Inner Strength

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cinda Williams Chima. The song Inner Strength was written by H. Duff. It is from Hilary Duff's debut album, Metamorphosis. I do not own it.

Author's Note: This fanfiction was inspired by the Heir series by Cinda Williams Chima. I have wanted to use this song for a story for a long time and I thought that Madison Moss was the best character for it.

Time: The Dragon Heir

Genre: Angst, and Romance

Rating: G

Date Finished: February 13, 2010

Madison Moss flipped through her sketch book. There were her drawings from Booker Mountain, Ohio. They were from her past, another life.

Before Seph.

She looked out her bedroom window. She loved Trinity. It was the home that she never had. Here she could be herself. Here she was away from everything that had happened at Booker Mountain. No one knew about the fires. No one knew about her drunken mother. No one knew about her past or her family's past.

Madison glanced down at her cell phone. There were no new messages from Seph. She sighed. Maybe this was her sign that they were over.

She knew that Seph was bust maintaining the boundary. He was also helping with the wizard war and guarding the items that Jason had brought back from Britain. He was just to busy for her.

"Stop whining girl," Madison hissed.

She was a strong girl, almost a woman. She didn't need a boyfriend. She had done just fine without one for her entire life. She was used to boys being jerks. If she wanted to put up with jerks, she would have gone home long ago.

Madison stood up and sent a wave of power across the room. Oh, the joy of being an elicitor.