that he knew would make him deaf after too long, and then he turned his eyes back to the pages, trying to hide the intense scowl, "W-Well, have fun."

Roxas looked up at his brother softly for a moment, a sigh making his shoulders drop heavily before he mumbled a thanks and shuffled out of the room. Ventus probably maintained the stony-faced expression for another minute until the tears started to pour from his eyes, like a broken faucet in the hands of a five year-old. He dropped the novel to the floor, rolling over on his bed to face the wall, only to yelp and jump back in fright at the sight of the black-haired boy lying next to him in bed.


"Me!" Vanitas grinned cheerily, then let the scowl fall back on his face, "So, you come up with a price yet?"

Ventus just stared at him, "What? No, I'm not going to do this stupid game of yours-"

"Game? Oh fuck no, I think not, this is very real, buddy. You put your soul on the market, I want it, so you will sell it to me. Or are you saying that it's just up for grabs and that you're a soul whore?" Ventus stared back at the golden gaze, his breath caught somewhere in his throat as he tried to think of something to say.

"You… really think you can fix all my problems?"

Vanitas' face spread deviously into a smirk, his arms reaching out all too quickly to grab Ventus and pin him under him on the bed, "Is this a price I hear? I'll fix anything you come up with boy, for the rest of eternity, as long as it doesn't interfere with my terms of ownership…"

"O-Ownership?! What? Like I'm a dog! Let me go! I don't wa-" Vanitas gripped Ventus' wrists, casually placing the blonde's hands one over the other, then held them down with one hand above his head effortlessly, making Ventus go silent once again in fear.

Vanitas found his eyes and locked them into another gaze, staring deep into the blue ones, deep into the boy, into his soul, "Think about it. You do small favors for me, and I will do small favors to you. We stay loyal to each other, and it's like a marriage except with all the benefits and no need to feel any violent rage towards your partner in later years. You can go through the rest of your life completely carefree, without any worries in the world, do anything you want and not have to worry about the consequences… It sounds like a sweet deal, doesn't it? Especially where you're at now…"

Ventus frowned, "I-It's not all bad…"

"Your twin brother is out getting showered with the affection from the boy you've liked for about a year now. You'll be lucky to pass high school, as you seem to only go there now to get in trouble and get detention, your grades are shit. You have no friends and no moral support, and completely lack the social skills to make any positive relationships at all. Last night, you were hoping to be killed by a gang, and instead were going to be happy just bleeding out on the street because of your own doing. … I think it's pretty low already."

Ventus just stared at him, his vision swimming a bit as he began to feel light headed, "I know it's just a joke…You can't just fix all my problems like that, can you?"

"Well," Vanitas smirked leaning in closer to the blonde boy, "Why don't you just accept the deal and find out, huh?"

Ventus continued to stare at him curiously, immobilized both by the other's strength and the sheer weight that the other's gaze seemed to put on him, he felt nearly drugged, his mind going hazy, "Alright… deal."

Vanitas' mouth suddenly smashed against his, making Ventus groan in discomfort from the rough kissing, squirming as if trying to get away, but leaving breathless anyways as Vanitas finally pulled away to focus attention to the neck. A hand grasped the lose t-shirt on the blonde, and with one tug ripped it right off the boy, making him whimper, "Wh-Why? What are you going to-"

"The Contract has to be finalized…" His teeth suddenly sank into the soft flesh of the boy's neck, making Ventus yelp in pain. His pants were gone in the next moment, certainly lying in shreds on the floor as this demon hovered over his nearly naked, smirking down at him devilishly, "We can still have fun with making it complete though, can't we? I can show you what to expect as work from me in the future…"

He grabbed the blonde hair roughly, tugging the boy to the floor as he continued to sit on the side of the bed. Once on his knees, Vanitas smirked at him and unzipped his jeans, tugging them down a bit to show that he was definitely not a fan of underwear, Ventus just gulped, his hands trembling as they continued to attempt to tug the fingers out of his hair. It wasn't working, instead he found himself tugged between the black haired boy's legs, squeezing his eyes shut as he saw it right in front of him.

"Suck it."

A sick shiver ran down his spine, his gag reflex acting up already, he shook his head wildly, whimpering as the grip on his hair tightened and another hand buried itself in his abdomen. He curled suddenly, gasping for air from the blow, and then Vanitas grabbed his jaw and shoved it in, making him begin choking; trying to breathe through his nose as the warm, hard length was being pushed in and out of his mouth. Back and forth, his head held solidly in place as he felt the pre-cum coating his mouth, the tickle of the pubic hair under his nose making him twitch it uncomfortably.

The only other thing that could add even more humiliation to this situation was that this entire time he'd been clawing and hitting and struggling to get away, and none of it even so much as affected Vanitas. He gave up.

His fingers digging into the wood floor beneath him, he felt the burning liquid threatening his eyes before they even began, finally being pushed over the edge with the next order, "Get on your hands and knees, don't stop sucking."

Slowly, he moved, his arms trembling as he got into position, immediately regretting it as he felt the fingers invade his underwear, brushing over one of his butt cheeks before playfully pinching it a bit, causing Ventus to squeak a bit. The blonde felt the fingers reach the soft skin around his anus, one beginning to push past the muscle and making him wince in pain from the foreign object. He could hear Vanitas snicker above him, feel the shame burning in his face, there was another hard tug on his hair, and he had to keep himself from choking as Vanitas' dick felt like it was shoved even farther.

Another finger began to sneak in, making Ventus whimper from the pain as they both began to push in, gradually farther and farther, tears leaking down his face as they moved around inside him, finally up to the knuckle, they brushed against something, and Ventus suddenly moaned loudly. His face turned even redder as he heard Vanitas' groan in response, "Damn, Ventus, your mouth feels really good, I can't wait for your ass. You gonna part your legs like a good boy? Like the little whore you signed yourself up to be?"

The fingers were rubbing against the spot, making Ventus rock back onto them unconsciously, trying to keep the moans down but finding it hard with Vanitas' cock still in his mouth. He felt the intensity building in his lower abdomen, panting hard as Vanitas began to shove into his mouth harder, he could see the white flashes of the stars behind his eyelids, the ringing and blood rushing in his ears making up for the sounds of his own traitorous moans loudly echoing in his head.

He was close, he knew he was close, and he knew Vanitas was close, oh-so close, so unbearably close… Then the door opened.

"Hey, Ven, just wanted to say 'hi' before-" Sora stood frozen in the door way, his expression frozen, his body frozen, staring straight at the two people in the room.

Vanitas smirked as he stopped moving, keeping a firm hand on the blonde hair in his hand as he kept hitting Ventus' prostate, making the blonde involuntarily push back despite the embarrassment of Sora watching the entire thing. He felt his ears turn as red as his face, the tears working their ways back in his eyes as he couldn't restrain his voice with his mouth wrapped around Vanitas, the pressure in his lower abdomen about to burst, the blood rushing through his ears blocking out all the noises, the stars in his eyes unable to hide Sora's eyes on him in shock. Then he burst.

He moaned loudly, the vibrations causing Vanitas to bite his lip to hold back, smirking as he let the blonde go and sink to the floor panting heavily. He looked up at the shell-shocked brunette in the doorway, the boy slowly turning to look at him instead of the blonde on the floor, "You missed your chance, he's mine now."

Sora scowled suddenly, his eyes seeming a little more poisonous than what was normal, "The plan was that I get the twins in life, you get their souls in death. What the fuck do you think you're doing here?"

Vanitas just continued to grin, "You're doing a shitty job. Technically, this one would've died yesterday, and I would have gotten his soul then, but I kept him alive to make a contract with him, which you are interrupting now. Leave, shoo-shoo, you gotta go bang some other blonde, don't you?"

Sora's scowl grew harsher, but he just snorted and turned away, quickly shutting the door behind him, leaving Vanitas to bend down to pick the nearly unconscious blonde up by his arms, bringing him up to the bed and laying him down. Ventus' eyes peeked open, staring at Vanitas warily, "You guys know each other?"

Vanitas just smirked at him, licking his lips as he stands and retrieves a small bottle from his pants pocket before quickly peeling off shirt and pants both, "We're not done yet, Ventus…"

The blonde's eyebrows rose, his eyes growing wider as the black-haired boy climbed on top of him again, this time spreading his legs apart to get between them, "N-No, wait, please not that!"

"Nope, it's that."

"No! It'll hurt! Don't! I don't want it, please don't!"

"Buuuut, we gotta do it, Ventus, or the contract won't be finished…"

"PLEASE. Not that, please, don't make the first time hurt, please!"

Vanitas paused, staring at the crying blonde for a moment, disgruntled as he watched the boy trying to desperately climb away from him while he had a grip on his leg. He sighed once, then twice, and finally dropped the lotion beside them, "Fine…"

Ventus stopped struggling, looking up at him in relief before that same smirk spread across his face, "Then I'll make sure it doesn't hurt…"

Ventus yelped as his underwear was suddenly tugged off, his hands being slapped away as he went to cover himself, he just found himself gasp in shock instead as he was suddenly flipped onto his stomach. Gulping in fear, he was about to move when he felt hands on his back and hips, lifting his butt into the air and making his jaw drop open and face turn red in utter humiliation, growing even redder as he felt something wet prod at his entrance.

"D-Don't do that! It's embarrassing, stop it!"

He could feel Vanitas' breath against his entrance as the guy chuckled, making him shiver violently as his tongue suddenly plunged into him, moaning loudly before slapping a hand over his mouth, the other tearing into his bed sheets beneath him. He squeezed his eyes shut, breathing turning heavy again as he felt the slick appendage move in and out of him, imitating Vanitas' plans with his cock. He felt a finger also slip into him, moaning ecstatically as the small length pushed against that spot inside him as the tongue continued to lap at the entrance.

Suddenly, they withdrew, making him groan at the absence of the pleasure, recovering from the intensity as he began to realize what was next. He quickly looked over his shoulder just as Vanitas dropped the bottle of lotion and got on his knees again, lining himself at Ventus' entrance. The blonde gasped in pain as he felt Vanitas begin to push inside him, somewhat easily pushing past the first ring of muscles before continuing on deeper, even deeper then the fingers, making tears spring to his eyes at the feeling of being stretched so wide.

It was at that moment that it all sort of struck him, what was going on, what he was doing. He had made a contract with this crazy son of a bitch to make his life better, thinking that it was a joke, and then the guy started mouth raping him. He fights him like a pussy and has no effect, this guy turns him around, finger bangs him, eats him out, and is now shoving his dick in him… He's letting this guy put it in him, this stranger, his first time with someone he's never met before in his life, who seems pretty insane, and is very violent.

He was crying again, but as usual, that didn't matter much.

Vanitas bent over his body once fully inside, breathing heavily against his cheek as he grinned at the boy's tears, "I was right, your ass feels even better than your mouth, like you were born to be a fucking slut."

Ventus hiccupped, his shoulders shaking violently as Vanitas slowly pulled out and pushed back in, making him yelp in pain. Vanitas leaned forward again, "So fucking tight, just wait until I make you all slick and easy to enter with my cum," Ventus shivered from the dirty talk, flinching slightly as the demon licked up the tears on his face.

He pulled out again, slamming back in to a spot that made Ventus' back arch drastically, a moan tearing from his throat immediately. He smirked as he pulled out again, repeating the same process again and again, Ventus eventually complying to rock back against him although most likely involuntarily, he reached around to grasp the neglected length softly, rubbing the head torturously.

"Ah, V-Vanitas… Oh, oh, stop! Ah!" Ventus could feel himself getting closer, groaning loudly as he felt the pressure again building up, his hips bucking sloppily in pace as he was almost there, just about to release, a scream being emitted from his throat…

Vanitas held him firm, refusing to let him cum as Ventus whined loudly, his voice hoarse as he just desperately rocked against Vanitas, "Oh, please, please, Vani-Vanitas, please, let me come, let me go, oh God, please…"

Vanitas smirked, biting down on the back of the blonde's next suddenly, releasing the boy and coming inside him as the waves of pleasure finally rushed through them, Vanitas pumping the last bits of his orgasm off into the now limp blonde. He stopped, supporting his panting frame above the blonde on the bed, slowly pulling out of him with a grunt and a smirk as he watched some of his seed leak out at the same time.

Collapsing on the bed next to him, he looked over to see the blonde had completely blacked-out in his orgasm, making Vanitas snort. The kid was really cute sometimes. He wouldn't mind having a contract with this kid, all he had to do was take care of a few petty problems for him, and Ventus would be his sex slave for the rest of eternity…

That sounded like an awesome deal.

He grinned deviously to himself, rolling over to face the body next to him; he brushed his fingers along the soft cheekbones of the sleeping boy, unaware of the smile passing across his face as he continued to gaze upon him.

All that was going through his head now was Ventus, Ventus is finally his, all his, and he doesn't have to share him with anyone.

He had Ventus all to himself, to do anything he wished…