Basic Author's Notes: I know that in the second chapter, the POV and verb tense changes. It's supposed to. ^^; I do not own Gravitation, and I am not making a penny off of this. Likewise, the song-but-not-a-song idea isn't mine. It was inspired by other fiction. Also, I've only seen up to episode 4 of Gravi and this is my first Gravitation fic, so that's why there might be any oddities. Since these characters've never been in this kind of situation, some might regard them as a little OOC. Now, please enjoy despite the fact that this isn't a happy fic and R&R. ^_^ If you have a problem with the unlikeliness.. then it's AU. :P :P

Everlasting 1: Chorus

Last night, I dreamt of Shuichi again. It had been perfect, and if it's possible, it's even better tonight. It was Bad Luck's first concert, and Shuichi looks and sounds better than he ever has. The blue, purple, and red circling spotlights enhance his fuschia hair, amethyst eyes, and the tight black leather he's wearing.

It's possibly Shuichi's best singing really, but the even more beautiful song is the audience's. As ethereal as Shuichi's singing is, the melody of thousands of pleased, excited fans is even more taking. They aren't literally singing, of course... when I told Tohma about it, he made a half-interested comment about ESP, but that's not it. I... can't explain it.

Everyone thinks I'm incredibly talented, but the truth is that I'm nothing more than a translator. The songs I sing, the ones we record as Nittle Grasper, already existed long before I did. I've just listened and made them into sound.

Now I realize that something's wrong; not with Shuuichi, in the audience. Their song is like something out of a fairy tale, but still there's something off. Like someone singing off-key in an elite choir. I filter out the rest of the music until I can trace the singer; third row, fifth from the left. Aizawa Taki, the lead singer of ASK. I know him through Shuuichi, and he's a definite threat. He's been Bad Luck's rival since the day I stepped on stage and sang with Shuichi at their first performance ever. He would sell his soul to be the better of them.

I know what I need to do. I cast a long glance at Kumagorou and kiss his forehead, leaving him to K with insrtuctions to give it to Shuichi later. Bad Luck's doing a tribute to Nittle Grasper by performing their version of Sleepless Beauty. Shuuichi plans to do it alone, but I have other plans. I step out onto the stage with a microphone and a cheerful wave to the audience, striding to stand to the front slight left of Shuuichi. All the females squeal, and I crinkle my eyes at them before they melt.

Shuuichi's boyish face is poised in a surprised expression, his eyebrows arched and raised, his perfect lips making a round o. Then he crinkles up his eyes in the cute smile he learned from me so many years ago as he starts out with the opening of our song.

tooku de me o hikarasete, mezameru monetachi matte iru...

I'm sorry, Shuichi. I really am.