A/N: Summary says it all. Only posting because my sis (the greatest one on earth) likes Nabooru (and Ruby, see my fic Fate is a Strange Mistress to see who that is). She asked for this to be posted, so here it is.

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Anyway, here it is.

~Moon White Rose



The desert is my home;

The burning sands my domain.

I am the Thief Queen.

Nabooru is my name.

I am called a lone wolf;

A thief among thieves.

I move like a spirit,

Swift and silent on the night breeze.

I am like a desert mirage,

One moment I'm there

The next I'm gone

But in all honesty I really don't care

I rule the desert well,

I protect what is mine.

I am the true Gerudo Warrior;

The only one of my kind.

I embody my home,

My spirit is my domain.

I am the loving Desert Queen

Nabooru is my name.


A/N: Personally, I didn't really like it, but if you do, that's great so let me know. If you hate it than just forget you read it, and if you hate Nabooru, why did you read it in the first place?

Also, I'm open to constructive criticism. Well hope you liked it.

~Moon White Rose