ABBA drabble

Rating: PG-13? Little less?
Warnings: Disco-bashing…. Swear words.
Pairing: Spike/Blair(OC)
Summary: Just a drabble with Spike and his childe Blair (my OC) concerning ABBA. He catches Blair enjoying some retched disco music after he's coming home from the hunt. (Yeah, been listening to too much ABBA lately.)
Disclaimer: I don't own Spike or ABBA. I do own Blair as she's my OC and the plot, but everything else isn't mine.
Status: Complete

Spike frowned as he headed toward his crypt, oddly the sounds of Disco music were emanating from the stone masonry. Spike rushed forward, someone or something was invading his crypt with that hellish music and he was going to stop it, now! As he wrenched the door open the music stopped with a squelch as if someone had ripped a record off a turntable. As he entered his crypt all he saw was his childe Blair standing by a record player, hands behind her back and looking everywhere but at him.

"Blair, luv, wot was that horrible noise?" He asked suspiciously as he walked forward into the crypt.

"W-what horrible noise? I don't hear anything at all, just the night sounds outside and us talking." Blair replied as she looked everywhere but at Spike, trying to slowly back up toward the hole in the floor that lead to the lower levels where the sewer entrance was.

Spike moved with her, becoming even more suspicious as time went on, "That noise that…retched disco music. That wasn't comin from in here, was it?"

"Oh of course not! What would make you think I'd play Disco music anyway? 100% punk here, nothing but Punk, you know I love Green Day." Blair was distracted long enough while trying to feel her way toward the hole in the ground that Spike had the chance to seize her by the arm. She gasped as her arm was pulled around from behind her back, hand still clenching a record.

Spike gave her a look and snatched the record away from her and holding it up to read the label, "you brought ABBA into my crypt!"

She held up her finger, "now now, don't get all mad at me because I like ABBA. They're… They're good damn it! Besides, a break from punk all the time is nice…"

Spike just stared at her, dumbfounded. What happened to his perfect little rebellious childe he'd turned 80 years ago! "I can't believe you listen to retched disco music! I… I just don't know you anymore!" Spike said dramatically.

Blair frowned and snatched the record away from him, "Oh lighten up! You listen to Sex Pistols! You've got no room to complain mister! Now shut up and dance with me!" Blair put the record back on to SOS and started to dance around him and sang along with the song while Spike watched on in horror. If this didn't stop soon his ears were going to bleed…