When she wraps her arms around my neck I smile.

"How was your shower?"


Life's how it's meant to be.

I have her back and her family doesn't hate me.

"Ashley this view's incredible…"

"It didn't come cheap"

"I bet it didn't"

I can't even begin to explain how much I've missed her.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling…"

When she pauses I smile.


She's changed a lot since we were together last.

She's more confident, she's more sure of herself.

"Spencer Carlin you're a bad influence on me"

I love her laugh.

"As if I'm the bad influence, there's not much you're not up for"

When she says that I quickly move her so she's sitting on my lap.

"With you Spence there's a lot I'm not up for"

She's smiling.

"I have you up on a pedestal, so those things that I'm not against doing, will never be done with you..."

"Even if I'm up for it?"

"Even if you're up for it"

She's shaking her head.

"Ashley I like to try everything once…"

"How did that work out for you today?"

"You performed and I was satisfied…"

That's hilarious.

"So pretty good"

"I'm glad"

When her hand touches mine I lace my fingers through hers.

"Ash just so we're clear, I'm only joking…"

When she says that I smile.

"I think it's sweet you have me up on a pedestal…"


"No buts"

When she presses her lips over mine, I kiss her back.

How have I lived this long without her?


When Paula yells out I pull back.

"Shall we go explore this marvellous city?"

"We shall"

When she tries to hop up I wrap my arms around her waist.

"It's a different city Spence, but it's the same old story..."

"I know and you don't need to worry"

I can't help it.

I don't want the media to ruin this trip.

"We'll go talk to the others and we can give them a five minute head start if it bothers them"


She's cupping my cheek in her hand.

"Ash don't stress about things you can't control..."

"Sorry I just..."

"It's part of your life Ashley and it's going to take some getting used to, but I'll get used to it"


"Ash I've lived six years without you in my life and it sucks"

When she says that I smile.

"So I'm okay with all the craziness, as long as I have you..."

"You have me hook, line and sinker"

When I say that she rubs her hands together.

"Just the way I like it"

"I love the new Spencer..."

"Did you not like the old Spencer?"

"No I loved the old Spencer, but it's like when you get a new iPhone, the old one's still awesome, but the new one has all these super awesome updates..."

She's laughing.

"Did you just compare me to your iPhone?"

"I did"

I have the stupidest smirk on my face.

"What are my super awesome updates?"

Oh god.

"You started this Ash..."

"You're more confident and your body has gone from a 9.5 to an 11"

So far so good.

"My body did not used to be a 9.5..."

"Spencer you were the hottest chick at school"

"That's ridiculous"

"It really isn't"

Why are we going out?

"Spence we should stay in..."

"Ashley we're in New York City we're not staying in"

It was worth a try.

"Come on let's go..."

When she hops up I sign.

"We'll make the most of this room later"