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Ryou sat miserably on the edge of his bed. He groaned before falling back onto the sheets; his hands were covering his stomach. It grumbled as it entreated for food. Ryou gave it an angry look, before the sound of his bedroom door opening distracted him.

"Oi, Ryou?" The gruff voice of Ryou's Yami asked as he shut the door behind him

"Welcome home." Ryou said to the ceiling really, because he didn't feel like moving. His Yami merely grunted in response. Moments passed before the Yami finally spoke again.

"What? No hug or excited, annoying, squeal from you today? No bothersome questions for me? No rambles about you're day? Although I could honestly careless... Nothing more than s "welcome home"?"

Ryou glanced at the former thief with his peripheral vision. The overall expression he wore was a look of hurt. Bakura was quick to notice.


"Hrm…" Ryou pouted and (still holding his stomach, mind you) turned over on his side, so his back was to the albino.

"Dammit Ryou." Bakura muttered. Ryou heard the bed creak and the weight shift to the edge. He glanced over to see his Yami had sat down. They made brief eye contact before a pissed Ryou broke it. The Yami sighed heavily.

"Ryou I-"He began to say before he was cut off by a peculiar noise. The thief raised an eyebrow. Although he couldn't see it, Ryou's face was filling furiously with color. He clutched his stomach in hope it would cease the noise, but to no avail. Five seconds of complete silence passed before the noise filled the air once more.

Ryou's face grew hotter as he prayed to every god he could think of for it not to happen again. A few more seconds of silence…before another noise filled the air. But it wasn't one from a stomach…

It was laughter.

Ryou's face flushed immediately at the sound of his Yami's laughter. Only, it wasn't a sadistic, evil, laughter, but a hearty chuckle the thief was known to give, only at someone else's expense.

"Ra, Ryou, haven't you ate today?"

Ryou said nothing, which Bakura assumed was a no. The thief's laughter finally calmed down, only to be aroused again as Ryou's stomach, once again, made itself known. With all this laughter, even the thief's stomach was starting to hurt. Ryou felt his face grow hot again. It grew hotter still when he felt his body being heaved into the arms of his Yami.

"C'mon Ryou, let's not make it wait any longer." He chuckled.

Ryou snuggled against his 'Kura's chest in hopes to hide some of his embarrassment. However, he couldn't help but thank his obnoxious stomach.

After all…it put him in Bakura's arms, didn't it?

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