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As the taller nation pushed him onto his back and twined one large hand through his hair as it spilled loosely against the creaking mattress, Toris let out a tiny moan. Trapped under Ivan's weight and pulled tightly against his broad chest, there was little he could do but angle his head awkwardly and obediently part his lips for the tongue which pushed past them and began to tentatively explore his mouth. Closing his eyes, he could scarcely believe what was happening as, for the first time since they'd begun to share a bed together, he could feel the Russian's heartbeat quicken. Abruptly, the other man released him from his grip and let him sprawl backwards onto the bed, leaning back to survey his flushed, dazed, heavily breathing subordinate. Toris propped himself onto his elbows and looked up at him with a gaze that was half confused and half pleading, as he gently reached up and pressed his fingertips lightly to Ivan's hand. As though this was all the signal that the other man required, he shifted his weight again suddenly, pushing him back again. Grabbing the brunette's hand and pulling it over his head, he pressed it firmly to the bed, pinning him there. The gesture was unmistakeably dominant, but this only made the butterflies in Lithuania's stomach drive him all that more to distraction as Ivan claimed his mouth once more and his back arched slightly in response.

Reaching up with his free hand, he ran his fingers through Ivan's snow-dampened hair, the gesture hesitant and sweet, in direct contrast to the other nation's possessive insistence. He could feel something rigid digging into his hip, but it was only when he shifted position and elicited a low grunt from the larger man that he realised what it was. A dark, deep blush spread across his cheeks and something lurched in the pit of his stomach, his breathing quickening slightly.

Suddenly, for the first time in so long that he could barely recognise the feeling, Toris felt warm. It seemed that, even before the train crash, the best he'd been able to settle for was staving off the cold, but this...this was genuine warmth, to the point where his cheeks were rosy and his skin prickled with the sensation. As Ivan broke the kiss, he found himself glowing with the heady prospect that perhaps the other man really wanted him. Not just as a possession, or a pet, or a servant, but here and now, in his arms, in a way that meant so much more. And as soon as the notion came to him, he realised with a crashing, overwhelming clarity, that he wanted that to be true so badly that he almost wished that he hadn't dared to think it.

Ivan broke their kiss once more, and Toris stared up into two deep pools of violet, his bottom lip trembling with want and need and uncertainty. His expression must have been so very earnest and intent, because the other man seemed to find something amusing about it, and chuckled lightly, before pinning him down that little more firmly. He gasped slightly and Ivan's little smile deepened for a moment.

"This is what you want, da?" the blonde asked softly, running his finger roughly over Toris' cheekbone. He all but whined as he leaned into the touch. Unable to trust himself to speak, he continued to lose himself in those eerie-coloured eyes, before eventually nodding solemnly.

Because it was, more than anything. And he wanted it so badly that he was willing to ignore the cautious, anxious little voice in the back of his head that was nagging him to be careful, to accept the possibility that Ivan, with his ever-changeable temperament and unfathomable whims, might decide tomorrow to relegate Toris back to being little more than a useful commodity. A part of him was terrified that the other nation might simply be, in one of his child-like forays into amorality, curiously exploiting the Lithuanian's apparently transparent feelings for him, for the sake of an amusing diversion.

But no...Ivan had taken care of him, had saved him and dragged him to safety, invited him into his bed, fed him scraps in front of the fire, and kept him warm and alive while the sinister General beat at their door and howled in rage outside at being deprived of a victim. And now Ivan's lips were pressed against his and the smaller man's back was arching as their chests pressed together and he could feel the Russian's heart hammering forcefully, could feel the way his breath hitched in the same involuntary way that Toris' did and it was suddenly so very, very easy to ignore that worried voice which kept whispering to him that he was turning the handle to a floodgate of so many unwanted and expertly repressed emotions. And that, if he gave himself up completely now, then there would be almost no chance to rescind later on, in the cold, uncomfortable light of bleak normality.

The desperate force of his need eclipsed his natural pragmatism, and he kissed Ivan back with a renewed fervour, wrapping his free arm about the other man's neck and clinging tightly. The blonde released his hand and moved his own down towards Toris' side, slipping it under his jumper and running his fingertips roughly over an all too palpable ribcage. At the sensation of Ivan's cool hands against his skin, he moaned slightly in the back of his throat, and was rewarded with the sensation of the other man's lips curling into a smile, even while crushed against his own. They broke apart, staring at one another and reticently, slowly and with a slightly shaking hand, Toris reached up towards the top button on Ivan's coat, his fingertips lightly grazing the fabric as he looked up uncertainly for some unspoken permission to continue. Ivan made no move to stop him, so he shyly fumbled with the fastening, his hand awkwardly moving to the next button.

The Russian looked down at him with a look of barely contained amusement, before unceremoniously shoving him backwards onto the bed and yanking his jumper up before the stifled noise of surprise had even passed his lips. He barely had time to raise his arms in compliance before he found himself shirtless, eyes wide and lips parted in slight shock at the urgency of the action. Ivan's hands had already worked their way down the front of his own coat, and he was shrugging off the garment impatiently, his own shirt rapidly following suit. He kissed Toris once more, brief and hard, and his fingernails ghosted over the brunette's bare shoulder. The smaller nation half propped up himself on one elbow, as his lips found Ivan's cheek, moving down to his jaw line and planting a tiny butterfly kiss there, before his tongue trailed lightly and eagerly down his neck. The blonde let out a low moan and Toris kissed his collarbone and then the hollow of his throat, before resting his head against his chest for just a moment, and savouring the sound of his heartbeat.

It wasn't long before Ivan had him pinned back down to the bed again, the fabric of the old and worn blankets slightly rough against his bare, scarred back. He closed his eyes as the other man leaned over to bite down gently on his ear, as his large hands wandered to the waistband of Toris' trousers, unbuttoning his fly and pulling them down along with his underwear. A deep, dark blush blossomed across his face and a moan forced its way past his lips as Ivan's fingertips brushed his now-swollen member. Clumsily, the Lithuanian wriggled underneath him, kicking the garment free. His own hands found their way to Ivan's trousers, and this time the Russian had the patience to allow the smaller man to finish undressing him, his movements nervous and hesitant as he slowly freed the blonde's straining erection. Overwhelmed, his emerald eyes were impossibly wide and, for a moment, all he could do was stare. His heart was racing so fast, and his breathing was so shallow that he could feel himself growing light headed.

Ivan's teeth found the sensitive flesh of his neck and he bit down lightly and possessively, with just enough force to elicit a gasp from his partner. It felt as though every inch of Toris' skin was bristling with electricity, and every slight touch made his stomach lurch, made the butterflies dance even harder. A wandering hand ghosted over his penis, eliciting a throaty, needy moan, as his shyness lost out to his overwhelming need, and he pushed his hips forward a little, biting his lip and looking up at the Russian with a plea in his large green eyes. Ivan wrapped his hand around Toris' length tightly, and that moan became a little cry as he bucked into the other man's hand.

Running a hand through Toris' hair, Ivan chuckled a little as the little nation squirmed under his touch, planting an affectionate kiss on his crimson cheek. "My needy little Litva..." he whispered into the other man's ear, his voice thick with lust.

"Hnngh..." Toris mumbled unintelligibly in response, his back arching against the mattress and his chest heaving.

"All mine?" Ivan enquired in a low, sing-song voice, as though he was already well aware of the answer. He ran his thumb teasingly over the head of his member, causing the brunette to cry out weakly.

"Yours..." he breathed in assent, and in that moment, the affirmation was delicious, because there was nothing else in the world that he wanted to be. "All yours..."

Ivan stopped then, withdrawing his hand and provoking a little whine from Toris as he pushed him down, climbing all the way on top of him and pushing his knee between the smaller nation's legs. Involuntarily, Lithuania pushed himself against him, as the blonde smoothed chestnut locks of hair away from his damp, flushed forehead and stared down at his helplessly desperate servant with an affectionate, bemused little smile.

"You seem flustered, my dear Litva" he remarked with a short laugh. "Is there something that you want?"

Toris hesitated, his eyes wide and fearful even as he panted and pressed his hips against Ivan's. He ached, more than he thought possible, for the other man to have him, in every possible sense of the word. But, sexually inexperienced as he was, he couldn't help but baulk at the thought of taking something so large inside of him. So very torn between his lust and his nerves, the former won out eventually and he met Ivan's inquisitive gaze with shy and adoring eyes.

"Please...take me..." he whispered, blushing.

"Patience..." The Russian grinned wolfishly, running the back of his hand across Toris' cheek and laughing quietly as the Baltic nation nuzzled into his touch in an anxious, cloying kind of way. Climbing off and sitting back onto his knees, Ivan grabbed the other man's hair and pulled his head into his lap, gently guiding his lips towards the tip of his erection.

"You have such a pretty mouth, Litva..." he murmured as Toris obediently parted his lips. Ivan moaned as he pushed his member towards the back of the brunette's throat. Earnestly, the Lithuanian began to suck, and he found that the task was not an unpleasant one. He took pleasure in every little aspect of the moment; the sensation of his mouth being so very full, the intimacy of the fact, the slightly helpless feeling from having Ivan's first curled insistently in his hair and the satisfying moans that he was eliciting from the man he adored so very, very much.

Ivan was thrusting harder and harder into his mouth, and a trail of saliva made its way down his chin as he did his best to keep up. A part of Toris ached for the Russian to come in his mouth, to be able to bring the other man to orgasm and to feel it and taste it. But clearly Ivan had other plans because, with a grunt of frustration, he pulled out abruptly, a small string of saliva running between his erection and the tip of Toris' eager tongue. With a low growl of frustration, he pushed the brunette firmly, face first, back onto the mattress and grabbed him by the hips.

His face pressed against the bed, his cheeks burning scarlet, Toris closed his eyes and squirmed when he felt the tip of Ivan's finger push against his opening. As the other man worked the digit inside him, he let out a confused, distressed moan, unable to work out if the sensation was arousing, or simply uncomfortable. The Russian seemed to take some pity on him, because he reached around with his other hand and began to gently stroke Toris' member, ghosting light kisses over the back of his neck. Adjusting to the full feeling, the Lithuanian pushed back against Ivan experimentally, and then whimpered as the other man slipped a second finger in, stretching him gently, all the while stroking his arousal and murmuring gentle words of encouragement.

Just when he was starting to get used to Ivan's fingers buried inside him, the other man withdrew slowly. Toris looked over his shoulder to see him spitting on his hand and rubbing his own member, which was still slick with the brunette's saliva. With his other hand, the larger nation gently pushed him back down again, with an affectionate caress to the shoulder. Toris' breathing was coming dangerously close to hyperventilation, with the nervousness of inexperience and the desperation of lust.

"Shshhh..." the Soviet nation murmured quietly, as he pushed the tip of his member to Toris' opening, and the other man involuntarily tensed up. "You are too anxious, little one."

Lithuania swallowed hard and tried his best to relax as the blonde began to push inside him, guiding his erection inside and pushing gently, allowing the other man's opening to adjust for a few moments with every inch. It must have been frustrating for him, Toris realised, even as he squirmed and gasped and Ivan had to support his hips with one burly arm wrapped around him to keep him from collapsing in a heap. But there was suddenly no sign of impatience from the Russian, who went in slowly and carefully. The process was painful enough to cause little tears to spring to his bright green eyes, but he wanted it so very badly. And there was always Ivan's hand occasionally wandering to his own member, stroking and fondling as reward and encouragement. Eventually, the larger nation was buried inside him, and he felt as though he could barely breath, two little rivers of salt water streaming down his crimson cheeks.

"Good boy..." Ivan whispered soothingly, wrapping his arms around him tightly from behind, effortlessly encircling his skinny frame. His breath was warm on his neck, and Toris closed his eyes and moaned as he shifted position slightly. He felt so very full and stretched to his limit, and he ached painfully, but it was not unpleasant. And something in his chest was singing out at the fact that it was Ivan's arms which held him so tightly. He was overwhelmed, shy, confused and slightly distressed, but he had never felt so utterly safe or wanted in his entire life.

As Ivan began to tentatively pull back, with a few gentle thrusts, Toris moaned louder, pushing his hips higher to give the other man better access. Slowly, with the same gentle encouragement, the other man began to thrust, shallow and tentative at first, but gradually deepening until they were locked in a steady rhythm, with Ivan grunting quietly and Toris panting desperately. As the larger man thrust a little harder, drawing a little muffled squeal from the brunette, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on his warm cheek.

"You're my favourite, Litva..." he grunted in between thrusts, his fist steadily pumping Toris' aching member. The smaller man bucked and moaned, feeling his arousal start to reach fever pitch. He could feel the beginnings of his climax starting to build up in the pit of his stomach, and tried to force it down, wanting this feeling to last forever, the heady, delicious sensation of being one with the man who owned him so very profoundly.

"I love you...!" he blurted out, half-tearful, as he pushed back against the other nation. "I...I..."

He felt Ivan freeze for a fraction of a second and instantly, the brunette regretted the words that had left his lips in the heat of the moment, wishing desperately that he could retract them. There was a horrible pause, which could not have lasted for more than a second, but seemed interminable. But had he been able to see Ivan's face, he would have been confronted with a delighted grin. The other man laughed lightly, gripping him so tightly that it was almost painful, one broad arm in an embrace around his chest that threatened to constrict his breathing.

"My devoted little Toris..." he murmured into his ear, stroking him harder and increasing the pace of his thrusts.

"V...vanya!" Lithuania's moans became strangled cries, and he could feel his arousal reaching fever pitch, his orgasm rising and threatening to engulf him entirely. And with a violent shudder, it did, racking his thin frame and causing his vision to swim and evoking a hoarse scream as he came into Ivan's hand with an intensity which he hadn't thought possible. Shuddering and panting, he would have been limp in the other man's arms had it not been for Ivan's insistent grip on his hips as he thrust harder. The Russian's breathing was little more than a series of terse grunts as he swiftly followed suit, emptying his hot, white seed inside him with a low, almost feral growl as the brunette clenched his muscles, feeling the other man spasm inside him.

Russia's body twitched and tensed above him for a few moments, holding the smaller, trembling man tightly to his chest, before both nations abruptly collapsed to the mattress. Toris could feel something warm and sticky and slightly shameful dripping down his thighs, but he couldn't bring himself to care, flushed and glowing with the aftermath of his own orgasm.

Rolling over, he rested his head on the violet eyed man's broad chest, which was warm and sticky with sweat. Kissing his collarbone lightly, he looked up at Ivan with shining eyes, and a shy, uncertain smile. With a broad grin, the Russian wrapped an arm around his bare shoulders and pulled him into a tight embrace, planting a chaste kiss on his forehead and smoothing his damp hair away from his eyes. Pulling the blanket over both of them, he continued to hold his exhausted servant with a protective care.

They lay there for the longest time, while their breathing returned to normal and the hammering of their hearts subsided to a gentle rhythm. Content, ecstatic and utterly worn out, the Baltic nation felt his eyelids growing heavy, cocooned by the delicious warmth of Ivan's embrace and the heady, satiated afterglow of their activities.

"Litva...?" He opened his eyes again sleepily and found himself staring up into curious violet.

"Hmm...?" Toris smiled up at the larger nation, reaching up to let his hand rest on the other man's shoulder. There was a long, thoughtful pause from the Russian.

Eventually he spoke. "In the future, you will not call me Vanya," he said, with a frown. "It reminds me too much of..." he hesitated, wincing. " sisters."

"Ah...!" Toris blushed and his eyes widened in slight panic, pulling away slightly from the blonde. "I...I'm so sorry...I..." he gulped. "It won't happen again...!"

Ivan stared at him for the longest time, one blonde eyebrow raised sharply as he watched the smaller man grow redder and redder. He cocked his head to one side expectantly.

"Um..." Toris floundered. "It...won't happen again...sir...?"

"Better..." Ivan smiled bemusedly, and ruffled the Lithuanian's hair, pulling him back into a tight embrace. Toris rested his burning cheek in the crook of the larger man's shoulder and closed his eyes.

They remained silent again for the longest time, while the acuteness of Lithuania's embarrassment subsided. He'd all but convinced himself that Ivan was asleep, when the Russian spoke up again.

"Oh...and Litva?" his tone was more tired now, as though sleep was threatening to claim him at any moment.


"I love you too."