I'm in between jobs at the moment and I really have no idea what I'm going to do next.

I graduated from U.C.L.A with a degree in Film and Television production three years ago.

But a lot can happen in three years and i've gone from having a great job at Warner Bros. to being unemployed.

I can't really complain though it was my choice to leave Warner Bros., I wanted to make films that meant something to me, films that I enjoyed making.

"Hey Spence you home?"

"Yer Maddy i'm in here..."

I've known Madison since high school but we were never close, she dated my brother for almost a year and when they broke up we didn't really see much of each other.

It was during my freshmen year at college that we became inseparable, I was sitting in my room waiting for my new roommate to arrive, when Madison walked in.

"You trying to get your creative juices running?"


"Not having much luck?"

"I have a few ideas but nothing i'm really passionate about..."

I've got a bit of money saved that will cover rent and my other living expenses for a while.

"It will come to you Spence..."

"What have you been doing all day?"

"Well I met this amazing guy"

"Of course you did"

"Don't be such a hater Spence, just because you don't like penis, doesn't mean you have to hate on every penis I like"

"I definately wasn't being a hater i'm all for you and your penises as long as I don't have to watch"

Madison's always got some guy following her around like a lost puppy.

"Are you going to let me finish my story?"

"Sorry Maddy I promise I want interrupt again..."

"So that guy I met works for Ashley"


"You know your rock star girlfriend from high school, who's currently one of the most popular singers in the country..."


Ashley and I dated for two years until she cheated on me about the same time Madison and I started getting close.

"Where did you see her?"

"She's probably going to sign with my company..."

"Doesn't she already have management?"

Madison's trying to get into management, she hasn't got any big clients yet, but she's working at one of L.A's biggest companies.

"Well apparently she fired her old management team and now every major management company in L.A is doing anything they can to sign her..."

"Do you think she'll sign?"

"Well they're hoping she does, but she's playing hard to get and hasn't committed to anyone yet..."

A part of me misses what Ashley and I had, we were friends before lovers and for two years we did everything together. But then there's another part of me and even bigger part that hates her for the way she treated me. She told me she loved me time and time again and then when she started to get recognised in the music industry, she slept with one of her producers.

"So this is the part you're not going to like..."

"How do you know I want like it?"

"Spencer we're best friends and I know you're not going to like this"

"Come on Maddy spit it out"

"So when she came into the office today she noticed me and came over to say hi and when Mark saw us talking, he pulled me aside and was all pissed I didn't tell him that I knew her... Anyway apparently Ashley wants to hide away for a bit, escape all that negative press she's been getting and start writing new music. Mark offered to find her a place where no one else would bother her, it's one of his many ways he'll try to get her to sign..."

"Madison come on get to the point"

"He knows we were looking for a new roommate a while back and he asked me to let Ashley crash here for a while..."

"No fucking way Madison"

"I'm sorry Spence I had to ask. I'll call Mark right now and tell him no"

"I'm sorry Madison it just wouldn't work"

"It's fine Spence I totally understand, i'm just going to call him now"

There's no way I could live with her after everything that's happened.

"Hi Mark... That's actually what I was calling you about... I'm going to have to say no... We just don't really have the room anymore... Well we turned the spare room into an edit suite... My roommate works in the film industry... I'm sorry to let you down Mark... I know you were counting on me..."

I can only here her half of the conversation, but I can tell Mark isn't very impressed.

"I know Mark I really appreciate all the opportunities you've given me... No I understand... Okay thanks bye..."

"What did he say?"

"Ummm he told me he didn't need me as an assistant anymore"

"He fired you?"

"No it was more of a demotion..."

"Can he even do that?"

"He's the boss, he can do whatever he wants"

This sucks I know how hard Madison's worked to get where she is.

"How long would she have to stay?"

"Spence it's fine don't worry about it, I shouldn't have even asked you..."

"Why can't she stay in a hotel?"

"It's to public and the press will find her straight away"

"She has like two houses in L.A why can't she stay in one of them?"

"Apparently the media hang around outside all day"

Madison's trying to act like she's not mad, but I know her job means a lot to her.

"Maddy call Mark back and tell him she can stay"

"Spence you don't have to do that really, I understand"

"It's a big loft Madison and I've got to start working on something before i'm broke. I'll just focus on my work and pretend she's not even here..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yer i'm sure..."

"Okay well I'll call him back now and tell him yes..."

"You do that, I'm going to go lie down and hope something amazing slaps me in the face"

"I'll come slap you when I get off the phone with Mark"

"You're so full of yourself..."

She walks over to where i'm standing and wraps her arms around me.

"Spencer thank you so much for this, I owe you one"

"Can I sleep with your friend Carmen?"

Ever since Ashley and I broke up I haven't had a serious relationship, i've just slept with random girls.

There's this one girl Carmen who wants me really bad, but she works with Madison, so I didn't pursue it.

"Why do you want to sleep with her so bad?"

"Because I can't..."

"Spencer Carlin you are unbelievable"

"That's what all the girls say..."

"Who would have thought little miss innocent from Ohio would turn out to be such a player..."

"I'll be in my room if you need me"

"Thanks again for everything Spencer it really means a lot..."

Now i just need to figure out a way to be out of the loft as much as possible, over the next how ever long Ashley's here.