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Going Under For the Third Time

Emmett Outtake

Baby You Can Drive My Car


Grabbing my duffle bag, I jumped out of Jasper's F350. I loved winning his stupid bet. Torturing him with music created in this century was so worth the case of blue balls I woke up with. Yeah, he was right, if the Jeep hadn't been towed, there was no way I would have won. Nikki, the blonde at the bar, had made it abundantly clear that she was ready, willing, and able. But oh, the honey driving the tow truck was hot enough to almost make it worth the impound fees I was gonna be paying.

I adjusted myself and groaned as I thought about Tow Girl's ruby-red lips and the blonde tendrils that had escaped from her ball cap. Slinging my bag over my shoulder and running my fingers through the salt-crusted curls on my head, I sauntered into the office of R & R Towing and Automotive Repairs. Damn, I hoped Tow Girl was here.

As I pulled open the door, I heard a phone ringing in the background, surrounded by the cacophony of air guns and revving engines. The phone abruptly stopped ringing and a voice as smooth and husky as Southern Comfort in a smoky room drifted out from behind the partition.

"R & R! Rosalie speaking, can I help you? Yes, Ms. Weaver, I have your estimate right here. Yes, ma'am that is for all the work." I heard papers shuffling and the warmth washed over me again, "Yes ma'am, we can have it ready by tomorrow afternoon. No ma'am, it isn't a problem, I will do the repairs myself. You're quite welcome. Yes, I'll call when I'm done. I'll see you tomorrow, then."

I heard the receiver set back in its cradle and more papers shuffling around. I tapped the bell on the counter and cleared my throat.

"Just a minute!" The voice called out.

I heard the sound of a rolling chair sliding across the floor and a drawer open and close on a file cabinet. I leaned against the counter and looked out toward the garage area. It was busy, with four of the five bays filled. All the mechanics wore matching coveralls with the shop's name embroidered on the back. Even with the mess typically associated with a garage, it was actually tidy.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, as the voice asked, "Can I help you?"

I pushed away from the counter and turned around to look into the same energy-filled blue eyes from the night before. God, she was even more stunning than I remembered.

"You look familiar, is your car here?" she asked.

"Um yeah, sort of, but not to be repaired. I'm Emmett McCarty. I called earlier. My Jeep was picked up…" I started.

"Oh yeah, that's right, the tow from Smackwater's," she stiffened. "You were the asshole beating on my window."

"Well, you were being un-fucking-reasonable!" I bristled. "I was standing right the hell there. You could have dropped the tow and said the car was gone when you got there."

"Are you telling me how to do my job?" she shot back. "Oh, sure, I should give up a fee because some beach bum tries to charm me? I fucking think NOT!"

"You're a first rate bitch!"

Well, you're a male chauvinist pig!"

Rosalie's breasts were heaving from her anger and I took everything in me not to stare at her chest. I dragged my eyes away and back to her face, only to see the same fury from last night crackling in her eyes.

She's fucking gorgeous. I wonder if her eyes will snap like that when I have her under me. What the hell! She is frigging infuriating and beautiful and bitchy and spirited and she is driving me crazy!

"I want to speak to your boss!"

"I am the fucking boss! You owe me $125 dollars. Pay up and get your Jeep out of here. And do me a huge favor, if you need repairs, go somewhere else!"

I grabbed my wallet out of my bag and threw my credit card on the counter. She processed it and slammed the card and receipt on the counter. Neither of us said another word as she turned and stalked away. I couldn't help noticing how tight her ass was in the coveralls and how they did nothing to hide her incredibly long legs. I groaned out loud in frustration and she faltered in her steps, and then continued through the door at the rear of the office.

Fuck! What is it about that woman that I can't think around her? Shit! Maybe Edward was right. I gotta apologize.

I tapped the bell on the counter again and waited a couple minutes, but she did not come back in. I decided to stick my head out into the garage and see if someone could tell me where she was. Only two bay doors were still open and I only saw one mechanic, a lanky guy with greasy black hair and dirty coveralls, standing at a desk going over some work orders. The strains of Nickelback floated out of a radio near the farthest bay, where I could also hear an air gun and some metallic banging. I walked over to the desk.

"Yo, dude, can you tell me where I can find…uuhhmm… Rosalie?"

Justin, or at least that was what was written on his coveralls, looked me over. "Was that you that put the boss in a mood? Better watch yourself, pal. We don't take kindly to people fucking around with her. She has put up with enough shit in this life. What the hell do you want?"

I stepped back a bit from the protective threat in his voice.

"Look man, I just want to apologize. I really stuck my foot in my mouth. Is she still here?"

He cocked his head down toward the bay where the noise was coming from. "Yeah, she's here. She's down working on the Tiburon. Don't get any funny ideas. I ain't going anywhere unless the boss okays it."

I nodded my head and strolled down toward the Tiburon. As I walked around the far side of the car, I saw Rosalie's legs sticking out from under the car. I stared at them for a second, and then shook my head. If I ever wanted to see this woman again, I needed to eat some serious crow. I cleared my throat. And waited. And cleared my throat again. And waited. I heard a snicker from the Justin, over at the desk, but I didn't dare look at him. I reached down and rapped on the side of the car above where Rosalie's legs were sticking out. With a muffled curse, she flew out from under the car on the wheelie board, narrowly missing taking out my ankle.

"What the fuck do you want? Didn't I tell you to leave? I don't have time for pretty-boy, out-of-town surf bums with entitlement mentalities!" She yelled, as she shot to a standing position. Justin's head snapped up to see what was going on and he moved around the desk.

"Whoa, babe! I am just trying to apologize! Why all the hostility?" I answered, raising my hands and taking a step back. "I'm sorry. We got off on the wrong foot and I didn't want to leave it like that."

Rosalie looked over at Justin and shook her head. I saw him back off out of the corner of my eye and step out of the garage.

"Look, McCarty, fine. You apologized," she said, in a calmer tone, and then added, "Now go find some beach bunny to play with. Some of us have to actually work for a living and I need to get this car done."

"I think you have the wrong impression of me…" I began, before she interrupted.

"Are you trying to tell me you aren't a tournament surfer with cash to throw around?" She inquired, raising her eyebrow, almost daring me to contradict her.

"Well...uuhhmm." I stuttered.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," she smirked.

Fuck, even not spitting venom at me Rosalie was hot as hell and the streak of grease on cheek only added to her appeal. I couldn't help myself from raking my eyes up and down her coveralls-clad figure. She was easily 5'10", but next to my 6"5", she seemed petite. As my mind distractedly wandered, I felt a hard punch in the middle of my chest. No it wasn't love, it was her fist.

"Keep your eyes in your fucking head, surf boy. I ain't interested."

"Seriously, I want to take you out to dinner to show you my apology is sincere," I cajoled.

"No," she drawled out, "you want to take me out to dinner so you can ogle my tits and ass and try to talk me into bed. Like I said, I'm not interested."

"I am going to just keep asking, might as well save us both some time," I persisted.

"Go for it," she laughed. "The tour moves on in three days and you will be gone. I can wait you out."

"That's where you're wrong, sweetheart. I live in Virginia Beach. I ain't going anywhere and I will be back, so you had better get used to seeing me around here."

She was shocked speechless, something I didn't quite expect. Biting back a curse, she changed tack.

"Look, I don't date customers, it's bad for business. Go bother someone else; I am sure there are plenty of bikini-clad bimbos down at the beach that won't turn you down."

"I'm not interested in them, I am interested in you. Besides, you told me to take my business elsewhere; I'm not a customer anymore. I can be as persistent as you are stubborn. One dinner I all I am asking. I'll leave you alone after that, if you still want me to."

Rosalie huffed exasperatedly. "You really aren't gonna leave me alone are you?"

I shook my head in confirmation, trying to hide the ghost of a smile that was creeping across my lips.

"Fine! One damn dinner. Sunday night. Pick me up here at six, dress like you have a clue and don't be late, because you WON'T get a second chance. Now go so I can work!"

And with that, she dropped down to the board and slid back under the car in one fluid movement. She was gorgeous and graceful. I sauntered out of the garage to the Jeep. Then it hit me, I had no idea where I was going to take her to eat. Matter of fact, I didn't have shit to wear either and wouldn't know where to look. FUCK! I was going to have to ask Edward if the pixie could help me. It would be worth it.

I tried to picture Rosalie out of her coveralls and stiffened at the thought of a look at those legs in a skirt. It would be worth having her insult me all night. She infuriated me. She intrigued me. I wanted her.

Well, Emmett managed to wear Rosalie down. Still a little curious about the second "R" in "R & R"? All will be revealed in due time.

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