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~Moon White Rose

Dream Come True

In awe Link looked up to see that the Wind Fish was the sudden cause for the lack of blistering sun on his body. Flying in front of the fiery orb, the Wind Fish was carefree, happy, and seemingly oblivious to Link, his rescuer, far below. The young man continued to watch until the Wind Fish was out of sight and only then did he realized his situation.

He was alone, stranded in the middle of the ocean, on a tiny driftwood raft, with no food or water while sun beat down mercilessly.

This was definitely not the best situation he had been in.

"Great, I set the Wind Fish free and he repays me by leaving me in the middle of the ocean to die," Link grumbled, truly hurt, as he looked in the general direction the ungrateful creature had gone. Why, why had he chosen to do the right thing, and set that oversized tuna free? Oh sure, Koholint Island had had its downs, it being a mere illusion among them, but it still had been far better than the prospect of dying a slow, cruel death out in the middle of nowhere.

"And at least," Link mused to himself wistfully, not realizing his raft was slowly drifting in the same direction the Wind Fish had gone, "at least I had...lovely company." At those last two words, Link's mind was flooded with thoughts and memories of her, Koholint's angel, Marin. He smiled as he thought of Marin's sweet grin, warm laugh, and beautiful voice.

'No,' Link corrected mentally as he lied down, trying to get comfy. 'Beautiful isn't the right word. Lovely works, but so does intoxicating, hypnotic...' Link's mind went on and on as the day dragged by, his thoughts never straying from Marin.

"I never should have woken up that whale," muttered the Hylian as the sun began to fall into the western sky. "I never should have let her go. Dream or not...I loved her. I still do love her." For a moment Link let himself be filled with regret at what he had so foolishly allowed to vanish away, but soon it faded from his mind as he drifted off to sleep and began to dream of the perfect love he had lost.

Link was jolted out of his slumber as he was thrown face first into something wet and gritty. "What in Hyrule?" he coughed as he sat up and spat the repulsive substance out of his mouth and rubbed it from his tired eyes. Link stood and as he was brushing the stuff off his wet clothes it dawned on him what the stuff was.

Sand; he looked around in disbelief and sure enough, he was on the small, sandy beach of an island. Snapping out of his state of confusion, he quickly grabbed his sword and shield and began to head inland, ignoring the heavily laden coconut trees bordering the beach.

As Link walked he began to feel relieved. True, this island appeared to be miniscule in size compared to Koholint, but still it was an improvement and before long his searching was rewarded with the discovery of a small, clear spring. Licking his dry lips, he ran forward, ready to drink until he burst when suddenly, he heard something he never thought he would hear again.

"Link?" The called made him stop. It couldn't be; there was just no way. Slowly, very slowly, he turned to look to where the voice had originated and stepping out from behind a tree was...

"Marin," Link breathed unable to comprehend what he was seeing. This couldn't be real... could it? Suddenly, before Link could say more Marin rushed forward and flung her arms around his neck burying her face into his shoulder. "M-Marin?" Link questioned again, hopefully, wrapping his arms gently around her waist.

"Link, this is real," Marin said looking up at him, eyes shining with restrained tears. "The Wind Fish wants to thank you. You saved him from being held captive by Nightmare, so now he's making your dream come true. I'm here to stay; forever."

For a moment all he could do was stare. Marin was here to stay? They could be together? Forever?

"Link?" Marin questioned. "Are you all right? Are you happy?"

"Am I happy?" Link repeated before breaking into a smile and picking Marin up bridal-style and twirling her around, causing her to gasp in surprise and pleasure. "Oh yes, I'm happy Marin, very, very happy." Then Link kissed her tenderly all the while thinking perhaps a dream really can come true.

I don't know about you all, but I like this version way more than the original. Thanks for reading. Later!

~Moon White Rose