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More than an angel

Chapter one


I know my name, or at least I think it's my own. I don't know what I am but, I have a good Idea of what I could be; though it doesn't make any sense to me how I could be what I think I am. I have no clue as to how old I am, where I come from or how the fuck I got here, wherever here is.

I opened my eyes when the burning ended only to reignite in my throat. I heard and smelt things so loud and clear. This is all new to me, or is it? How am I to know when I have no clue? When I don't know shit all about nothing, anything?

All I know is that I have a blood stained white dress on and feathers protruding from my back. My skin is marred and dirty; I can smell feathers burnt and feel that some are singed. What once may have been white, are now stained in grey. I see the shine of scars that mark my flesh and my skin is firm, almost as if it were unbreakable.

Flashes of words; no, not words but of names. Names of beasts and creatures told in books to scare little children and scare them they would if the children could see the images that flash in my head as the creatures name comes to me.

I hear screaming; it's in my head. Flashes, flashes are there too. I see me running, running into these woods. Someone is chasing; no, not someone, something. I can smell the smoke; hear the screeching of metal torn. Growls and roars so loud, I want to cover my ears. I cannot make my feet carry me fast enough and my wings are too damaged for flight. I knew the beast that chased me; I had been sent to intercept from, from what? I know that I know but it's murky. But I know that I have failed. Who have I failed? I have wings, so I must be an angel, right? But I know the name of the beast that chased. I know her name and what she is. I know the order in which one becomes like her and I know that I have the marks. I have the burn that needs to be quenched, so that brings me back to what I am. But how do you classify that which has never been?

I was, or am an angel; and I am now a vampire too.

What does one call me now? What do I say now, that I am both? Am I still an angel, now that I am a creature of the dark? Surely I am fallen, never to be allowed home. Home, I remember a place of comfort. I travelled often between heaven and earth. Heaven; was my home. Home no more.

With all these flashes, memories; I know who I was. I know more than I want to, now I want to forget. It hurts to know. I know now that I have no home to go to. I have no longer a family. I failed my mission; I have fallen and become one of them. They are not all evil; but the one I was to stop is. She has ruined many lives and killed without remorse. I know my family won't accept me. I am now alone. I now have to live as them and except my fate as they too have had to. None of them ask for this life, an eternal bite is rarely asked for. Fate is a cruel bitch at times. I'd really like to slap her now, if only I could.

I need to feed and the sun is setting. I will soon be able to seek my prey. Prey, fuck my life. Both my former life and my new; will have both revolved around that word. Prey or pray, both with drastic differences. One I am asking my father for guidance, the other I am guiding someone to him. No, I refuse to take an innocent life; I will guide the wicked to the fiery pits of hell. I will be selective in my picking and only take the life force of the condemned.

I can't feed yet, I can't stay here. She might come back. I can't fight her and her minions alone. I have no choice but to run, run far away from here. I hope with all I am that she believed I was dead or at the very least dying. I don't understand why I survived the change; none before me have, ever.

Two days, two days I have been running and still this burn in my throat has yet to be sated. I don't know how to kill, to take life. How do I find someone that is condemned without going all crazed when I can smell them all; If I go anywhere near the humans, I will lose control of the beast within.

That beast is a nasty bitch, two days of hearing her taunt me is enough for me to have no doubt about that.

-C'mon now, you know I am just being reasonable here, Bells. We need to feed; we can't keep up our strength and what if we cross paths with un-friendlies, huh?-

-Fuck, I know okay. I know but I refuse to risk it, B. what if we cross paths with a child. We could never live with that and you know it.-

-But we are starving here girl. What's one life? We need to feed, bad; we are getting weak. Bells if we don't feed soon we will die; we stand no chance against an enemy, we need blood. -

-No, I would rather die than take the life of someone innocent, now shut up please. I can't take hearing you anymore. I hate this, I know I need blood; I know we are weak. I know I will die in a fight but I can't take a life from someone that deserves to live, no matter the cost to me.-

-Us, we are in this together. I'm not a bitch, I am just trying to help us both live and you are starving us. We both need to feed; we both need to work together here. Bells, what are you planning to do, just stay in the woods till we're too weak and unable to move, rot here for eternity cause you know it won't kill us. No, we'll just be too weak to move, too weak to stop an attack. Fucking hell Bells, we'll be too weak to move when the animals use us as a pissing post.-

I knew she was right, I couldn't take it anymore. I dropped to the forest floor and cried. I cried for myself and for my beast. I cried for the life I had and the one I now have, if you could call it a life. I have nothing and no one. I need clothes, a shower, and blood.

I could do nothing but curl into myself and let the pain of loss take over and try to cry it all away.


"Jas, you need to come with me."

"Why peter, what's wrong?

"I don't know. All I know is that it's important and it involves you. Someone needs help and if we don't hurry, I don't know. I just know that it'll be bad."

"Alright bro, lead the way. What `bout Char?"

"I'll text her. She can catch up, we have to hurry."

"How far are we goin' Peter? Have you any idea what we're headin' into?"

"We'll reach our destination by nightfall and I've not a clue what we will find when we get there, sorry bro."

I have to wonder why I haven't got a call from Ali yet, she usually always calls when somethin' like this happens. As annoyin' as she is, her sight has its benefits too. She has helped me on many occasions and given me a heads up when a rogue nomad was comin' my way. Some like to take on the challenge and see if they can take me in a fight, most are smart and walk the other way. Ali always lets me know `bout the ones who don't walk.

I met the pint size devil thirty two years ago when I was travelling through Philly. It was pourin' down rain and although I can't get sick from it, wet clothes are annoyin'. I entered a diner and she was there waitin', all smiles and chirpy. For an empathic sour bastard that I was, she pissed me off with the first words that came from her mouth. `You kept me waitin' long enough' she said. Me bein' the miserable ass that I was answered with a very sarcastic `sorry ma'am' and proceeded to scowl at her. She refused to let my demeanour bother her or deter her in any way. She sat across from me and ordered two coffees, to which I didn't fuckin' understand why. I sure as fuck wasn't goin' to drink the shit. She proceeded to rave on `bout this coven that have a different diet and how we were goin' to be great friends and blah, blah fuckin' blah. She talked a mile a minute and my head was achin' like I had a headache. Impossible, I know but shit that woman made me think it could be. She kept goin' and goin' and I got up and left. She fuckin' followed. I was feared, I am feared. I had killed for less. I wanted to kill her, if for nothin' else just to shut her up. I yelled at her, I screamed threats of pain and death at her. I even sent her bucket loads of fear and dread. Still, she followed. I gave up. I gave in and followed her to this Cullen coven.

Animals, they fed on fuckin' animals. Fuck that shit. I give em credit where it be due, anyone who can chow down on that crap and not chunder deserved a fuckin' medal. I stayed with em for a couple of decades but kept my diet strictly to the two legged and furless kind. I made good friends with all of em, well all except for Edward. He and I have an understandin'. I don't like him and he don't like me. Well, it's not so much that I don't like him; he'd be okay if he stayed out of my head. He doesn't like me cause he fears me. He has seen bits of my past and doesn't like it. I don't care for his naivety; our world isn't all peaches and sunshine. We can't all be bought up and raised by daddy doc and have a nurturin' mama like Esme. I was raised by Maria; I was bought into this world and grew up in hell. If there were a hell on earth, it was with Maria and she was evil incarnate.

Edward had it easy and in his eyes, I was a demon. My sins; no matter the choice or not, are unjustifiable to him. The lives and deaths at my hand; or teeth, were taken without cause or remorse as far as he is concerned. I hated everythin' I had to do but if I didn't do it, I wouldn't be here right now. Kill or be killed, it was survival of the fittest. I didn't know of another way and when I did find out, I sure as fuck took it. Still, that's not good enough in his eyes. I still feed from humans so I am still evil. Fuck him.

Carlisle understood; some of us just can't stand the taste of animal blood. It is fuckin' awful. As long as we don't go `bout takin' life in a cruel and sadistic manner the rest of the Cullen clan are okay with us Whitlock's. We select our prey carefully and only take vile creatures that don't deserve to live. In fact we are called upon regularly to rid the prisons of some of the most heinous of inmates.

It is a rule that we keep our existence from humans; but the law enforcement know what we are, not exactly but they know we are to be feared and we offer our services when needed. They ask no questions, we tell no lies. They lie; just another prison fight. No one cares; they are usually in there for life anyway. The head honcho's; the only ones that know, make the false paper work for the prisoners to be transferred and we wear the appropriate uniform to transfer em to a nearby crematorium. We feed and burn the remains. Sometimes the family will want the ashes, most don't care. It eases the overcrowded prisons and provides us with our sustenance, we all benefit.

Peter and I had been runnin' for hours when I was hit with the most god awful feelin' I have ever felt. I stumbled into the path of a tree takin' it down with me. I doubled over clutchin' at my chest beggin' for it to stop. Fear, despair, shame, longin', disgust, pain and so much more fear accompanied with resignation.

I regained control of myself by tampin' down what I could of the emotions that were thrown at me by whoever it is feelin' that shit. Peter was right, someone needed our help.

"Fuck bro, what happened?"

"I was hit by the mother of all emotional fuckin' twisters, that's what happened. We need to move it, now."

I took off like I had a homin' missile followin' my ass, only I was the homin' device bein' led straight to the poor sucker that was in trouble and petrified beyond words.

We were close and I could hear em now. I could smell three male and a lone female. And by what I was hearin' she neither knew em nor wanted too. They were crude and tormentin' her, tellin' her that she was unmated and fair game. But they were pissed that she was not allowin' them their fun.

The closer I got, the closer I was to freein' the beast. The more I heard, the beast rattled and demanded to take charge and I was willin' to allow him. The woman stayed silent but I could feel her. She was feelin' weaker by the second and so hungry.

Finally, I reached the men. I grabbed the one closest to her by the throat roarin' my rage at him as I tore his arm from his body. The two other males went to step up to me and I flooded em with all that I felt from the woman.

"I'll end each of you today. No woman, no matter mated or not deserves to be defiled against her will. Peter, start the fire."

"Yes Major."

I finished rippin' the fucker apart that I had in my grasp and tossed him to the flames. I felt recognition from one of the men that I still had under my influence. He knew he was in serious shit and that there was no way out of his extermination.

"You know me? I asked, I don't recall ever seein' him before.

"Ye…yes. You're the…the Major. I…ha…have heard…of you."

"So, you're from the south then?"

"No, I travelled a lot… and heard…st…stories. I…I thought they were just… made up…not true."

"You thought wrong."

With that said I twisted and ripped his head from his neck and followed suite with the guy next to him.

"Peter, finish em off, I'm goin' to see to the lady."

"Sure thin' Major. Char is almost here."

"Good, I think that may ease the ladies fears."

I slowly walked in the direction of the lady. She was slightly less fearful. I could feel her hunger so strong it was hard to tell if it was mine or hers. I knew it was her cause I had fed two nights before. I looked at her for the first time and my breath caught in my throat, she is a fuckin' goddess. My world stopped and I knew in that moment my life was changed forever. My beast and I had the very same thought the instant my eyes looked upon this angel, Mine.

She was mine, my mate, my soul, my heart, my all. I knew nothin' in this world mattered more to me, nothin' but her.

She was gorgeous, long dark brown wavy hair with almost white streaks through it. She was a tiny petite little thin' but she had such womanly curves, she was perfect. I could see a shimmerin' glow surroundin' her; I'd never seen anythin' like it. When I got here and grabbed the first guy I was barely payin' attention but he did look like he was punchin' at somthin', it must have been this shimmer.

I was right near her now so I dropped down to my knees and approached her at her level on the ground. She was clutchin' at the trunk of the tree that held her up from fallin'.

"Miss, I won't hurt you. I am Jasper Whitlock and that guy is my brother Peter Whitlock, His wife and mate will be here soon. Can yah tell me you name, please?"

"Hi Jasper, I'm Bella."

I reached out to offer her my hand, passin' through her shimmer. She took my hand comin' out from behind the tree and I saw, wings. Smokey grey wings; she spread them out as she clasped my hand, and I could see that she had been near fire. Her dress was partly singed and a few of her feathers were too. She has blood soaked on parts of herself and her clothes But it was dried and at least two to three days old. Judgin' from her thirst it was not blood from a feed.

"Bella, you're an angel? Came my stupid question.

"I don't know anymore Jasper. I don't know what I am called now."

"Darlin', you're called Bella. Don't matter to me what you were or what you are; You're Bella, that's all that matters to me. Yah starvin' when was you last feed?"

"I haven't fed, I'm too scared. I can't go feed. I don't want to kill someone innocent Jasper."

"What do yah mean? How long has it been Bella?"

"I woke three days ago"

"Baby girl, where was your maker?"

"She left; she probably thought she killed me. None of us ever survive being bitten. It is better that she thinks I'm dead"

"Peter, call Char and tell her we need a meal or two."

"Kay Jas."

"I won't drink the blood of the innocent Jasper."

"I know baby, neither would I. The Whitlocks only select vile creatures to feed from. And Char knows where to get them from. We follow police cases and she can see the aura of em, Peter has heightened intuition and I'm an empath so, together we are pretty good at pickin' out the rotten apples. We have a list we tick em off from. There are more than our bodies can ingest so we unfortunately have to wait till we need to feed again. And if we run low on em we have a deal with the prisons and help em out too."

"Thank you for helping me Jasper."

"It was my honour Bella. I would like it if you would stay with us, I'm guessin' since your sire left you that there's no place else to go and I'd very much like to get to know each other."

"Jasper, you don't need to tip toe around it. I know how it works. I have known of vampires for a long ass time and I feel it too. I can't, not go with you; even if I had a place to go. The mating pull would always be pulling me to you and you to me."

"I'm sorry. I just didn't wanna overwhelm you Bella."

"I think it would've overwhelmed me had you not approached me how you have. I am far too weak and exhausted to keep talking Jasper. I have been running for two days straight and fighting my beast and instincts."

"Rest my Bella. Char will be here soon."

I pulled her into my lap and flooded her with as much peace and tranquillity as I could muster. It felt like heaven holdin' my angel in my arms. The state she was in didn't lesson her beauty to me at all. She was covered in dirt, blood and soot and she smelt like death due to the old blood that stained her skin, hair, wings and dress. I could also smell a faint yet familiar trace of the venom from her sire. A scent that I could never forget and one I never wished to smell ever again. I could feel my rage build and my beast wanted out, to hunt down that cunt that made my life and that of my families and now my mates' life a livin' hell. Maria, she is who sired my mate and left her for dead. Bella was right; she was better off if thought dead.

I needed to remain calm for Bellas' sake, she needed me right now and her purr of contentment was testament to that. If I was to lose my shit over this, it would only cause my Bella more stress and she was now my number one concern.

I sensed and heard Char approach with Peter. They both held Bellas' meal in their arms. The men had been knocked unconscious. Peter was the first to step too close to me and my mate. I didn't understand it but a growl erupted from me and I wanted to tear Peter apart. I didn't want him near my mate when she was in a weakened state. I wanted him to fuck off and very fuckin' fast. Venom was drippin' from my chin and my chest rumbled with my constant warnin' for him to step the fuck back. Bella lifted her head from my chest and started rub my cheek.

"I'm yours Jasper. Peter is just bringing me my meal honey. I need to feed."

"Sorry, I can't help it. I didn't mean to."

"Its okay, it's normal. Peter, let Char come first. Jasper will view you as a bigger threat to me."

"I know Miss. I didn't realize the bond you both share. It was my error. Jas, I'm sorry bro. Char babe, ya'll be safe, they're mates. Our brother has finally found his mate."

"I'm Bella. Thank you for getting me…food?"

"No thanks needed sug, I'm Charlotte but you can call me Char and this here is my mate Peter. Here you go, eat up."

Bella took hold of the man that Char handed to her. He lay limp on the forest floor with his head in her hands. She was unsure of what to do by the feelin's comin' from her.

"Baby, you okay?"

"No, I…do I just bite down, I don't know how much pressure to bite with. What if I use too much and break him?"

"Angel, just bite his neck. It'll come natural to you."

She did as I said and bit down. Pullin' all she could as fast as she could. Once she tasted the first drop instinct took over. There was one difference that I noticed with her instincts, Char and Peter were too close for any vampire to be feedin' not to attack. Bella didn't even growl a warnin' at em. Even me bein' her mate, I was too close to her feedin' without the offer of a shared meal. She was too tame for a newborn especially one as starved as she was. Once she finished off the first, I gestured Peter forward with the next. Bella latched on without hesitation and sucked till there was no more. Peter took the bodies and started a new fire where the last one had been lit.

Bella was sated and she stood from my lap revealin' her wings to a very stunned Char and Peter.

"Holy fuck, what the…"

"Ah ha. I agree Peter. Jesus…how?"

"Um, can we um maybe…go to your home so I can clean up? Can I lend some clothing from you too Char. Normally I could just shimmer them new and clean but that doesn't work anymore and I can't just beam me home because I don't have one now and it doesn't work either."

"Oh, yah have a home sug. You're Jaspers' mate and my new sister. Your welcome to borrow whatever clothes you'd like and we'll get whatever you need."

Bella hugged Char in thanks only to hear a vicious growl from Char. I immediately removed Bella from Chars' arms and crouched in front of her returning' Chars' growl. Char stood down, lookin' and feeling' apologetic before explaining' her actions.

"Sorry, it was purely defensive instincts. I smell Maria on her Jas."

"I know, I think Maria is her sire."

"Yes, she is who turned me. You all know of her?"

"Yep, we sure do darlin'. Maria is my sire too and I am Peter and Chars' maker. We were forced to serve in her army for quite some time. I was put in charge of her army and Peter was my second in command. When it came time to dispose of the next yearlin' batch, Char was among those to be disposed. Peter had kept his feelin's safe and guarded till she was next in line. He grabbed her and ran. I let em leave and a few years passed before Peter returned tellin' me that there was a life without war and fightin' and I took off with him and never looked back."

"She'll meet her end for what she has done. I was on a mission to stop her from killing a young girl that would have made a difference in this world. Maria had too many with her, they must have changed plans at last minute or I would have had back up with me. I couldn't take on all four of them and save the girl. It was a fail. She drained the girl while I fought off her subordinates. I fought as hard and best as I could. I got free and ran. I couldn't take flight; my wings were damaged in the fight so I ran as fast as I could but we can't outrun vampires. She caught up and the beat and bit me repeatedly and left thinking I was dying. Angels never survive the venom. I don't know why I did. I can't get a link to my brothers and I don't feel them anymore. I can't beam and I can't fly, I am fallen. I don't know what I am anymore. I know I am a vampire but am I still an angel? Am I half of each? Or am I fully both? I hate her. I want her dead and I will kill her for all she done, not just to me. She has done so much to so many, I will send her to hell if it's the last thing I do."

"I'll help you darlin'. Maria's time is comin' but you won't be doin' it without me."

"Or us little sis. I gotta a funny feelin' that you won't be needin' too much help but me and my Char will be there to help none the less. Do you know what abilities you have?"

"Not all of them. I know I can shield. And I can feel you all."

"Are yah empathic too?"

"No, I feel tenor of your souls; your inner light. I can feel if a soul is dark too."

"Let's get you home darlin'. We can talk more once your feelin' fresh and rested."

We all took of runnin' with Peter and Char in the lead. My mind was a constantly swirlin' with numerous thoughts. Some were goin' over the events that had taken place so far today, while others where focused on the fact that I had found my mate and all the thin's that I'd love to do with my mate that definitely are not so innocent.

It has been a bloody long time since me and my soldier had some fun and I couldn't wait for the fun to begin. Bella had the body of a goddess and my soldier was standin' to attention more than willin' to aim and fire. My attention was mainly focused on her fine ass as she ran slightly ahead of me. She must have felt the heat of my gaze cause she turned and eyed me with a cheeky, cocky smirk. Then she took off faster gigglin' as I chased her and throwin' her over my shoulder when I caught up with her. I playfully smacked her on the ass and ran the rest of the way overtakin' Peter and Char.

When we got home I ran her up to my room so she could go to the bathroom to shower. I quickly got her fresh towels and pointed her to the shower. I reluctantly left her to clean up and met Peter and Char in the lounge room. Char raced to her closet to get some clothes for Bella but quickly returned lookin' frustrated.

"What the fuck do I give Bella to wear; I have nothin' to fit her wings?"

We all looked at each other with a fucked if I know look, when we heard the most beautiful tinklin' laughter comin' from my precious angel. I would die a thousand deaths just to hear that sound come from my angel. It was majestic and heart warmin' to feel and hear her in that moment. I must have looked like a man with his balls'n'all firmly owned and I couldn't give a shit. This woman owned every inch of me. She could lead me to the flames and I'd gladly follow.

Bella entered the lounge room wearin' one of my singlet tops and her towel round her waist; no bra. God damn were her milkers perfect, perky and round. I could see her nipples grow firm and pebble under my gaze, I slowly raised my eyes to take in the rest of her perfection and if I thought that she was beautiful before, she was absolutely breathtakin' now. Her stunnin' jade green eyes met mine and I couldn't stop myself from sweepin' her up in my arms and attackin' her lips with mine.

I was anythin' but gentle and she was respondin' in kind with equal force. Neither one of us was willin' to back down to the other. I needed her, I needed more. I ran my tongue across her lower lip and the second she opened for me I met her tongue and tasted her delectable flavour, our duel moans sounded and I lost control of my power. Lust and need was flooded throughout the house. I lifted Bella up and squeezed her ass; she wrapped her legs round my hips and ground her heated sweet spot into a very happy soldier. He responded by standin' tall and proud. Bella grinded into me again while takin' my bottom lip between her teeth givin' a gentle tug. I growled and raced us to my room tossin' us on my bed without losin' contact.

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