(Sungmin's POV)

Pink! Waaaaaaa! There's pink! I can see the pink hello kitty lamp through a transparent glass of a store! Oh my gosh! Can't wait!

As I entered the store with the pink lamp, I saw a guy sitting beside the pretty girl who looks like the cashier. He was talking to him cheerfully and he was like, grinning SO WIDE.

And the girl was like, "Oh my gosh, he's so cute, I have to smile cutely. Do I look beautiful enough?"

What are these two doing? Flirting with each other?

Such a waste of time.

I grabbed my hello kitty lamp and placed the money on top of the cashier's table.

The girl was still in a DEEEEEEP conversation with the "guy."

Hello? I'm a customer here? Don't you two notice even anything? A shadow or something!

Feel my presence! You want to experience my martial arts? Huh?

Oh gosh. I hate this. Whatever.

But still, I patiently tapped the girl's back and said, "Here's my payment. Can you please pack it up for me?"

And she turned to me, still smiling.

She was cute. But I just thought, just a weird thought, the guy is prettier than her!

What if he's a girl? Maybe he'll look like- like- this…

What the hell am I thinking? Minimi, you idiot!

"Wow, you're blushing, mister," the girl said.

I'm blushing? Oh my gosh. How could that be?

Oh- Oh- Oh my gosh. What caused my blushing?

I ran immediately outside as I grabbed my lamp.

That was pretty embarrassing. Good thing I ran fast.

But as I was walking slowly, someone tapped my back which made me turn.

And there was the guy who talked with the girl before. He was smiling. Sweetly. Not like before. Just the cutest smile I've seen.

What a cool day!

It was like there's a kind of force which makes me like him so much!

And then he started talking, "Hyungnim, you left your change," and he held my hand towards his and transferred the bills on mine.

His hands were so warm for a weather so cold.

"Sorry for causing you trouble," I apologized.

And he smiled again. And I was like the girl before, "Am I cute enough or something?"

He really is charismatic. But then, the girl before called his name out loud.

"Kyuhhhhhh oppa! There's a call for you on the telephone!"

Kyu is his name? But I think it's just a shortcut? Then what is it?

Well… whatever.

"Bye, mister. Thanks for reminding," I finally said.

He smiled for the last moment and rapidly rushed towards the store.



Lucky me!

I grabbed it and placed it in my pocket.

Till we meet again, Mister. XD