Seeing you with him fucking kills me. It's a pain in the damn ass. I don't like you but it pains me to see you and him always together. And when you're fucking together you ignore me and I feel lonely. What can I do to make you realize he's only using you damn it! You're only a toy to him. You need a dose of reality man, fucking seriously damn it. My pain means nothing to you. Do you fucking know how much it hurts? Seriously! I hate it when you always go out late at night and come back at five in the fucking Jashin damn morning. I feel like I'm in a dark abyss and I can't get out. It's hell. It. Is. Fucking. HELL!

I woke up in the middle of the night only to find myself alone in the big, empty, darkness called my room. "He left again... Didn't he?" I ask myself. The door suddenly opens and a tall dark figure walks in. I let out a relived sigh as I see the figure walk up to me and sit on my bed. "What's the matter now," I asked. He was silent for a minute.
"I lost him," he mumbled. He had his face in both his palms and he sounded like he had been crying. I sat up in my bed and pet his back a little. Man, this guy was crushed. I know exactly how he feels.

Kakuzu has been sitting there for almost a whole fucking hour. I hate seeing him like this. "You know, it was obvious he was using you," I said. My voice almost gave out on me. I was just about to cry but held my tears back when Kakuzu faced me.

"You know I love you, right?" Kakuzu said. I was speechless. For once in my fucking life, I had no words. What's up his ass! Why did he just say he fucking loves me? Whatever. I looked him in the eyes and said what I have always wanted to say. "I love you, too." I finally said it! I can't wait to tell Deidara! He looked me dead in the eyes and pinned me down on my bed by my wrists. I couldn't move my wrists and he was in between my legs so I couldn't kick him off. What if he...? Jashin, what am I thinking! He wouldn't do anything... Would he?

I wonder if he will... Why am I thinking like this? No damn it! Don't think like that! But, what if I want it? What if I wanted him all along and I Just realized it now? You know what... screw this! I'm going for it! Kakuzu loosened his grip and before he could get off, I pull him into a deep, passionate kiss. His face was in shock at first, but he quickly closed his eyes. The rest of the night was a blur.

I wake up 3 hours later and Kakuzu is gone again. I sit up in my bed and put the shirt that was on the floor. I get off my bed and slowly walk to the door. Just as I was about to open it, the door flys open and slams me in the face. "DAMNIT!" I cried in pain.
"Hidan! Are you OK!" Kakuzu screamed. He walked over to me after I sat on the floor away from the door. "Yeah... There is nothing wrong with me at all... WHAT DO YOU THINK?" I shouted at Kakuzu. Kakuzu walks over to me and looks at my face. My nose was bleeding and my cheek was red. He wipes the blood off with his shirt and walks out of the room. What the FUCK just happened! I'm confussed...