Disclaimer: I don't own the Toy Story movies.

Battle Scars
By Jennifer Collins

It was a cold and stormy evening. The toys in Bonnie's house were taking advantage of the fact that she and her mom were still at the daycare center. Dolly the ragdoll walked lazily through the room, checking on her friends.

In the corner, Trixie the dinosaur was on the computer. Her face was scrunched up in an intense expression, her tongue sticking out the right side of her mouth as she concentrated on what was probably another online video game.

A few feet away, the plush peas in a pod were huddled on the couch with Totoro. They were watching a scary movie, despite Dolly's warnings that it would give them nightmares later on. Dolly shook her head as she lolled past.

In the next room, Mr. Pricklepants and Buttercup were underneath the kitchen chairs, engaged in a deep conversation. Dolly figured it had to do with whatever drama Pricklepants wanted to perform next. With a grin, she decided that she'd join them and see what was up.

Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder shook the house. A nearby bolt of lightning crackled and lit the whole house up with a bright blue light before everything went dark.

"Aw man!" Trixie complained as the computer monitor beeped loudly and then flickered off. "I was just about to get to the last level!"

Behind her, the peas were whining as they rolled down onto the floor. "This is a catastrophe!" Pricklepants groaned with his hand to his forehead.

"Okay, okay," Dolly called. "Everyone settle down. The power will probably come back on in a few minutes."

The toys barely had enough time to get their bearings in the sudden darkness when the front door opened and they all had to freeze into toy mode.

"Hmm… power seems to be out here too," Mrs. Anderson said with a frown. "Okay, Bonnie. Why don't you wait here while I go get some flashlights and candles?" Her foot bumped into Totoro. "And gather up all your toys," she added. "I told you not to leave them on the floor."

She disappeared into the kitchen and the toys were relieved to be scooped up into Bonnie's loving arms.

"Silly Mr. Pricklepants. Go to your room!" Bonnie playfully chastised them as she carried them the short distance into her room and set them on the floor in there. She threw her wet backpack onto her wooden table before turning to exit.

Moments later, she returned with two scented candles, which she placed on her nightstand. "There ya go," she said with a warm smile. "Now you guys can see!" She patted Dolly on the head and whirled around to leave the room again. "You guys behave yourselves! Mom and I are going to watch t.v. and drink hot cocoa. I'll be back in time for bed."

The toys watched her fondly as she left.

"Now what?" Buttercup asked Dolly, a little disappointed that she wasn't staying.

Dolly thought for a moment. "How about telling scary stories by candlelight?" She suggested.

"Uh-uh!" The peas protested in unison as they shuddered. "No more scary stories!"

"I told you guys not to watch that movie," Dolly reminded them sternly as Totoro moved to console them.

Out of the corner of her eye, Trixie saw Bonnie's backpack start to move. "What's that?" she wondered. "A new friend?"

The toys turned their attention to the tea table. "Well, should we help him out?" Buttercup asked.

Dolly rolled her googly eyes. "You assume it's a 'him.'"

Trixie laughed. "Yeah, maybe it's a girl toy. Or another dinosaur," she giggled.

"Well, don't just stand there," Buttercup said.

Thunder shook the house again. The toys heard the zipper start to move.

"M-maybe it's not a nice toy," Peatey feared.

"Y-yeah.. m-maybe it's a m-monster," Peatrice added.

"Will you three stop?" Dolly warned. "You're going to cause a panic, and that is no way to welcome our new friend."

Trixie's tiny eyes were wide. "What if they're right? It could be a mean dinosaur!"

Lightning sizzled outside and another clap of thunder roared nearby. The zipper flew open and out stepped… BOOM!

The newcomer was only illuminated by the lightning for a second before it faded and one of the candles blew out. A low groan escaped from the figure. The only feature that the other toys could make out was his hair sticking on end…

"Oh no! Wolfman!" The peas shouted.