MBP: Okay, this doesn't actually have any chapter to it, just some information. I was asked to continue this, and I really had no idea how exactly I was supposed to do that. But, I have decided to try to get a sequel up sometime this week.

Rini: Yeah... And she's still updating Letters for Yahiro too...

MBP: Stop complaining about that Rini... anyways, I will write a sequel for Outside Looking In. I just wanted to put that out there for anyone who wanted one.

Kio: I'm glad you liked the story...

MBP: Oh yeah, this was your idea, wasn't it Kioshi? Anyways, don't tell anyone about this info-only thing, okay? I just didn't want to PM people, and there was anonymity involved, so this was the easiest way!

Kio: Um... that's it really...

MBP: Oh yeah... I guess if the urge comes, I might make it a chapter story for the sequel... or a two-shot. It all depends on you guys reading this. So, review on this if you want it to be longer, or on the actual thing when I get it up. And I probably will need OC's so... anyone want to send on in? Review and PM any OC you want. I'll give you an example using Aiko's information to do it.

Name: Aiko Satou

Appearance: Short dark brown hair in layers, hanging down with no special treatment. Brown eyes. On the shorter side, and prefers wearing simple clothes. If she doesn't need to dress up, she's normally in her school uniform or pajamas.

Class: Class B. (Please, don't make anyone Class A... I'd like to reserve the special stuff for the SA.)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, movie making.

Extra Information: She hates the color pink with a passion. She owns nothing of that color. She's really quiet, and doesn't like being paid too much attention by anyone. She's more content to wait by the sidelines, but she's also able to laugh and enjoy herself just as much as anyone else. She's not boy-crazy, but she has a hard time talking to them. She trusts people easily, but when that trust is broken, it's difficult to get her to open up to you again. Stubborn and cynical at times, she has her own mind and doesn't give in easily.

MBP: And that's that! And just to make a notice, I will not pair up an OC with an actual character from the series, and Yaten is off limits. However, if you want a couple in there, feel free to send it in to me, and I will use the couple as well.

Rini: Please though, if you're not sending in a romantic couple, only send in one person... Just to be fair... And if you want someone to befriend someone else, then say so, or they could end up being worst enemies...

Kio: I hope you send in OC's! That would be fun!

MBP: ...Rini, your brother's acting crazy... Did you give him caffeine?

Rini: No...

Kio: I'm happy people liked this enough to want more! Well, we'll see you later! Jaa nee!