Just read chapter 91.


The fashion show had ended a little while ago and Tatsuki and his friend Nitori were outside at a booth that was selling drinks. They bought some and wandered off away from the crowed and sat down. Nitori looked at her friend and asked, "How was it?" She obviously meant wearing female clothing for the show. Tatsuki didn't know. He thought about it, all those people seeing him, knowing, assuming. He mulled it over, and replayed it in his head. Every detail was there, the feel of the air between his legs, but not touching what should be there but wasn't, the feel of the soft fabric on his skin, the itch of the make-up, and worse of all- the "you're so pretty"s, the you're so cute"s. Nitori watched and waited for an answer.

Tatsuki looked up, "Humiliating."