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A/N: I wasn't planning on changing the whole story, I was just making one about Harry and Hermione and what would their adventures have been like without Ron in the picture. Would they have fallen love if there was only a duo, instead of a trio?

When Harry Met Hermione

What if Harry wasn't late getting to Kings Cross Station and met a bushy brunette girl first? What if Ron wasn't sorted into Gryffindor? What if Ron wasn't a big part of their lives? Which means no Ginny either. Would Harry and Hermione have ended up together if the circumstances were different? An AU Harry Potter story.

Book 1 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


Hermione watched the game with interest while Lee Jordan told everyone what was happening on the field because even though the stands were high in the air it was still difficult to see everything that was going on. She jumped up and cheered when Angelina Johnson Gryffindor's Chaser scored. "Bin watchin' from me hut" said Hagrid and she squeezed closer to Neville when Hagrid joined them in the stands. "But it isn't the same as bein' in the crowd. How's 'Arry doin'?

"Nothing yet" Dean Thomas answered.

Hermione looked at Harry floating high in the air looking for the Snitch, and then she put her hands over her mouth as a bludger nearly took him out but he moved over just in time. That was the exact reason she didn't watch muggle sports they were far to violent for her tastes.

Harry's heartbeat sped up as he narrowly escaped getting a bludger to the head; after he calmed down as he resumed his search for the Snitch. Then he saw it a flash of gold and he excitedly dived downward after it. Terence Higgs the Syltherin Seeker had seen it as well and now they both hurled toward the streak of gold speeding across the field.

He was faster than Higgs and could see the little round ball wings fluttering just in front of him. He put on extra burst of speed when he felt himself being knocked away. His broom spun off course and he held on for dear life.

He heard people in the stands shouting foul and Lee Jordan's commenting on the cheating by Marcus Flint and being silenced by Professor McGonagall. Harry shook it off and began to look for the Snitch again. He was now more determined than ever to win.

As the game continued he had to dodge another bludger, but then it happened his broom gave a frightening lurch, almost making him lose his grip he held on tightly with both hands as he tried to gain control of his broom but he realized he couldn't. The broom was trying to buck him off and he knew brooms didn't do that. His broom was now zigzagging through the air, and every now and then making violent swishing movements that almost unseated him.

No one else had noticed Harry's strange behavior but she had. Hermione watched as Harry's broom took him higher and higher, jerking and twitching as it went. She knew that someone was doing that to his broom it was the only explanation.

At first Hermione thought it might be Draco and Ron, well Draco since Ron wasn't very good a spell casting messing around with Harry. But they were barely able to stand upright between fits of laughter and to perform a spell like that one needed to keep direct eye contact. So she looked around the stands again and saw Snape sitting stock still staring at Harry without blinking. Now she didn't like to think a teacher would intentionally harm a student, but she had to admit Snape had an intense dislike for Harry for a reason they couldn't figure out.

Harry's broom was now rolling over and over and Hermione gasped as he fell, but he managed to grab a hold of his broom with his hands and was dangling dangerously above the field.

She needed to stop Snape but she needed to make sure it was him she asked Dean if she could borrow his binoculars and looked through them and she saw Snape muttering to himself, he was the one casting the spell. She needed to save Harry; if he fell from that height it would be devastating. She couldn't let that happen.

She threw Dean's binoculars back to him and ran from the stands to get to Snape. She wasn't going to let him hurt Harry. She snuck around underneath the bleachers and looked for Snape's long black cape it wasn't hard to find when she did, she pulled out her wand and whispered "Incendio"

The people around Snape shouted "You're on fire" and he jumped up while others tried to put out the fire out. Hermione looked back at Harry and his broom had righted itself and he was in the process of trying to get back onto it. When he did, he shot off towards the ground. Hermione looked back at Snape to see if he was continuing his jinx but he was still too busy putting out the last remaining flames on his cape. She looked back at Harry as he landed on the ground with his hand clapped over his mouth like he was about to be sick. He fell on all fours and coughed and something gold fell into his hand.

"Harry Potter has got the Snitch, Gryffindor wins!" Lee Jordon shouted after the confusion had worn off and they realized what Harry had coughed up.

After a lot of good cheers and changing out his Quidditch uniform he and Hermione went with Hagrid to his hut. They were greeted by Fang Hagrid's huge boarhound that slobbered all over them drenching them in drool.

"It was Professor Snape" Hermione told them as she used a dish towel the size of a bath towel to wipe the drool off of her arms.

"Rubbish" Hagrid answered. "Why would Snape do somethin' like that?"

"Because he hates me" Harry suggested. He knew Hermione told him not to tell anyone about their discovery but he liked Hagrid and decided to tell him the truth after all Hagrid took him with to get that package from Gringotts. "I found out something about him" Harry told Hagrid. "He tried to get past the three headed dog on Halloween and it bit him. He was trying to steal whatever the dog was guarding"

"How do you know about Fluffy?" Hagrid asked dropping his giant teapot that made a loud clanging sound as it hit the floor. Hermione and Harry had to cover their ears until the ringing in them stopped. Then they asked Hagrid to repeat what he said.

"Fluffy?" Hermione asked. "That thing has a name?"

"Yeah—he's mine –I bought him off a Greek chappie I met in the pub las' year. I lent him to Dumbledore to guard the…"

"Yes?" said Harry eagerly.

"Now don't ask me anymore" said Hagrid gruffly. "That's top secret, that is"

"But Snape's trying to steal it"

"Rubbish, Snape's a Hogwart's teacher, he'd do nothing of the sort."

"Then why did he try to kill Harry?" Hermione asked. She didn't want to believe it but she saw it with her own eyes. "I know a jinx when I see one, I've read all about them and that is what Snape was doing to Harry's broomstick"

"I'm tellin' yeh, yer wrong" Hagrid said angrily. "I don't know why Harry's broom acted like that but Snape wouldn't try 'an kill a student. Yer meddlin' in things that don' concern you. You forget that dog and what it's guardin', that's between Professor Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel…"

"Who's Nicolas Flamel?" Hermione asked.

Hagrid refused to open his mouth anymore, so they thanked him for the tea and left his hut.

Hermione then spent whatever time they weren't in classes searching the library for Nicolas Flamel. The only problem was they didn't know who Nicolas Flamel was and why he would get himself in a book or if he was even in one. Hermione had looked through several subjects and titles but wasn't having any luck. They wondered if it might be the restricted section, but unfortunately you need permission from a teacher to look in any of the restricted books because they contained information on powerful Dark Magic never taught at Hogwarts, so they knew they'd never get that.

Christmas was approaching and several feet of snow covered the ground and the lake was frozen. They couldn't wait for the holidays to start. Hermione didn't want him to spend the holidays alone at the school so she asked her parents if Harry could come skiing with them. They had heard about Harry saving her life so they were delighted at the chance to thank him properly.

Hermione's parents had rented a cabin for the holidays and Harry dropped his luggage in his room. It was a small cozy room with bed and some dressers and having gone from a closet under the stairs to the dormitories at Hogwarts to this it was perfect. After he had settled in Hermione spent the rest of the afternoon teaching him how to ski. He could fly on broom stick but was having trouble using two long wooden sticks on feet.

They had gone down the smallest hill they could find and he kept telling Hermione that she could go down the bigger ones with her parents he was fine sitting and watching everyone else ski but she wouldn't leave his side. After she had enough teaching him for day they went inside and drank warm cocoa by the fire.

By the next day he resigned to the fact that he'd never the hang of maneuvering himself on skis. He was meant to fly in the air not roll face first down hills. He figured Hermione had given up on him too but was too polite to say anything. Finally she sighed and asked if he wanted to build snowmen outside the cabin.

Hermione had made a snow cat and he was busy making a snowman Snape because he found the perfect stick for Snape's hooked nose. Then he proceeded to throw snowballs at it, then knocked its head off and watched it roll down the hill, then WHACK, he jumped around as the icy cold snow went down his back. He looked around and saw Hermione tossing a snowball up in the air and catching it again with a cheeky grin on her face.

He barely had time to duck as another snowball sailed past his head. He hid behind what remained of his Snape snowman and started making his own snowballs. He peered around the snowman and saw Hermione kneeling in the snow packing it together, he stood up and hit her right in the shoulder and she fell over. She got up shook herself off and aimed another one at him; she missed and hit his snowman. He threw another but she ducked behind a tree.

He aimed one at the branch above her and the snow tumbled down on top of her. She fell to the ground then he got worried that he had hurt her when she didn't get up so he left his snowballs behind and ran to her. He kneeled down and saw her bright red jacket and mittens peeking out from the snow. "Hermione" he said with worry in his voice then was met with a face full of snow as she came up laughing. He grinned and laughed with her as he wiped the snow from his face.

They laughed and threw snowballs until Hermione's parents called them in for supper.

On Christmas morning Harry was woken up early by Hermione knocking on the door to his room, he never really enjoyed Christmas with the Dursleys, Dudley would wake him early so he could shove all the presents he got in front of Harry's face and then he'd have to watch Dudley open all of them while he got nothing.

But this morning he got up and followed Hermione to the living room where they had a small tree set up. He saw a couple of presents underneath it and Hermione was waiting patiently for him to join her in front of the tree where she already separated the presents into piles. She told him which was his. He told Grangers that they didn't need to get him anything but they said it was Christmas it was the time of giving.

Hermione insisted that he go first, since she knew he never really had a proper Christmas with his relatives. Harry opened the present from Mr. and Mrs. Granger first, they gotten up a shirt and a pair of slacks. He thanked them since this was the first time he had gotten new clothes most of his were the clothes that didn't fit his cousin anymore and were often three sizes too big.

Harry had gotten Mr. Granger a tie and Mrs. Granger some tea since he really had never bought Christmas presents before he figured those were things they could use. His next present was from Hermione from the wrapping he could tell it was a book and he expected that from her. She loved books more than anyone he knew. He put a smile on his face it was probably a spell book since she kept telling him he needed to learn more spells. He tore the paper to reveal the book it was titled In Pursuit of Golden Glory- Famous catches by Quidditch Seekers through the Ages by Ryan Catcher.

Harry opened the book, the first page held a picture with a light blue and dark blue streak zooming across the page. Harry watched the streak with interest then suddenly it looked like the blue streak was heading straight towards him at a speed so great it looked like it was going to jump out of the page. Then just as suddenly as it appeared it stopped and a figure dressed in light blue ropes with a dark blue double T on it materialized. The man with a head of wild blond hair held his hand arm high above his head and the fluttering wings of the golden snitch were visible though the crevices of his hand.

Harry read the excerpt on the bottom of the page. Seeker: Roderick Plumpton; Year: 1921; Time caught: 3 ½ seconds. Fastest catch ever recorded. Known as the Plumpton Pass.

Harry grinned at Hermione, he knew he was going to like reading this book. He put the book down and handed Hermione the present he got her. "You didn't have to get me anything, Harry" she told him. He just smiled as she opened the box. He didn't really know what to get her for Christmas he's never shopped for a girl before. And he was too embarrassed to ask the other girls what she liked. He was about to settle on some candy but then a girl in their year named Luna Lovegood whom Harry thought to be a bit strange came up to one day and suggested a sweater. He looked at her because he was wondering if she read his mind or something. Luna just stared at him with a half dazed expression and said a sweater would be nice. He wasn't sure about it but he did notice that Hermione had quite a few sweaters in a particular style. So that's what he purchased, he hoped she liked it.

She pulled out the red and black stripped sweater and peered over it to look at him and held it against her chest. "I love it, Harry. Thank you" she said with a genuine smile. Then she ran upstairs to put it on.

"Oh" Hermione's father said. "There's one more for you Harry" He said reaching under the tree and holding out another present. "It just arrived this morning by Owl" He told him.

Harry stared at, who could it possibly be from he didn't know anyone else. "Open it, Harry" Hermione said coming back down the stairs wearing the sweater. It was a large square box wrapped in dark purple wrapping paper with a velvet red bow on top it was also very light. Harry pulled on the bow and it fell apart then he tore through the paper and opened the box inside he saw a shining silvery cloth. He reached out to touch it and pulled his hand away it was like nothing he's ever felt before. It was strange, like water woven into the material.

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"I dunno" Harry replied. He pulled out the cloth; it was a cloak of some sort. He held up and threw it around his shoulders.

He heard Hermione and her parents as they gasped in surprise. "Harry, your body's invisible" Hermione told him. Harry looked down at his feet and saw that she was right; the rest of his body was gone. He ran to the mirror and saw just his head floating in mid air. It was a cloak that made the wearer invisible.

"There's a note dear" Hermione's mother said holding it out to him, her hands visibly shaking. They accepted that their daughter was a witch and they were proud but they were still frightened by what magic could do. Harry took the note and read it out loud, it was written in handwriting that he didn't recognize.

"Your father left this in my possession before he died. It is time it was returned to you. Use it well. A very Merry Christmas to you." Harry reread the note a few times and searched for a signature but there was none. Did this really belong to his father?

Hermione had her hands covering her face. Someone had given him something that belonged to his father. She leaned into her mother shoulder and her mother put her arms around her and smiled at Harry.

"Does it say who it's from?" Mr. Granger asked.

"No" Harry said shaking his head.

After they had their Christmas supper, he and Hermione were sitting by the fire, she was reading one of the many books she brought with her and he was flipping through his Seeker book watching all the famous catches. Then suddenly he got an idea. "Hermione?" he asked.

She looked up from her reading. "Yes"

"When we get back to school we can start searching for Nicolas Flamel" He told her.

"We already did, there's nothing in the library about him" She replied.

"But now we have a way of getting into the restricted section"

Hermione raised her eyebrows at him, and then her face brightened up. "Harry your invisibility cloak. That's brilliant" He grinned at her.