I was only a little girl the first time I met Itachi, It was many year's ago, I was five year's old at the time and had run away from my nanny after my mother died , I had been hiding in the forest when I found him. .

Or I should say he found me.

From that day on I knew, my heart belonged to only him.


I slumped against the tree, not caring if I dirtied my clothe's anymore..

I sighed and closed my eye's , when suddenly a hand touched my shoulder.

I jerked forward eye's open, hand extended with a kunai only to realize I was holding a kunai to the neck of one of , if not the most powerful shinobi in Kohona,

Uchiha Itachi, who was knelt in front of me in a black t shirt and short's both embolized with the Uchiha crest.

I gasped and dropped the throwing knife quickly, " I'm so sorry Uchiha-sama!"

He tilted his head so his ponytail draped over his shoulder, and smirked in amusement,

" You had your eye's closed yet you were able to tell where my neck was.."

I blinked slowly before shrugging, " Your shadow, I used what I could feel to estimate, I wasn't sure exactly."

He smiled slightly , " tell me Hyuuga- sama what is your name?"

I blushed, " H-h-hin-nat-ta." I stuttered terribly in my nervousness.

He raised an eyebrow, " Let's try that again shall we?"

I smiled lopsidedly, " Hinata."

He smiled again, " It suit's you hime, " before frowning again. " What is the Hyuuga heiress doing out here without bodyguard's or servants or caretaker's at least."

I blushed before lowering my gaze to the ground, " I ran away..." I murmured so softly I couldn't be sure he would hear me..Tear's started to pool in the corner of my eye's..

" Because they wouldn't let me grieve, my mother died today.."

A silence wrapped around us, filling the atmosphere with an eerie feeling,

before he used one hand to gently turn my head to look at him.

He smiled softly , his normally serious expression softened , " Then grieve, I will watch over you my little nightengale."
I blushed at his words as tear's started to stream down my cheek's, and with it the pain ,agony, and anger started to flood out of me..

When I started to tremble he pulled me in to his arm's, he didn't talk while I cried, only ran his finger's through my hair, or rub my back softly..

I pulled away when my sob's started to turn to sniffles, and gasped at his shirt, I had more or less soaked his shirt.

" I'm so sorry Uchiha sama.."

He frowned " Just call me Itachi, no honorific's please hime.. " he looked down at his shirt " You did nothing wrong it's just a shirt, so don't apologize."

I bowed my head respectively, " Thank you.." I murmured.

He said nothing, only tilted me chin up so I was looking at him, he looked at me as if he were searching for something before slowly kissing the corner of my lips.

I closed my eye's in surprise as butterflies spurred around in my tummy, when he put something in my hand before disappearing..

I opened my eye's and looked at my hand, I was clutching a piece of paper, I unfolded it carefully and read..

Until I find you again,

Goodbye My Nightengale..

I blushed at how he called me his, before I pressed the note against my heart, vowing I would never forget this moment...


( 11 year's later.)

The sound of someone calling my name called me back in to reality, I had opened my eye's and groaned, Hanabi was standing in the middle of my room glaring at me." Get up Hinata! Father want's to see you."

I grunted before getting out of bed, she sighed theatrically " I swear waking you up was harder then becoming a chunin."

I stuck my tongue out at her " shut up I got back from the A rank mission I had with Itachi an hour ago."

She grimanced, " No wonder your so grumpy I would be too,Well I'm going down to breakfast." She grinned before skipping out of the room.

I laughed at that before changing quickly and heading to father's office.

I stopped to knock on the door,

" Come in."

I opened the door and was surprised to see my father smiling, " have a seat Hinata " he said gesturing to the chair.\

Before clearing his throat, " As you know Hinata you are now of age to begin courting, well this morning I recieved an offer."

He smiled at me " And I said yes, you will be meeting him straight away at 7 o'clock, so I suggest you go get cleaned up. Dissmissed."

Silently I stormed out of the room.

I slamed my door, and stripped of my regular clothes before yanking on a white dress, that was spaggetti strapped, with a tight bodice and a loose skirt embosed with purple butterflie's.

I combed my hair quickly.

I sighed to myself as I looked in the mirror, I chose a simple purple amethysist necklace and put on, adding contrast to the white dress, a single tear rolled down my cheek, I wiped it away quickly before hurrying to get ready.

How can I do this?... I'm in love with my best friend..

I slumped on my bed, and pulled a picture out from under my pillow, It should a five year old me , getting a piggy back ride from a eleven year old Itachi..

Another tear rolled down my cheek...

He was suppose to be my happy endind..


( Itachi's Pov.)

I smiled to myself as I waited for Hinata in the dining hall, anxious to see her reaction .

My stomach was doing flip's but I ignored it.

As Hinata came in to the room, her eye's widened in surpise, " Itachi what're you doing here? Noone told me you were her I came down to meet a suitor. Maybe I got the wrong room anyway Tachi can you believe it? Someone asked to court me!" She giggled in excitement, I smiled at the innocent look on her face, and knew she was faking but said nothing,

She tensed up and looked at me slowly. " I-Itachi?.."

I nodded.. not trusting my voice..

She looked like she was going to turn and run when-

She hugged me, " why me?... " She murmured in to my chest..

I smiled slightly before wrapping my arm's around her waist.

" Because my little nightengale, I promised."

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