Hey everyone! I'm sorry it took me so long to finish this... (although it's so short)

This was inspired by talking to Sumiko(BlackSnowMoon) and Yumiko(A-yaoi-fangirl) so, I decided to throw my OC Foxia in there as well XD. I know it may not be funny... but please note that I tried...

I do not own Monochrome Factor, Sumiko, or Yumiko. Only the ideas and Foxia are mine. ^_^

"No way Shisui!" Sumiko growled, crossing her arms.

The Rei sighed impatiently. "It's for Akira and Shirogane's wedding! And they want it to be formal." He tried to give the black dress to her once more, but she just narrowed her crimson eyes and made a cat - like hissing noise.

"No way in hell am I going to-" she was cut off by the door to her room slamming open and Foxia rushind in, her deep green eyes wide in panick.

"Shisui!" she cried flailing her arms around. "Homurabi is in trouble!" she tripped and held onto the bottom of his robes. "He's in the kitchen!" she started pushing him out the door. "Go! There's not much time left!"

Shisui ran down the hall and disappeared around the corner yelling, "Homurabi! Hang in there!"

Foxia calmly took a seat in the desk chair and began humming to herself.

Sumiko grabbed the shin's shoulders. "What happened to Homurabi?" she cried.

Foxia just shrugged as if the answer was obvious. "The coffee maker broke again. You know how Homurabi gets without a steaming cup of it." she explained as Sumiko chuckled and sweat - dropped.

"Everyone, we have a BIG problem!" Yumiko announced as she strode into the room and plopped down on the bed. "They expect us to wear dresses to the wedding!" she whimpered, placing her head in her hands.

"Well..." Foxia started, adjusting her glasses to peer over them. "We're going to have to do it. It's a wedding after all..." She peered up to see both teens glaring at her. Sighing, she asked, "For the sake of the yaoi wedding?"

Yumiko giggled. "Oh, alright... if it's for yaoi..."

Foxia looked over at Sumiko. "What about you?"

She continued to glare with her arms crossed.

"There'll be whipped cream there..." Yumiko prodded.

Sumiko glared at the floor as her raven hair flopped over her eyes. "Fine..." she growled. "I'm only doing it for yaoi and whipped cream! As soon as it's over, I'm burning the dress! Underst - AH!" she yelped as she was glomped by Yumiko and Foxia.

Well... that was really short huh? I'm sorry about it. The reson is that I have to type on a wii and the stupid thing keeps deleting EVERYTHING! So this is about the sixth time I've written it...

Don't worry... I'll write more chapters and they'll be up this week and there will be yaoi, I PROMISE!

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