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Episode 5: Ryusaki's playtime Begins


Location: Assandiate battle ship Control Room in space
Time: 7:50 a.m.

"All I'm saying is that you all took down this Ryusaki guy pretty easy." A 17 year-old told Echo, Addie, Kiki, and Josh. He has short Light Blue hair and wide Blue eyes. He wears a Stripe Black and White T-shirt that says "Who am I?" and he wears a sleeveless fake wolf fur jacket, He wears Blue baggy jeans, and he wears Converse high-cut denim boots.

"Dysprosium is right Echo." Josh agreed. "You made him out to be some almighty and powerful devil like being yet you took him out with three moves." They must have been in the control room as they each sat in their own little base of operations. It looked more like a replica of the star trek control room. Other Assandiates operated the ship's functions to keep it running in the front while Josh and Dysprosium manned the ship's weapon controls. Addie controlled the navigator, Kiki was on defense controls, and Echo sat in her seat which was located in the middle of it all.

"Actually Josh, Ryusaki must be strong because he easily blocked both me and Kiki's attacks." Addie informed him.

"Then how do you explain Echo being able to beat him so easily?" Dysprosium asked Addie.

"Simple." Echo said, gaining everyone's attention. "He wasn't even using twenty-five percent of his power because he was holding back." This caught everyone's attention.

"What!" Dysprosium yelled in a scared tone. "Then why in the hell is he on this Ship?"

"Yea why don't we kill him while he's asleep?" Josh added. "We're Assandiates not Zamontoduns. We aren't the ones who return objectives."

"Because we can't kill him yet, that's why." Echo said in a calm smiling voice. "If we would've have tried everyone on board this ship would be dead." This comment even made Kiki and Addie lose they're cool.

"And why can't we kill him?" Addie asked questionably after regaining her composer.

"Because the only one capable of doing that is Joshy here." Echo replied. "But then again he isn't strong enough to do so yet."

"Wait." Josh said. "Why am I the only one able to kill him? Why can't you do it, you are the strongest ally we have on this ship."

"Because only someone with the same abilities as his, close to, or stronger than, Ryusaki can kill him." Echo said coolly.

"So what you're saying is that your power doesn't come close to his?" Dysprosium asked.

"That's exactly right bucko." Echo told him. "He's more than twice as strong as I am."

"What!" Josh yelled. "Then we have to kill him now." He said franticly. "We could combine all of our power or something but we have to kill him before-" Josh's sentence was cut short due to the ship's alarms going off. "Damit."

"Miss Valentine It seems our capture has escaped." One of the crewmen informed Echo.

"Really, we haven't noticed." Kiki replied sarcastically. Everything blackened in the room though with them all being Assandiates they could easily see well.

"Miss," The crewmen called again. "Engines are down and all the power on the ship's been drained somehow. We're just another object in space now." Even though he said this the intercom came on as someone spoke.

"Hello everyone, how are you doing this fine morning?" Asked a voice as it was heard throughout the ship. "I'm Sauras and I want you all to know that for the next one or two days my friend Ryusaki and I will be making life a living hell for you. I'm sure many of you are afraid of us but then again who wouldn't be, we're Draskeins after all. Am I right, or am I right? Anyway I will pass things on to Ryusaki for now."

"Well hello my lovely assassins!" Ryusaki exclaimed as he took over. "I'd like to thank you all for falling for my brilliant acting skills from last night and for ensuring all of your deaths. Special thanks go to the beautiful Miss Echo Valentine for helping me, making it all the more easier for me to trick you all. Have a nice day everyone." The intercom then went off.

"Echo what is he talking about?" Kiki asked. "Did you know that he was faking last night?"

"Of course I did Kiki."

"Then why didn't you tell us?" Addie asked, little shocked.

"Leave the reason up to me. K." Echo replied with a grin. Afterwards she instantly disappeared. Kiki followed shortly after along with all the crewmen that were in the control room.

"I guess I'm sticking with you two since everyone else is going with Kiki and Echo." Dysprosium informed Josh and Addie.

"I'm fine with it if Josh is." Addie replied.

"Fine, whatever," Josh answered in a spaced out tone.

"Um, Josh are you alright?" Addie asked worriedly.

"Yea I'm fine." Josh answered as though he was in deep thought.

'Why the hell is she always smiling?' Josh thought referring to Echo. 'It's as if she either doesn't care about over lives or she planning something, something big… but what?'

Location: Assandiate Battleship Hallway

"So Sauras," Ryusaki said. "How long do you think it'll be before they finally catch us?" An open electric box was a few feet behind them which must have been what they had used to cut off the power and use the intercom.

"Depending on their capabilities I'd say sometime during the night around eight." The one who must have been Sauras replied. He has bright gold hair in a spiked style like Ryusaki's and black eyes. He wore a tight white shirt and black cargo shorts. He didn't have on any shoes and he has a light skinned caramel color like Ryusaki. He looked to be 17.

"So does that mean I can do whatever I want to them for at least 10 entire hours?" Ryusaki yelled excitedly.

"Its twelve hours until eight O'clock comes you idiot!" Sauras yelled. "How can I be enslaved to someone who can't even do simple math?"

"Hey I heard that." Ryusaki said in an offended tone.

"Who cares, I said it just so you can hear me!" Sauras replied.

"You're so rude to me."

"Like I give a damn about that."


World: Odura
Location: Oduran battleship door
Time: 11:30 p.m.

"Come on Coal we need to hurry and load up!" Rex yelled out to Coal while putting a huge stack of weapons inside the gigantic Oduran spaceship (since I'm too lazy to explain what it looks like right now you should at least know that it's twice the size of the titanic). Coal on the other hand who wasn't as strong as Rex was having trouble carrying the three ton load. He was surprised that he could even walk while carrying it.

"Well excuse me for not being the number one ranked being in the entire galaxy when it comes to strength like you Rex!" Coal yelled back as Rex ran past him. He dropped the box next to Rex's stack. Coal stepped back and saw that Rex had stacked thirty boxes in the last five minutes while he had only put down the one stack he had just now. Coal sweat dropped anime style.

"Well you could at least be the second strongest in the galaxy." Rex laughed. "All those muscles and you don't put them to use like I do."

"What do you mean?" Coal replied, slightly irritated as he grabbed a box. "I'm not an overgrown muscle man like you. Besides you're twice my size in muscle."

"Excuses are for losers." Rex said. This remark made Coal lift up a huge box and throw it at him, though Rex caught it with one hand.

"S-See look at that!" Coal yelled while pointing at Rex. "That weighed two thousand pounds yet you caught it with one hand like it was nothing."

"Huh, can't you do this to?" Rex asked questionably then threw it back at him.

"What the hell you're not supposed to throw that back at me!" Coal yelled as it neared him. Coal pulled up both his hands to catch the box. As he caught it the force from the throw caused Coal to slide back down the spaceships hallway until Coal hit the wall. Coal pushed the box off of him after he realized he stopped moving. Blood fell from his forehead

'He must be trying to kill me on purpose.' Coal thought as he clinched his fist and a vein appeared on his head.

"Hey Coal are you alright?" Rex questioned from down the hall.

"Do I look alright!" Coal yelled back.

"I'll take that as a no." Rex said. It was then that they heard someone walk through the ships door. "Hey Eloise!" Rex yelled as he walked over to see who it was.

"Hey Rex, uh where's Coal?" Eloise said as a Pikachu ran onto the ship, past her in Rex. The Pikachu has a black bandanna around his neck and he has messy hair between his ears. Coal came from the hallway seconds later and the Pikachu ran and hopped onto his shoulder.

"Hey Thunder I've looking all over for you." Coal said to the Pikachu which must have been his. "We almost left without you."

(I had to make sure that you didn't leave anything.) Thunder replied to Coal who understood but all Rex and Eloise heard was Pika Pikachu Chu Pikachu.

"Really?" Coal asked as he began walking towards the ships door. "I thought I grabbed everything. What could I have left beh-" Coal stopped his sentence as loads of Pokémon food lay at the doorway. Everyone except Pikachu sweat dropped. "Right, how could I forget the Pokémon food?" Coal said blankly. "How the hell did you even get all of this here by yourself?"

(I have my ways.) Pikachu replied while rubbing his knuckles on his chest then blowing them.

"Well Coal ole' pal you better get to work on loading all this Pokémon food." Rex said while patting him on the back almost making him fall over.

"What about you?" Coal asked Rex. "Aren't you gonna help?"

"Your Pokémon's Pokémon food, your problem." Rex replied. "Besides I already loaded me and Eloise's Pokémon food so this one's all up to you."

"Say what!" Coal replied.

"Better hurry to," Rex said. "We leave in ten minutes." As Rex was turning the corner he looked back at Eloise. "Your stuff's already been put into your room. It's the one down the other hallway with your name on it along with the other's rooms (anyone wanna PM me some more Oduran or will I have to do it myself?).

"How am I going to do this by myself in ten minutes?" Coal asked no one in particular as he rubbed his head.

"Hey Coal." Eloise called to him causing him to turn around. "Me and my Pokémon can help if you want you know."

"O thank you Eloise I promise I'll repay you." Coal said to Eloise. They both grabbed their Pokéballs and threw them into the air.

"All right everyone let's move this Pokémon food!"

Location: Oduran control room

Rex spun around in his chair as he sat down and pointed his finger towards the front of the ship as he spoke.

"Alright everyone ready!" Rex yelled into the microphone. "All passengers prepare for lift off as our first destination is our sister planet Yomadi. We have a special meeting there if you know what I mean." Rex then pressed the ignite button to start the engines. "Leeeeet's GO!" The Engines roared loudly as it begin lifting itself off of the ground. Everyone was on the ship except Coal who was carrying the last bag of Pokémon food.

"Coal!" Eloise yelled as she realized that the ship was moving. "Hurry, Rex has started the ship."

"That bastard knows what he's doing!" Coal replied as he dropped the bag and ran towards the ship.

(What are you doing Coal?) Thunder yelled out. (Don't forget the Pokémon food.) A vein appeared on Coal's head.

'What's with Pokémon and Pokémon food?' Coal thought as he turned around to grab the heavy bag and began running towards the ship. Coal realized he couldn't run as fast while holding the bag so he used all his strength and threw the bag towards the ship door which Eloise's Drapion caught. Coal then ran full speed as the ship got higher and higher off the ground. He jumped up over one hundred feet and reached for but as he did this Rex realized that the ship's door was open due to the button blinking (like on a car) and closed it, making it just a little out of Coal's reach.

"Damit, Damit, Damit." Coal said as the door slowly closed and he began falling. Then an idea came to his head. "Shock!" Coal yelled. A Zapdos then flew from atop the Oduran Palace and caught him. "Phew, thanks pal." Coal said as Shock flew him towards the ship. Coal took out a Pokéball and returned Shock so he could fall through the opening in the door as it closed. He landed on his feet.

"Are you ok Coal?" Eloise asked Coal as she walked over to him.

"Yea I'm fine." Coal said as he stood up.

'Hey Coal.' Rex said over the intercom. 'Looks like you made just like I knew you would.'

"Wait you knew I wasn't on the ship!" Coal yelled as he pressed a button on the wall to speak back to him.

'Eh, more or less.' Rex replied. 'Beside's it's not like you didn't make it.'

"Screw you Rex, screw you." Coal retorted.


Location: Assandiate spaceship in space
Time: 8:06 a.m.

Addie, Josh, and Dysprosium silently walked the halls of the Assandiate ship.

"Hey Josh," Addie said, gaining Josh and Dysprosium's attention. "What do you think Echo meant by only someone with similar abilities as Ryusaki's can kill him?"

"I don't know." Josh answered. "But it's impossible for us to have the same power unless he was-"

"Hi there Josh." Ryusaki said with a smile as he interrupted Josh's sentence. He stood a few feet in front of them.

"How didn't we sense him?" Dysprosium asked no one in particular.

"So how long has it been Josh, four, five years?" Ryusaki said as he walked closer. Addie, Josh, and Dysprosium all pulled out their weapons and got ready to fight. "Whoa there's no need for weapons my friends." Ryusaki laughed as he held up his hands. "I just wanna talk for a sec before we get into all the violence."

"Ok about what?" Dysprosium asked as he lowered his guard.

"Keep your guard up or he might try to kill you first." Addie informed Dysprosium.

"I can't believe you don't trust me Addie." Ryusaki said while acting offended. "I thought you trusted anyone from your home planet. Besides I'd never hurt my best friend's brother."

'Best friend's bother?' Dysprosium thought.

"You're not from Assandiate, you're from Draskei." Addie replied, not believing him.

"Maybe I am or maybe I'm not." Ryusaki shrugged. "But how else could I have gotten training from the old man." This comment gained Josh's attention.

"What old man." Josh asked. Everyone turned to Josh.

"You know who I'm talking about Josh." Ryusaki said as he walked closer to them. They moved over as he got closer, to the point where the three of them circled around Ryusaki. "After all you were his favorite student."

"I was his only student." Josh replied.

"It hurts that you can't remember me Josh." Ryusaki smiled.

"What are you talking about; I've never known you before today." Josh replied.

"Or at least that's what they want you to think." Ryusaki replied.

"Enough talk," Josh said as he pulled out his rapier and began running towards him. He swung at Ryusaki who, without moving, created his shield made out of black aura to stop it. "That move… it's-" Josh was then sent throw the wall before he could finish his sentence.

"Josh!" Dysprosium yelled as he reached for his blade but he froze as he suddenly couldn't move. A shadow then engulfed him and blew up.

"Josh… Dysprosium!" Addie yelled out but quickly returned her attention to Ryusaki who was smiling at her.

'What is he?' Addie thought as she kept her eyes focused on Ryusaki's next move. 'I didn't see him even breathe yet he took out both Josh and Dysprosium almost instantly.'

"Who are we looking at?" Ryusaki whispered behind her as if he didn't know what was going on. Addie blinked and before she even knew it, Ryusaki had her pinned against the wall. She tried to kick him but her legs were tied by his black aura and her hands were being held above her head by Ryusaki. "What's with the struggle Addie it's not like I'm going to hurt or violate you in any kind of way." Ryusaki informed her but then he smiled. "Unless you want me to that is."


"Ouch," Ryusaki replied. "Pervert is such a strong word. I prefer the term sexually active you know. Besides if I wanted to do anything I would have by now you know." Addie spit at him but it went through him and onto the floor as if he wasn't there though she didn't even feel him move.

"How'd you do that?" Addie asked.

"I moved out of the way of course." This reply had surprised Addie. "You mean to tell me that Echo never told you?" Ryusaki asked as he stood in front of the unconscious Josh and Dysprosium who were tied up by his aura. He had let Addie down and released her by the time she had noticed them though (Addie isn't tied up like them just so you know). "I'm the fastest… being… in the entire… galaxy."

Location: Ryusaki's chamber

Echo appeared in the room Ryusaki was locked in, followed by Kiki and two others, a boy and girl. The boy looked to be 14 and has brown spiky hair, wears a black jacket and white shirt with jeans and sneakers. He also has blue eyes and Caucasian skin. His name was Cole Harding. The female looked to be 12 and has short black hair with light green highlights, Blue green eyes, and pale skin. Black tattoos are on her shoulders and lower back which are just runes from her world. Her name was Natalla

"Why, are we here?" Kiki asked. Shouldn't we be looking for Ryusaki?"

"Nope we're looking for Sauras." Echo replied.

"How'd you know that I'd be here, of all places Echo?" Sauras asked as he appeared as a shadow from the ground.

"You were always the easiest to find." Echo replied.

"True… but I was also the hardest to kill if you remember."

"How do you even know Ryusaki and this guy Echo?" The one known as Natalla asked.

"I met Ryusaki on a mission when I was assigned to kill him once and Sauras was… tagging along at the time."

"The way you and Ryusaki talk it's as if you two didn't just meet on a hunt and kill mission."

"Enough talk." Sauras said. "Which one of you wants to die first?"

"You talk big for someone who hasn't attacked yet." Natalla told Sauras. This annoyed him.

"You'll be the first to die." Sauras yelled as he rushed them. He swung at Natalla but she jumped out of the way in time. Cole pulled out two swords and ran towards Sauras who easily slapped them both out of the way with his arm without gaining a scratch. Echo appeared under him and caught Sauras with an uppercut. Kiki then threw ten of her needles towards Sauras who was sent into the air. Sauras flipped and created a black aura shield to block the attack.

Sauras then disappeared and grabbed Kiki by the wrist.


"Unlike Ryusaki I'm not above going all out and hitting a woman." Sauras interrupted before slapping Kiki and sending her threw the wall. Sauras then created a strange black aura ball.

"If you were smart you'd go ahead and transform to your ultimate form." Echo informed Natalla and Cole. Natalla released her Absol and grabbed the horn on his head. Absol glowed blue then was absorbed inside her but her appearance hadn't changed at all. Cole released his Weavile and Gallade.

"Shade (Weavile), Knight (Gallade), let's go." Shade used Shadow ball to expand and engulf the three of them then Knight used psychic lift them up and the ball began spinning more and more until it burst and Cole emerged in his new form. He has completely black skin, three red horns, wolverine claws, red hair and blue eyes. It was then that Sauras had finished charging his attack.

"Shadow's Rain!" Sauras yelled as bullet like projectiles shot out of the shadow ball and towards them. Echo disappeared as Natalla, who's fusion must have made her faster, quickly dodge all of the attacks while Cole was being pushed back little by little as he blocked them. "Guess I need to increase the speed and power." Sauras said after seeing what happened. The attacks began becoming bigger and faster as Cole was blown back and Natalla was hit slightly more and more as the hits caused her to slow down from the pain.

"Got you!" Kiki yelled as she stabbed Sauras in the back with her needles. Sauras coughed up blood as he hit the ground. Echo then appeared and dropped kicked his head into the ships floor. Kiki then set the needles inside Sauras on fire, though she didn't touch them, causing his entire body to burn.

"It's not over yet." Echo sang.

"What!" Cole replied. Sauras' power then began rising as his injuries healed and the essence that he began giving started to blow back all four of them. Sauras laughed loudly as he stood up and the needles fell out of him.

"I must say that that was some combination you pulled off." Sauras laughed while clapping. "I'm sure it would've killed me if Ryusaki hadn't taught me that little trick on how to defy death not too long ago." Sauras then began glowing in a purple aura as he began getting encircled by it (Think of super Saiyin 2 form). "Now I won't be dying that easily either anymore!" Sauras as he was about to attack but then the ship began shaking violently.

"What's happening Echo?" Kiki asked as the ship shook again and stopped. Kiki looked around but Echo was nowhere to be found.

"Where'd the girl go now?"Sauras said aloud as an explosion occurred. People covered silver cloaks entered the room and surrounded them.

"Who the hell are these people?" Kiki asked as the people crowded in the room.

"Zamontoduns." Sauras growled both violently and furiously. He moved to attack but they got him from behind by using some short of long grabbing claw (those things dog catchers used.) and pinned him to the ground, face first. Sauras growled and leaped up, while ripping the claw off of his neck. Cole backed into a corner as 10 of the silver clad foes neared him.

"Shadow Concussion!" Cole yelled as he sent out a shocked sending the ten Zamontoduns and a few more back, knocking them out in the process. The wall behind him then collapsed as someone tackled him threw it. He fought back and tried to get up but he was electrocuted by a staff. He continued to resist their tactics only to get knocked back down.

"Kill him if you have to." One of the men said. "He's not that much of a prize to us so if he's resisting just kill him." Cole screamed as they piled on the attacks but he kept fighting back to the point where he completely stopped moving. Kiki and Natalla were both caught by a net which drained all of their powers and capabilities leaving them to become humanly.

"A little help over here." One of the men said as they tried to subdue Sauras but to no avail.

"I'll be damn if I allow someone as strong as myself to be caught by these pathetic excuses for weapons." Sauras yelled to them.

"Then allow me to capture you for them then." Echo said as she appeared in front of him.

"What?" Sauras said as he looked at Echo. He noticed that her eyes had become bigger and were now a gold color. As he saw this though, his eyes began becoming heavier.

'Damit.' Sauras thought. 'She's fused with Nen.' Sauras then fell to the ground fast asleep.

"Take them Zero." Echo commanded them.

Location: Assandiate spaceship hallway

Ryusaki and Addie heard an explosion and felt the entire ship shake.

"What was that?" Addie asked.

"Trouble." Ryusaki said as the silver clad men began coming from both sides of the hallway. They surrounded Addie, Ryusaki and the unconscious duo. "I'll handle this." Ryusaki informed Addie.

"Get ready men." One of them said. "He's the most dangerous one on this ship."

"Aw you're too kind." Ryusaki said as 20 men already lay on the ground before the man finished his sentence. Four men swung at him but Ryusaki just let the attacks come towards him. "Do you really think you can hurt m-" Ryusaki dropped to the ground as the attacks hit.

"Humph, take that you arrogant bastard." A man said as he stabbed Ryusaki.

"M-my aura," Ryusaki stammered as he was attacked. "Why can't I use my aura?"

"It's our new invention created especially for you." A man said. "It completely neutralizes any aura no matter how strong it is."

"Damit." Ryusaki said. "A-A-Addie…" Ryusaki started but to his surprise Addie had already been subdued." As Ryusaki was pinned down he saw Echo walking towards him.

"Hi there Ryusaki." Echo said happily as the men lifted Ryusaki to his knees.

"So… you had me figured out all along." Ryusaki said to her.

"Sure did." Echo laughed. "Your cute but your too naïve." Echo looked up to the men as a sign for them to take the others and leave the two of them by themselves.

"I never thought that I'd see you teaming up with someone." Ryusaki said as he stood up and shook off his pain. "And to even betray the trust of your teammates."

"They're nothing but disposable toys to me who've out lived their use for me now." Echo answered. "You on the other hand still are very important to me right now."

"O really?" Ryusaki smiled. "Is that because of my knowledge to give you immortality or because you've finally started caring about me?" Echo laughed at his second remark. "I suppose you're going to force me to board that spaceship aren't you?"

"Yep." Echo replied.

"I'd like to see you-" Ryusaki's sentence was interrupted by Echo kissing him. Ryusaki looked at her questionably as she pulled away then fell to the ground. "Damit. She… got me… with the… kiss and look trick again." Ryusaki said as he fell asleep


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