The Rocky Horror Picture Show drabble

Rating: PG-13? Little less?
Warnings: Adult themes, cross-dressing, m/m relations (no sex)
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Blair(OC)
Summary: Drabble about watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Disclaimer: I don't own Spike, Xander, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I do own Blair because she is my OC but everything else isn't mine.
Status: Complete

"This movie is awesome." Xander said as they started The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He reached out and grabbed some popcorn from the bowl in Blair's lap. "Come on Spike, your gona miss it!" Xander called out toward the bedroom where Spike had gone off to clean up after that night's hunting.

"Be out in a mo' luv." Spike called from the bedroom.

Xander nodded and munched popcorn, "Tim Curry looks damn awesome as Frank-n-furter." Xander mentioned as they watched Brad propose to Janet.

"Oh yeah yeah, love those legs. The stockings really show it off. You know, when this movie came out I tried getting Spike to dress up as Dr. Frank-n-furter but he wouldn't do it. I wanted to dress up as Columbia so we could go to one of the movie theaters to watch it together." Blair mentioned as she too munched popcorn.

"Oh my god, you would make a damn fine Columbia!" Xander said as he looked over at Blair. Cut and gel her hair just right and she'd make a perfect Columbia. "I'm not surprised that Spike wouldn't dress in drag, he's awesome but he's kinda uptight like that. He doesn't like to make himself girly or anything, has to make sure we know he's a manly man."

Blair nodded in agreement, "Yeah, and he wouldn't do it for me." She pouted a little as she crossed her arms, lamenting what Spike had refused to do. "Too bad I didn't have an Eddy or something."

Xander leaned over to her and nibbled her ear, "I'll be your Eddy." He winked and Blair giggled as her ear was nibbled. Xander looked back at the tv and saw that Brad and Janet were heading for the castle in the rain, "Spike! Your missing the whole movie!"

"I'm comin' already." Spike said as they heard the door open. Xander nearly shot soda out his nose when Spike walked into the room in a perfect Frank-n-Furter outfit. Everything else was perfect, right down to the stockings and bustier. He stood there in the door way while his two lovers stared at him, "wot?"

Xander looked Spike up and down, about ready to drool. "uh…guh!" Xander finally said as Spike walked – no strutted over to other side of the couch and sat down, putting his heeled feet up onto the coffee table.

Blair was grinning madly and put her arms around Spike's neck, kissing his cheek, "you actually dressed up for us!"

Spike cleared his throat as Xander reached over and kissed him too in appreciation, "yeah well, gotta admit me legs look fabulous." Spike smiled softly over at them, once again showing his soft side for those he loved. Xander moved down on the couch so Spike was between him and Blair and together they snuggled on the couch, watching the rest of the movie.