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After her account with Chris and Greg, Marley Regan maintained her pace as she walked down the long, narrow hallway of Tattaglia High School- this new place in her life that would become basically her home away from home.

She had just moved from Cleveland because of her dad's job. He was a salesman and got a job offer in a small town near Brooklyn, and very close to Bed-Stuy. Marley was a 10th grader and had previously spent her whole life around the same friends and family members. She was not used to having to make new friends and being so far away from home. And the fact that she was entering in the middle of the second semester made things worse. All she wanted was this move to become much easier, and she hoped that when she started school on Monday everyone would be as nice as Chris and Greg were- based on the short time she spent with them in the hallway.

She thought that they seemed welcoming and much better than she expected. The moment she bumped into Chris she was terrified because of the fact that she wasn't familiar with him and she thought he would start a scene. After all, she didn't know much about this town or Tattaglia's history.

She still wondered about Chris. She wanted to know if he really was a nice guy and if he was, was he one of a kind at the school? Or were all of them kind enough to stop to help her with her books in the middle of end-of-the-day hallway traffic? Not only that, but he seemed genuinely interested in why she was at the school and that she felt welcome.

Greg, on the other hand, seemed nice too. But he was too eager and creeped her out just a little bit.

Marley finally approached the library, where she needed to get the registration for her textbooks final. She had to wait in line for a few minutes, but soon enough the old, geeky-looking librarian verified the textbooks and she was set.

Mr. and Mrs. Regan wanted Marley home by 4:00, and it was only 3:30, so she decided to take a look at some books. After all, she loved to read. She took a look in various sections and soon decided to sit at one of the tables and start to read To Kill a Mockingbird. A few minutes past, and Marley heard soft, girly voice coming from behind her.

"Hey, you." Marley whipped her head around to see who was trying to get her attention. Standing behind her chair were two girls who looked like they were about the same age as Marley was. The one that called out to her first had blonde hair and black-rimmed glasses. She was very tall- she definitely had a good 5 inches or so on Marley. She reminded her of a model. The other girl who stood by Blondie's side had red hair and freckles and she was much shorter than Blondie. They were both very thin as well. Freckles was the next to talk.

"Do we know you? We don't recognize you from school or anything and we see you have 10th grade textbooks."

"Oh, I just moved here. I'm starting classes Monday." Marley tried to stay calm and seem very friendly, but she wasn't used to making friends. Especially when she didn't know anything about these girls. Blondie looked at Freckles and then spoke again.

"Oh, how nice! I'm Lynn and that's Brooke. We're in 10th grade also. Maybe we'll have some classes together! Let us know if you need any help and ask if you have any questions at all." Lynn, a.k.a. Blondie, seemed genuine and nice enough to befriend, so Marley tried to adapt to talking to them.

"Where did you move from?" Brooke asked curiously.

"Right around the Cleveland area." She answered simply, but Brooke made a face that said "I'm so sorry for you".

"Ooh, Cleveland." Brooke was definitely the more frank of the two. But like the area around Brooklyn was much better- Bed-Stuy anyone?

Suddenly, Lynn wore an expression that made both Brooke and Marley know that she had an idea in her mind that she was quite proud of.

"Hey, Cleveland! There's a party at my boyfriend Wayne's house tonight. It would be a great way to introduce you to everyone. It will be so much fun, and we can stick with you the whole time if it makes you feel comfortable." Marley thought that Lynn's idea sounded like fun, but she already turned Chris and Greg down when they invited her to the party. But, after all, they were guys and her parents would never let her go to a party with two guys that they didn't know. But they would probably love the idea of her going with a couple of new girl friends.

"Uh, sure, yeah. I think I could do that. I just need to let my parents know about it." Marley felt confident in choosing to go to the party with Lynn and Brooke, but in her subconscious she felt guilty for letting Chris and Greg down.

"Cool! Just write down your address and phone number and we can pick you up around 7 ish." Lynn and Brooke smiled whilst Marley wrote her information on a note card and gave it to them. They kindly waved good bye to each other and Marley started to think about what to wear and how she hoped the night would go.

As Marley thought about how the rest of the night would go, she realized she hadn't even given Lynn and Brooke her name.

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