Chapter 3

The drive started off simply enough, but about two minutes into the drive Giles had to ask, "Out of, um, curiosity, Agent Lisbon, why do you need us to see the crime scene?"

From the passenger's side of the car, she turned her head towards where he sat in the back and gave him a quick once over.

"Well, from what I've heard from your local police department, you've helped them out on occasion and have a knack for helping them close cases. So, since I'm positive that you have nothing do with Mr. Grant's death, I'd like your assistance on the case…is that alright with the two of you?"

He nodded and gave her a shaky smile.

"Y-Yes…that's fine."

Buffy nodded as well, and then looked over at him and favored him with a smile of her own. He really did underestimate himself sometimes.

Surprisingly enough, Jane was not a horrible driver, which allowed Theresa to actually relax as the drive went on…but as they got closer to the crime scene, he suddenly pulled into a Wendy's and went into the drive thru lane, Lisbon completely confused.

"Jane, what are you-?"

He cut her off.

"You never, never stop for food anytime that you drive. Rigsby does, Van Pelt does, even Cho does, but you…you never do. You never bother to ask me if I'm hungry. Well, right now I'm hungry." He looked in the rearview mirror at Buffy and Giles and said, "Do either of you want anything? I'm paying."

Buffy leaned forward in her seat and said, "I wouldn't say no to a burger and fries. Ooh, and maybe one of those malt shakes?"

Giles smiled at that, his arm resting on the seat behind her, and then was surprised when Jane said, "C'mon, Rupert…I bet you want something. No British, stiff upper lip…what do you want?"

He hesitated a moment, not wanting to say, but then Buffy looked at him, the start of a smart remark on the tip of her tongue, and he quickly responded.

"I'll have a large malt shake."

Jane smiled.

"Great!" He turned to Lisbon, who sat in the passenger's seat with her arms across her chest, glaring at him. "And what'll you be having, Theresa?"

"Nothing. Because I'm not hungry." She then turned her head to face the window. "And because I'm mad at you."

"Oh, don't be that way, Lisbon…I'll get you something anyway. Think of it as a peace offering." She said nothing, and he rolled up to the speaker and said, "I'll two cheeseburgers, both with fries, and four large malt shakes." The voice over the speaker told them their total was twelve seventy-five and to drive around to pay and pick up their order.

Lisbon's frown suddenly wasn't as dour as it was before and Giles could almost see a smile sneak onto the corner of her mouth as Jane handed her the shake.

As soon as they all had their food, he drove the rest of the way to the crime scene without incident.

Giles smiled as he watched Buffy eat her cheeseburger, sitting on one of the headstones, and he was suddenly reminded of when they used to patrol at night during high school.

Lisbon gave Buffy a slightly strange look, but then Jane saw what she was doing and he smiled.

"That's a good idea Miss Summers…mind if I join you?"

She shook her head.

"Not at all. Plenty of room on top of this tombstone."

She scooted over and patted the empty space next to her, and Jane joined her, both of them eating their burgers and fries. Lisbon simply stared at them as if they were crazy, and started to talk, in between sentences absently taking sips from her shake.

"This is the area where we found him." She pointed to a grave marker a few yards from where they were. "That's the exact place we found his body."

Giles took a look around the cemetery, trying to see how exactly he might have been attacked and then Buffy gave him a look from where she sat, and he knew that she was aware of his theory.

He'd most likely been attacked by a vampire.

However, it didn't hurt to entertain other ideas, so he put his shake on the headstone next to Buffy, and took a closer look around, walking over to the grave, looking for any other signs that would point to a human killer. He knelt down and saw a faint bloodstain on the headstone and discreetly used a clean handkerchief to take a sample of the blood. He knew of a few spells that could help him find out exactly what had happened and pinpoint who the killer was.

He then stood back up and looked back to the other three, and then tried not to smile at the amusing sight of Jane and Buffy on the headstone, tossing fries into the air and trying to catch them in their mouths.

Honestly, she could be so immature…and then she laughed, and he felt a faint stab in his heart as he saw the woman in her.

He shook his head, freeing himself of the thoughts and then turned back to Agent Lisbon.

"Was there any injury to his neck at all?"

Confused by his question she shook her head. "No, none. He was stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake, why?"

At that, Buffy's head turned and Giles could see the tension fill her frame. Yes, they both knew what that meant. It could mean several things…but, of course, both she and Giles knew that someone was trying to send a message to them.

A message to the Slayer and her Watcher…somehow the killer knew that Giles would be called in. That meant that they knew that Buffy would come along as well.

It meant that the killer knew their secret and was going to exploit it.

And it also meant…

…that they were most likely the next targets.

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