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Monkey. D. Luffy was a name many associated with fear, some with hatred and for one person, a stupid bone head idiot who is so imperfect that he's the world to her. Her name was Nami. Just Nami, which forever confused Luffy until one day, he had had enough and asked her.

"Nami, what's your last name?"

The navigator, at first, looked confused at Luffy.

"Luffy, what are you talking about?" She said in a slightly angry tone. The straw hat captain sighed and sat down next to Nami on another deck chair, usually belonging to the crews archaeologist, whom was fulfilling her role of mother to a young chopper, who looked on in wonder as he asked her if he could cure all the medicines in the world (unfortunately, children cannot except that their mother is not psychic but ah well). Nami slightly blushed as the captain grabbed the chair and shuffled right next to her, putting on a strained face, as if in great thought. Nami was definitely confused at this. Luffy only thought deeply about whether to eat tons of meat or not. The thought would be very brief and end with a yelling for the chef to provide, which he always did.

"You don't have a last name" Luffy said finally looking at the navigator. "Like, I'm Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro is Roronoa Zoro, Robin is Nico Robin and Chopper is Tony Tony Chopper" He finished the sentence and waggled his arms around. "But you're just…Nami" The captain looked at the navigator and shrugged "Ussop said he would earn his last name after he became a great pirate, Sanji told me to get out of his kitchen because he didn't care, Franky said his last name was "SUPA!" and Brooke made me forget with a variety of skull jokes, so now I'm talking to you" the captain finished and looked at the navigator for explanation. Nami sighed.

"Well, I guess Bellemere never gave me one" Nami replied. Luffy looked amazed at this. "Do you want me to get you one?" this sentence was followed by a weak punch in the shoulder from the navigator. "You can't just GIVE someone a made-up last name" Nami grumbled. Luffy paused and thought. "How about you have mine?" This made Nami blush. "What?" she asked and Luffy nodded, completely ignoring her question.

"Monkey. D .Nami" Luffy said the name over to himself "Yep, it fits. You will now be Monkey. D. Nami" Nami sighed and decided to explain. "Luffy, you can't just give me your name" Luffy began to sulk. "WHY NOT?" he yelled. Nami sighed again and replied "There are two ways I know of that mean I can get your name. The first is that you, your dad or your grandfather adopt me which wouldn't work because you're too young and you're family probably wouldn't want to adopt me so there" she finished and turned to walk away.

"What's the second way?"

Nami almost tripped over from the surprise question but grabbed the side of the ship and steadied herself.

"What?" she said loudly. Luffy smirked.

"Asking lots of questions today, aren't we?" Nami sighed for a third time, with a blush on her cheeks.

"We would have to get married but you wouldn't do that" Nami said but was even more shocked by Luffy's reply.

"Married? Huh? Okay, let's do it then" Nami's blush spread all over her face. "Luffy… Marriage is righteous ceremony based on people's feelings towards each other and…"

"I know what marriage is" said Luffy, startling Nami once more. "And you're funny, you're nice, you know lots of pirate skills, you're cute and…"

Nami felt Goosebumps when she heard "You're cute" but continued to listen to what the captain was saying. Now, it was Luffy's time to blush.

"…and… I…think I like you…a lot" he said with a smirk. Nami could have leaped for joy or even leapt onto Luffy in happiness but instead she chose to stand there speechless. Luffy's smile faded. "If you don't like me…..that's….ok…I guess…you can just be Nami…" he said and Luffy began to walk away. "LUFFY" Nami yelled as Luffy looked back. "I…don't think I wanna be just Nami anymore". Luffy looked puzzled and opened his mouth to reply…or tried to but he was stopped by Nami's lips crashing down upon his. The kiss was small and quick but Luffy couldn't have been happier.

"You're gonna be the first and best pirate queen, Nami" Luffy said happily to which Nami smiled. "I like you a lot too Luffy" she said and as the two pulled together in a second kiss, Nami realised.

Monkey. D. Nami. The name did fit, oh so well.

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