Who needs enemies when you have facebook friends?... because Facebook makes everyone a little bit crazy.

A/N I see this as happening a few months down the line. Darren Criss gave an interview in which he talked about the possibility of Blaine & Kurt's relationship moving further than friendship. One of his thoughts I particularly liked. He said that "[If it happens] I hope that it is earned and that it is organic and sincere and genuine...", and I entirely agree. So this is a little ways down the line. And it was written late Monday night, ready to go up, but I spent a significant portion of last night trying to work out how to indent on this website. No luck so far. But I hope you enjoy anyways.

*ends horrendously self-indulgent author's note*

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, the canon characters, or any of the actors playing them. But I can dream.

EDIT: Apologies for the re-alert if you got it, I know it's annoying, but TheChocolateAlchemist pointed out a glaring continuity error that was making me insane. Thank you! As for the rest of you... *shakes head sadly* Clearly you are not paying enough attention. (I KID! That was totally a joke. I adore you all.)

Blaine Hamilton and Mercedes Jones are now friends.

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Mercedes Jones: Remember, I've always got my boy's back!

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Blaine Hamilton: I am assuming that was directed at me.

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Kurt Hummel: It was.

Finn Hudson: Wait, who is Blaine?

Santana Lopez: Well, if it isn't Kurt's new boy toy... ;)

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Santana Lopez: Have you been fraternizing with the enemy, Kurtie?

Kurt Hummel: Don't call me Kurtie.

Kurt Hummel: And no. Stop it, all of you. Blaine and I are not together.

Blaine Hamilton: Well, Santana Lopez, that entirely depends on what you consider... fraternizing. ;)

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Kurt Hummel: I hate you all.

Wes Gardener and David Ruskin are now friends with Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez.

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Kurt Hummel: Wait, what?

Wes Gardener: I love new friends.

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David Ruskin: Do you know what I love most about new friends?

David Ruskin: Their pictures.

David Ruskin: Kurt, seriously, lumberjack is NOT a good look for you.

Sam Evans: Kurt was a lumberjack?

Blaine Hamilton: Link, please. :P

Tina Cohen-Chang: I have video!

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Kurt Hummel: NO, TINA! It was a PHASE! I dated Brittany for crying out loud!

Brittany Pierce: Your skin tasted of strawberries!

Brittany Pierce: Or maybe it was soap.

Finn Hudson: Who are Wes and David?

Blaine Hamilton, Wes Gardener and David Ruskin are now friends with Tina Cohen-Chang and Brittany Pierce.

Brittany Pierce: Yay, new friends! Want to make out?

(David Ruskin likes this.)

Blaine Hamilton: DAVID. Remember Amanda...? Public forum...

David Ruskin: Sorry. Just kidding.

Santana Lopez: Yeah. Back off, prep school boy.

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Wes Gardener: Hot.

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Kurt Hummel: STOP IT.

Tina Cohen-Chang posted a video.

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Wes Gardener: I think this is my favorite thing that has ever happened.

Sam Evans: This is amazing :D

David Ruskin: Wes - better than that time we walked in on Blaine holding onto that gia -

David Ruskin: Nope, sorry, laughing too hard. This is better.

(Blaine Hamilton likes this.)

Blaine Hamilton: Good boy, David. Next time the textbook won't miss your head.

Kurt Hummel: Tina, I am going to end you. David, message me this story.

Blaine Hamilton: Not going to happen. *holds David's iphone evilly*

Mercedes Jones: Are you three just sitting around on facebook in the same room?

Wes Gardener: No.

David Ruskin: Maybe.

Blaine Hamilton: Yes.

David Ruskin: What else are we supposed to do at a private school?

Santana Lopez: ;)

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Wes Gardener: Dude, stop it. And get your hand off my leg. I have a girlfriend.

Brittany Pierce: I don't!

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Blaine Hamilton: Thanks, Britt, love, but you aren't my type. ;) You either, Wes.

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Brittany Pierce: Ok! I taste like watermelon gum, though!

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Blaine Hamilton: Good to know.

Wes Gardener: I find I'm offended.

Wes Gardener: Also... David. WTF?

David Ruskin: Kidding!

Finn Hudson: Who are you?

Tina Cohen-Chang: Can I either draw your attention back to the fabulousness that is lumberjack Kurt, or ask you to get THE HELL OFF OF MY NOTIFICATIONS?

David Ruskin: Lumberjack Kurt IS pretty dreamy.

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Kurt Hummel: I still hate you all.

Blaine Hamilton: :(

Blaine Hamilton is sad that Kurt Hummel hates him.

(Kurt Hummel likes this.)

Kurt Hummel: It serves you right.

Blaine Hamilton: You make a great looking lumberjack.

Blaine Hamilton: Don't be mad...

Blaine Hamilton: :(

Blaine Hamilton: I'll bet I can make it up to you. ;)

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Santana Lopez needs to cool down after watching Kurt Hummel and Blaine Hamilton (try to) get their dirty facebook flirt on.

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Blaine Hamilton: *bows* Glad to help, Ms. Lopez.

Kurt Hummel: Blaine, do NOT encourage her.

Kurt Hummel would like to remind everyone that he and Blaine Hamilton are just FRIENDS.

Wes Gardener: Please note that no one liked this. The people have spoken.

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Mercedes Jones to Wes Gardener: We have got to do something about our boys. If I have to hear about how dreamy Blaine's voice is one more time...

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Mercedes Jones: No.

Kurt Hummel: This is NOT okay.

Wes Gardener to Mercedes Jones: Tell me about it. David and I have banned the words porcelain, cerulean, and angelic from our dorms.

David Ruskin: We tried to ban perfect and beautiful too, but there was resistance.

Wes Gardener: (Blaine threw his math text book at me).

Wes Gardener: (It hurt.)

David Ruskin: The history one is worse. Weight of the world and all that. :p

Wes Gardener: Shut up.

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Blaine Hamilton: Just wait until lunch. Just wait.

Kurt Hummel to Blaine Hamilton: We need new friends.

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Kurt Hummel and Blaine Hamilton are now in a relationship.

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Mercedes Jones: About freaking time.

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Finn Hudson: Will some please tell me WHAT IS GOING ON?

A/N I know that Puck's name is Noah, but I figured he might not choose that as his facebook profile name. Also, I created surnames for the characters we haven't been told a great deal about yet.

A one shot for now, unless an unprecedentedly brilliant idea burrows into my brain. I'm working on several other things right now with a little more content, but thought this might be fun. As ever, let me know your thoughts. :)