Ferris Bueller's

Cameron's Room

In a dark room with white curtains it is all smooth lines tastefully designed. A custom made bed made to cradle the large double bed where the waned faced teenager lies, has different split-levels built into it, Each level is clutter the upper right corner is on level with right side of the bed holding a lamp. Next to the bed on the right side is an electro-magntic glass sphere glowing blue fire color and movement but does not lighten the atomosphere of the bedroom.

On the opposite side a collection medications, vapor rub, nasal sprays tissue sprawl on the lower left side level next to a phone answer machine.

This room speaks of wealth, influence, parents willing and able to indulge in material comforts of the highest quality, where price was no concern.

Phone call... ring

A tall-dark haired youth pushes a button on his phone snick. "Cameron? It's Ferris How do you feel?" Ferris asked.

"Shredded." Cameron replied.

Ferris responded "That all in your head. Now come on over and pick me up!"

Ferris Hangs up

Cameron gazes upward " Im dying." he asserts in a small wonder filled tone. Cameron

sighs in relief clearly relieved to say out loud his fate.

Phone " Your not dying, your just bored and can't think of any thing to do!" Ferris firmly asserts.


Cameron's expression changes as the idea his best friend expresses stated takes hold.

Beep " Cameron! Get up and come pick me up if your not over here in fifteen mintues you can go find a new best friend.!" Ferris yells into the phone.

"Cameron Huh You've been saying that since fifth grade." Cameron scoffs.

"Come over here and pick me up!" Ferris states emphatically

Cameron shouts back sullenly " Why can't you let me rot in peace?""Do you know what my Diastolic is Ferris?"

Cameron replies " I can't I'm sick!"

" Cameron your not sick now be a man take some pepto-bismal and come on over and pick me up!"

Ferris asserts.