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Office Couch

Callen walked into the office quietly, knowing it was dark and he had just suffered another eviction from another apartment. He kept on forgetting about the bills. Sure, they racked up, but he'd get to them eventually. Hopefully.

He flipped on the lights, the office suddenly becoming dimly lit. He threw his bag on one of the chairs in the small office area. Callen eyed the couch, his old friend and bed, only to see it was already occupied with the warm bodies of Kensi and Deeks wrapped up in a massive blanket.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed the bag back out of the chair, heading off once more. He had to stay with Sam from now on. Never again would he sleep on that couch. He didn't even think he could sit on the dang thing again. Not after they...

He flipped the lights off once more and vanished into the night, hoping Sam was nice enough to open the door for him around four in the morning.

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