"Okom." A deep male voice called

"Yes Dante." A female voice answered.

"I'm bored."

"Well what can I do about it?"

"How am I supposed to know? You're the smart one Okom."

"Must I do everything Dante?"

"Why yes, I think so."

Sigh "You just wouldn't survive without me would you Dante?"

"No big sis, I don't think I would."

"Fine." Just then a door opened and someone ran inside dressed in a mailman costume.

"Master Dante and Okom, you have to see this." A man said as he ran inside. The hat he wore covered his face and hair so it was hard to describe him. As he came in lights began to flash on from the door up the stairs to the two chairs in front of him with two people in them. The light hadn't come far enough to show their face so they were a mystery.

"What is this?" Dante asked as he took the package the mailman had in his hand.

"It… It's the yearly report of all the planets in the milky way."

"Oh good, open up the package Dante." Okom told her younger brother which he did.

"Hmm, this is strange. 11 planets have yet to pay their respects to us."

"Oh that won't do Dante, Mokaii." The mailman jumped.

"Yes master. "

"I think its time for me and my brother to finally have some fun and come out of hiding after all these years. Ready the captors."

"Yes finally some fun sis." Dante said.

PokemasterAj: OK now you know a little (and I mean that literally) about what's going on. You can submit up to 2 or 3 at least (but they have to be from different worlds even if they're related) so everyone can get at least one or two in. They'll all be used but some will die quicker than others. Sogo ahead and submit. O and also I'm looking for leaders of the planets that I didn't make an OC for when I showed the examples.


Kodieta (Peace world)

Draskei (Evil world)

Odura (War world)

Assandiate (Assassin world)

Jai (junk world)

Earth (neutral)

Nundaike (Mechanics planet)

Yomadi (Beasts planet)

Ronin (Samurai and/or ninja)

Zamontodun (repo world)

Mokodunte (Supreme world)


Age: (6 to whatever number you want)

Gender: (male or female)

Appearance/Clothing: (what they look like, hair, clothes etc.)

Personality: (how they act)

History :( past and accomplishments)

Element:(Do they specialize in a certain element like water or fighting types)

Fusion:(Can they fuse with their pokemon yet, if so what do they look like.)

Special:(Do they have an ultimate attack or state, if so then put the name here and a description of it)

Pokemon:(If you want, nicknames, history, and personality. It'll make it more interesting)

Planet (choose from the list above)

Opinion of home world and Future leader: (Your OC(s) opinion of their home world and my OC that's on it but only if they're from the same world)

Outlook on love:(What does your OC think about love)

Other: (anything else you want me to know, do they have a crush on an OC or have a weakness when it comes to money and chocolate? The possibilities are endless)

Name: Kiirod Kinroo

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tyran has Blue hair in a ponytail to his mid-back,, a completely black katana (right) and a white one (left) on his sides and blue eyes. Has an open black and white kimono that has the Yin-Yang symbol on the back and black hakama pants. He also has sandals and a long diagonal scar from his right shoulder to the lower left of his stomach, and bandages wrapped around his feet, ankle, and stomach.

Personality: Tyran is a very calm person; it's rare for him to be mad at someone. Though he has trust issues he's usually compassionate to everyone human and pokemon alike. Due to the fact on how he was raised he'll follow the orders of higher male or female. He's very brave and doesn't back down from a challenge. Tyran's honest, speaks what he thinks, and is basically during the right thing when training. When he's not training he'll play tag and other games with his pokemon or cook food for them. It's hard for him to think of an insult for anybody (seeing as though he can only see the good in people) and constantly gives compliments to people, which some girls take it as him flirting. He's mostly loyal to his friends and will die to protect them if he needs to.

History: Began training in his father's Dojo as a samurai ever since he could walk, Tyran was the most unusual of all the students there since he could talk to pokemon and understand them. He also Used Aura abilities he learned from his Lucario to boost his own abilities, making him the strongest and a primary target to fight on Ronin and even other planets. When he turned 13 his father hosted a tournament with the best fighters from around the world. It wasn't until Tyran had gotten to the finals that he found out that it was set up to get him killed in the process. After he had won he left the village to avoid being attacked.

Element: Fighting and Normal


Machamp: he gets large muscles and his strength increases by 12

Lucario: His appearance doesn't change except for the fact that a large black bracelet with spikes on it appears on both of his wrists and neck. His powers of aura increase greatly making it possible for him to use many defensive and offensive aura moves such as force palm.


Kabano's fury: His white katana is fused with his aura becoming blue and white. Just by swinging at air in this state causes Kabano to destroy an entire building.

Katana's fury: His black katana is fused with aura becoming blue and black. Kiirod has yet to meet something or someone strong to break through his ultimate defense.

Twins of destruction: Kiirod's ultimate power, which he rarely has to use. Kabano and Katana fuse together forming a black and white Katana known as Tenmon no Tsurugi (Means heaven's Gateway sword.) or Ten for short. Kiirod never remembers what happens when he uses it but all he knows is that anyone who's near once he uses it dies. As a result, he dislikes using it. Only an enemy he knows he can't defeat has ever made him use this and there were only two so far who has made him do this.

Machamp, Lucario, Primeape

Planet: Ronin

Opinion of home world and Future leader: My home of Ronin is the best when it comes to ninja and samurai ways and if I truly must lead us in this unneeded war then so be it

Outlook on love: It truly is a wonderful thing though I find it rather almost impossible for me to fall in love with training and all. Even if I did I don't think a girl would fall for someone like me.

Other: nothing else

Name: Ryusaki Ketchum

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance/Clothing: black-spiky hair that is red at the tips and crimson red eyes. He wears a red t-shirt with black dragon designs over it with a black vest over it, red and black gloves, black pants, and red and black shoes.

Personality: Ryusaki is the type of person who doesn't let trouble comes to him, instead being one of the main people to cause it. He's constantly flirting and/or dating girls he's probably just met. During the day he likes to have 'fun' by toying with the police such as pulling pranks on them and stealing from stores (though he has the money to pay for them) then running away. He also isn't the type to follow all, and sometimes any rules an authority gives him.

When it comes to battle it's a more serious matter to him. If the one who he's fighting provokes him or threatens to kill his friends he won't hesitate to kill them in an instance. He likes to come up with things as he fights so that his opponents don't have time to think, so if they're not those type of people who study there opponent and come up with a plan before the battle then they'll have a tough time.

History:Ryusaki grew up in the streets of his home planet Draskei, being raised by the legendary pokemon of his world known as Shrowd (You'll find out about him and the other legends later on). He often stole from and fought a LOT of people, even if they were way older then he. Many people of Draskei respect him for this(and it takes a lot for these people to even recognize you). The people there often asked him to lead their raids on other planets (not the eleven worlds listed but other non main planets) and even on the weaker people on their planet!

Element: Fire, Dark, Dragon, and Fighting

Fusion: As of now he can only fuse with Drago because he hasn't gained enough power and skill to learn how to do their fusion

Drago: Not much changes about his appearance except that he grows large Dragonite wings, as for his abilities, his speed and strength are increased ten times his normal strength and speed, and he gains the ability to fly

Special:Demon Awakened:?

Shadow shield: Shadows form around him for protection whenever someone attacks. It can only be activated whenever he's at the edge of death or by will when he commands it himself.

Black Aura Connection: Ryusaki connects his and anyone else he wants aura to each other making so if he or anyone else who's connected dies then the others who are connected will die to. He's saving this move for a certain person incase he can't defeat as a last result because once someone is locked in it can never be removed until everyone in it is dead, including Ryusaki who has to be connected for it to work.

Pokémon:Shrowd, Infernape (Blaze), Dragonite (Drago)

Planet: Draskei

Opinion of home world and Future leader: "First off let me just say that all of us people from Draskei are not evil, just most of us. I'm in the so-so category for us. We get our name from the way we fight in battle and the powers we use. As for me being the leader for us I cant believe! Something always told me I was destined for greatest and this war will be ours, most people are afraid of us anyway."

Outlook on love: "Everyone needs love, even though some of my people are against it and they believe in one-night stands only so if you get pregnant then it was faith. But anyway ladies your king is here.

Other:Has a demon inside him known as Sauras (Not the one Ryusaki had changed into that was just a transformation) and a tendency to call people bastards when mad

Name: Tyrell Jackson (Rex)

Age: 22

Gender: male

Appearance/Clothing: Black with a muscular build, and 6 feet tall. He doesn't wear a shirt revealing his muscles but he does wear black pants, blue shoes, and blue and black gloves.

Personality: Rex loves to fight, period. His life has always been about fighting. (More so then usual for even a fighting planet) It's how he learned in school, his favorite part of history was every single war in the books, which he can reenact perfectly, and it was somehow used so he can learn how to cook.

History: Rose by fighting types. I don't think I should explain any further.

Element:Rock, ground, water, normal


Rocky: His skin and entire body becomes completely black Stone and his eyebrows disappear (like a super saiyan 3) and his strength is increased by 2x(some people don't even think that's possible considering how strong he already is.)

Gator Mouth: He grows huge long blue spiky hair that reaches his ankles, which he can use to cover his entire body, 12 water blades also form around his body. The powers he gains are the ability to create water from the evaporation in the air for attacks and as for the water blades self-exclamatory

Ditto: His appearance doesn't change but he's able to copy any move and or appearance of someone


Rock Claw: Rex's hand becomes covered in the rocks or sand from his surroundings to form sharp claws on his fingers for a devastating attack.

Water clones: creates special water people that cause anyone who touches them to be under his command

Destruct: Rex creates a huge dome that surrounds his enemies inside then blows up. His ultimate move, no one faced against has yet to survive this attack.

Pokemon:Onix (Rocky), Ditto, Feraligator (Gator Mouth), Ryhorn

Planet: Odura

Opinion of home world and Future leader: We are the best battle I mean come on check out the name. Plus with me behind the base of operations they're no way we could lose

Outlook on love: one word… Population. Other then that there is no need, besides we all should be focusing on battle and weapon skills

Other: nope

Name: Zanate Pierce (Zero)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance/Clothing: A very beautiful girl with red eyes, and white and black hair that reaches her mid-back. Wears a black tight fitting T-Shirt to show her curves that says 'you're here for my amusement in white letters. She wears a black mini skirt with white stripes, and black flats with white socks.

Personality: She is spoiled and self-centered. She dislikes anything that doesn't interest her. Money is the main thing she cares about and that is about it. She only wants to look out for herself and sometimes (depending on who) anyone with her same goal. Zero thinks money can buy and get her anything she wants. But if that doesn't work then, depending on their threat to her, she'll Fight/deal or kill them herself or have her lieutenant (an OC) handle it.

History: When Zero first turned 5 she learned the value of hard work even though they had a lot of money. Her parents had put her straight to an all-girl training camp to become a repo agent without going to school. Her teachers treated her as a princess and gave her whatever she wanted. She bribed the girls to get what she wanted from them. She found the training fun and the money she would gain better the more she stayed. Though Zero had many friends, she easily tossed some of them aside so she could rise higher in her planets ranks. Zero finished training at 10 being the youngest in the history of Zamontodun to graduate from their camps. After this she took her own elite force to carry out her own Galactic business

Element: Water, Ice, normal, Grass, Ghost, psychic



Minus: different levels determine the strength of the attack. Its powers are unknown, except for her though level 10 is when her ultimate power is released though.

Pokemon: Weavile, Ditto, Sceptile, Mismagius, Alakazam, Prinplup

Planet: Zamontodun

Opinion of home world and Future leader: We exist to take away from our target and give back to our client for payment, nothing else. My role in leading this world is as simple as this: we work for the highest payer and if it comes to us killing each other then so be it, as long as the me and the people who wont try and betray me get paid.

Outlook on love: Love? (Blush) I… I really don't care for love, after all its not like I can fall in love with… some boy who's not even worth my time. It… can be bought just as anything else can.

Other: weakness for anything involving money. When it comes to boys Zero blushes a lot (only with those who flirt with her) because she hasn't had much experience with those kinds of guys in school but she still tries to act normal.

Name: March

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: Spiky Red-orange hair with orange eyes. A black shirt with a red Dragonite blowing fire at the right, with a red cape to protect him from the harsh weather and is fire proof. He also has red pants, black and orange fingerless gloves, and black and red shoes.

Personality: He's outgoing, doing whatever he can think in his spare time. He'll occasionally flirt with girls he's met before. Hard work isn't really his thing unless he benefits from it or someone convinces him. He does take dragon pokemon seriously and doesn't take kind of people who insult dragon pokemon. He always keeps his fathers blue and orange flute he calls Drago with him.

History: He grew up in Blackthorn City, Johto with his mother and father. He would often visit Dragons Den with his father to show respect to the dragon pokemon. When his father retired he gave him his flute, which can tame angered pokemon

Element: Dragon

Fusion: nope


Salamance: Grows large red wings and his eyes turn red. His strength and speed are multiplied by 13.

Pokemon: Dragonite, Salamance, and Garchomp

Planet: Earth

Opinion of home world and Future leader: What about it, the only thing special about Earth is the dragon pokemon. Wait me a future leader, well everyone on earth prepare to die then.

Outlook on love: 'Love? What else is there to say except that everyone should have love in his or her life? Even the coldest of people

Other: None