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Naruto snickered. He'd finally managed to break back into the top secret hidden records room and write down a useful jutsu. Body Switch. This would be an amusing day...

Sasuke was waiting on the bridge looking bored as always. Since he'd returned, things had finally went back to a sense of normalcy, almost as if the past few years hadn't happened. Sakura was pacing and it was getting on his last nerve. His eye twitched but the stoic ninja kept his words at bay and merely sighed.

"Did you say something Sasuke-kun?" the pinkette asked hopefully, stopping pacing to face her crush.
"No," was his sharp response.
Sakura pouted for a moment and then resumed pacing. Sasuke glared at her and looked back down at the water.

Naruto watched from the bushes at a safe distance as he barely contained his "teehees" with a malicious grin on his face. He pulled out the piece of paper and started the jutsu focusing on Sakura and Sasuke...

Sasuke felt funny and then he noticed that he was pacing and stopped. What the...he thought. Directly ahead of him was his own body... His eyes darted around looking to see if maybe someone was around doing some weird genjutsu. He tried to activate his sharingan but nothing happened.
He saw his body get up screaming with his voice as well. "What the hell is this!"

Sakura looked down only to see Sasuke's outfit on her..."Ummmm.." Her eyes widened as she saw her body standing in front of her looking as confused as she felt. She looked over the railing into the water and shrieked as she saw Sasuke's face looking back at her. She promptly fainted.

Sasuke gaped watching his body faint. Uchihas DID NOT faint. His eyes widened in horror as he saw a pink strand of hair blow in front of his eyes. "Oh hell no I'm not trapped in HER body..." Perhaps Uchihas did faint.

Naruto was laughing uncontrollably as BOTH of his victims fainted. He rolled on the ground and finally calmed himself down enough to approach and promptly douse water on both of their faces. He looked at Sasuke(Sakura lol) and yelled,"What the hell Teme? Why are you and Sakura-chan taking a nap?"(he snickered inside at his good acting skills patting himself on the back).

The pair both jumped up and glared at Naruto. Sasuke(in Sakura form) was the first to speak. "Dobe, we weren't taking a nap. Someone switched our bodies. I'm Sasuke you idiot!"

Sakura(in Sasuke form) paled. "How do we switch back?" She then crossed her(Sasuke's) legs and looked up horrified," Oh my, ummm, I think Sasuke-kun needs to use the restroom, we need to switch back NOW!"

Sasuke (in Sakura form) thought he was having a nervous breakdown. He blushed tomato red while sweat dropping eyes going so wide he thought they would pop out.

Sakura looked at Sasuke in her body and cocked her head a little," Wow, you know that is really unattractive when I do that. I don't know, maybe Sasuke-kun could go to the bathroom with me and I could keep my eyes shut?"

"NO!" Sasuke screamed,"just sit on the toilet and DO NOT LOOK AT OR TOUCH ANYTHING!" His mind revolting at the thought of him putting SAKURA'S hand there.

Naruto got real close to Sasuke (in Sakura form) and purred,"Is Teme bashful? hmmmm?" He received a new knot on his head for that one. Naruto decided to leave them like that for a week just for that. "Hey Sakura-chan," he looked at the newly raven haired kunochi with a sly grin,"remember, if you shake it more than three times you're playing with it."

Sasuke decided that it might be worth any punishment to kill him in that moment and narrowed his green eyes at the imbecile. Sakura just looked at Naruto, confusion written all over her face.

"but Sasuke-kun," Sakura timidly began, fearing the Uchiha's temper," what about wiping?"
Naruto hit the ground roaring in laughter, tears pouring out of his eyes.

Sasuke hissed,"only if you crap." He missed his chidori he really did.

Sakura came out of the restroom and rejoined her team still blushing like a cherry. She looked peevishly at Sasuke who was giving her a Haruno version of his famous death glare. "I looked at or touched nothing." and then her gaze crashed to the floor.

"Keep it that way," Sasuke hissed.

Sakura could only manage to nod as she started tearing up. The stress of everything and then Sasuke-kun being mean to her in her own body overwhelmed her and she couldn't help the tears. Naruto immediately hugged Sakura and glared at Teme. "How dare you make my Sakura-chan cry, I'd kick your ass for that right now if you weren't in her body!"
Weakly Sakura whispered,"thanks Naruto."

"Hn. Dobe."
"Bastard!" Naruto retorted.

Kakashi arrived right at that moment. Only about half an hour late, for him it was early. He took in the scene before him. Naruto was hugging a crying Sasuke and glaring at Sakura while Sakura glared at the both of them. His eye twitched, perhaps he should stop reading so much Icha Icha and sleep more, apparently he was hallucinating.
"O...k... so are we role playing today or do I need to get a psychiatrist for the team?" Kakashi asked in an obviously disturbed way.

Naruto looked at Sakura and jumped back, blushing like a cherry. Sasuke seethed, pretty sure that steam was coming from his ears at that point, he knew his face...scratch that... Sakura's face probably looked like a lobster.

Naruto looked at Kakashi who was still waiting for an explanation of their weird behavior. He sighed, "somehow Sakura and Teme's bodies were switched."

Kakashi started laughing. Sasuke narrowed his eyes on his sensei, "traitor," he thought becoming even more livid.

After training, Sasuke slammed into Sakura's room. He couldn't believe the rotten turn of events. He looked in the full length mirror silently thanking Kami that that bastard Itachi wasn't alive to see this. He would probably relish in any opportunity to further humiliate and terrorize him. Now because of the body switch, he had to switch rooms with her and her pink bedsheets were annoying him to no end already. He'd been thinking about a shower and then it hit him, he was in Sakura's body...How in the hell was he supposed to accomplish something as simple as a shower? He'd trained hard today and really worked up a sweat now he'd have to go around stinking. He'd wondered why Naruto had kept staring at him all day with an evil smirk. "Note to self, destroy Naruto."

Sakura stepped into Sasuke's room, and sighed. The walls were bare, plain white sheets, boring. The only furniture, was a bed, desk and chair, and a dresser which had multiple shirts all white with Uchiha symbol on the back. She couldn't resist looking through Sasuke's things. Nothing interesting, big shocker there, although the fact that he wore briefs and not boxers was intriguing. Black briefs for the most part and only one pair of boxers, they had blue ducks on them. She grinned and moved on to the desk. Man she was sweaty and needed a shower. Ugh, oh well. She grinned and grabbed a towel.

Sasuke was annoying himself. He'd tried exercise for a while, training, but was bored. He began looking around Sakura's room for a while. He'd read her diary and his eyes were starting to hurt from rolling them so much at all her flowery sentiments in his general direction and glaring so much when her diary kept getting downright perverted. He finally could take no more and got up to go to his room where he had real entertainment, like books on chakra control, he'd boot Sakura out when he got there.

Sakura had blow dried Sasuke's hair into it's usual chicken-ass shape leaving it barely damp, she'd only put on his ducky boxers and wierd green and yellow striped socks and was currently rocking out to Britney Spears and sliding across the floor in Sasuke's socks using a hairbrush as a microphone. She'd put on Sasuke-kun's Men In Black style shades for the performance as well. "Sasuke-kun has a nice singing voice", she thought smiling. This sight is what Sasuke walked in on.

Sasuke's jaw hit the floor, he could not believe what he was seeing. His eyes narrowed so small that he had difficulty seeing through Sakura's damn long girly eyelashes. For the first time in his life, Sasuke felt something snap and was having great difficulty in not choking someone to death. The fact that she was in his body was the only thing saving Sakura Haruno from imminent doom. In that moment, "must not kill kunochi in my body," kept running through his head over and over again like it'd just become a personal mantra and his only link to sanity.

After a short mental battle, he said nothing,simply closed the door and returned to Sakura's room. He was, after all, an avenger and what an avenger did best was revenge. He grabbed a towel and walked into Sakura's bathroom shedding his clothes as he went, took an extra long time in the shower, didn't use a wash cloth or loofah opting for hands and soap instead, even though he blushed the entire time. When he returned to the room, he didn't bother to dress walking around bare naked instead, and ten minutes later, he answered the door in the same condition.

Naruto turned red as a tomato and for a moment almost seemed purple. He nose bled and everything, "perfect" Sasuke thought. Sasuke merely smirked. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NAKED, BASTARD!"
"Shower,"Sasuke said calmly while shutting the door in Naruto's face.

Naruto ran to Sasuke's room and threw the door open before stopping at his tracks seeing Sakura finishing up the chorus line of 'Hit me Baby one more time." Naruto thought the song was rather appropriate under the circumstances. Sakura stopped as her eyes got wide as saucers.

"Please don't tell Sasuke-kun!" Sakura begged as she literally grovelled at Naruto's feet. Naruto would hold a mental picture of that one for a while. "Just thought you should know Sakura-chan, that your dear Sasuke-kun is currently walking around your room and answering your door NAKED."