"One day in the wonderful land of Denduron..." a mysterious voice said. Charlie glanced around the room, stomping his hooves and glaring. "Are you KIDDING me? This place is everything BUT wonderful! How the heck did I get here in the first place?" He complained. "Fine. One day in the horrible land of Denduron..." the voice muttered. "Much better." "SHUT UP AND LET ME READ THE STINKIN SCRIPT!" The narrator screamed.

"Charlie..." Purple said. "Don't make the narrator mad." "I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!" Charlie screamed at his supposed-to-be grandpa and stormed out the door. Suddenly, 5 seconds later, Charlie was randomly struck by lightning! "They don't even have lightning in Denduron!" Press said. "Who the heck are you and when did you get here?" Charlie asked. "Heh heh heh...Purple warned you not to make me mad, I control the story. I can do anything!" The narrator boomed.

"Oh no!" Press exclaimed. "This must be one of Saint Dane's evil plots..." Press ripped open his shirt to reveal that he was wearing a superman costume that he had since he was 10. "Come, Krypto, we must defeat the evil Saint Dane!" Press suddenly flew off, leaving Charlie on the ground in pain and in much confusion. "What...the...heck..."

To make his day even worse, Pink and Purple began to skip by singing, "Charlie, you look so down, with your big fat eyes, and your big fat frown, the world doesn't have to be so-" "SHUT UP!" Charlie yelled. "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" He picked himself up off the ground and jumped up and down angrily. "It's always your fault! You always make my life miserable! I hate you guys!" Charlie slowly walked away, crying. "Pink...you made him emo." Purple said. "Nuh-uh, you did, Purple!" Pink and Purple got into a girly slap fight and started making horrible comebacks.

Another random character walked by and saw the two unicorns fighting like little kindergarteners. For his own amusement, he shot the two unicorns with his longbow and walked on, laughing evilly. As he walked into the trees, he sensed something was following him. Halt turned around to look, and he was suddenly ambushed by hundreds of little orange people. "Oh my gosh..." One of the orange people said. "Can it be..." another said. "He's short like us! Let's make him our leader!"

Without warning, the Oompa Loompas lifted the small man onto their shoulders and carried him off. "Put me down!" Halt cried and started throwing a tantrum. The Loompas took his longbow, so he couldn't do anything. As they finally disappeared into the deepest part of the forest, Halt's last words were, "C'mon, I'm not that freaking short!"