disclaimer: TWEWY not mine.
pairing: Konishi/777
notes: RawkstarVienna, what would I do without your insanely awesome suggestions?
p.s: Jack's Mannequin and Smashing Pumpkin are rocking my world.


pure lunacy
(and she's the vinyl queen from the surfer dream; and he's nothing, but a dead rockstar's heartbeat.)


He doesn't know what he thought when he met her— but whatever it was, it wasn't pretty. He was human once, wannabe rockstar; playing guitar on the streets of Shibuya. A rebel without a cause, and the music kept strumming and strumming and he met her.

"Do you want to play a game?"

She said, slowly; sweetly. She was pretty, and beautiful and gorgeous all at once and he was just some mangy mutt of the streets, but gods was she beautiful. And then he was dead, but he chose the path of a Reaper (he kept telling himself it wasn't to get revenge on that girl, the girl that killed him out of sick amusement, but secretly he thinks of it as a lie, because she's too pretty— pretty and beautiful and gorgeous all that once, he doesn't think he can harm her, but she can harm him.)

Being a Reaper isn't so bad— he spites her every day, posing as a human in a band, he spites her by embracing this humane side of him; and still manages to smile when erased by her pretty, gorgeous; beautiful face— and kisses her.

Her expression carved into a snarl and the hideous, monstrous part of her came into play and he thinks that pretty girl he once knew, never existed.

And he's at peace, because revenge finally happened— but she's always been one to get the last word. That's why she killed him.

And this romance (if it can be called that) is nothing but pure lunacy.

the end