When I was finally able to retire for the night, I layed on my bed when something crumpled beneath my pillow, I sat up and moved it out of the way so I could look.

There was a small box with a note..

A gift for you..

I opened it, and in it was a necklace with a delicate silver chain with a petite, small black diamond heart..

I giggled to myself, and froze when someone sat on the bed behind me,

" You are mine now.."

The voice was like velvet, entrapping me in it's melodious sound.

" Itachi" I breathed the word, enjoying how it rolled off my tongue.

He took the necklace from me, brushing my hair out of the way he helped me put it on, and I swore I felt the ghost of a kiss on my shoulder,

"You've become so beautiful my little nightengale.."

I blushed , " why me Tachi?" I murmured, using the nickname I had given him so long ago..

He wrapped his arm's around me before pulling me against him.

" I'm not sure how to explain, It's alway's been you Hinata.."

I sighed, " But you deserve better, you deserve more."

He started to cbuckle, " If only you could see yourself through my eye's hime."

I laughed " Do you remember that day? That day in the rain?"

"hmm, how could I forget?" He murmured.


I was in the mud, broken, bleeding and bruised.. At my side was a bloody razorblade.

Unable to pick myself up off the ground..

My father's word's swirled around my head, I shivered at the coldness of the rain.

When Itachi knelt beside me and picked me up bridal style.

" Why Hinata?" He murmured quietly..

I smiled weakly.. " Because I am weak"

He stopped. " No you are not! " He hissed angrily.

" You have emotion, where I do not, you have the courage to show compassion, unlike the rest of us you are not a monster!" He growled, " Just because that old fool said it doesn't mean its true."

I looked up at him and saw he was crying silently " Itachi I-"

" I can't lose you Hinata.." He murmured, " I swear, I'll do whatever I can to protect you, just don't do this again.."

I nodded weakly , before falling asleep in his arm's..

He brought her to his home, and into his room, ignoring Mikoto's looks.

He put her on his bed and covered her with the sheet's.

" I promise you Hinata, I will love you, like they will not . I will protect you like they can't. You are my life now."

He sighed, " Even though you don't know it yet, you are mine, I don't know how, but I can feel it, like I'm chained to you somehow.."

" Your my freedom little nightengale, my innocence and truth.. The only light in this dark world.." He smiled softy at her sleeping form.

" One day if your willing, we will be together, I promise."

-:-:-:-:- :-

I turned around to face him and smiled, " I'm glad I'm still here."