"Bella are you sure you're okay to watch this?" Alice asked. I shrugged in response. How was I supposed to answer that...because no matter what, at the end of the day, this situation was all sorts of fucked up.

I sat on the couch between my best friend and my cousin, patiently waiting for the commercials to end, yet wishing they would last forever. Curling my legs up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them, I closed my eyes as I laid my forehead on my knees trying to fight the tears pooling within them. Rosalie leaned in to hug me, whispering that things would be alright, while Alice soothingly rubbed my back.

When the advertisement for Gerber ended and the theme music for 'The Jessica Stanley Show' started, I couldn't help but think how ironically fitting that last sales pitch was. The camera zoomed in to the blonde host as I fought to keep myself in check.

"Welcome back! Before the break we heard from Edward, Tanya, and Victoria." The screen spanned over their faces. I wanted to throw the remote at the television when I saw those two ... I wasn't sure women was the right word, but I couldn't allow myself to call them lying bitches no matter how much I wanted to. With so many unknowns in the air, it had yet to be seen who exactly was lying.

All my anger was quickly washed away and replaced with pain and heartache when Edward's face appeared on the screen.

He looked like hell. His normally bright eyes looked dull, almost lifeless. They were red and filled with tears, the bags underneath giving away the fact he probably hadn't slept well in some time. His hair was messy as usual, but I could tell that it wasn't because of him running his hands through it like he normally did. He had been gripping it. Pulling on it as if it was the only thing left he could hold onto in the world. His perfect angular jaw that typically donned a slight five o'clock shadow was currently hidden behind the beginnings of a full beard. But what hurt the most was seeing his signature smile missing from his face. Each of those small things added up, making the bigger picture gut wrenching.

Edward Cullen was a man that could only be described as heartbroken.

Jessica then stood from her chair, turning to speak directly into the camera. "The results are in."

She picked up an envelope, flicked the flap open, and reached inside. There was silence as she read the paper to herself first. "In regards to four month old twins Alec and Jane," Jessica spoke while the camera focused in on Tanya. "As well as three month old Bree," she continued as the camera panned over to Victoria. "With the probability of 99.999%, Edward Cullen you are..."


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