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She had the most beautiful eyes he had seen. He had never seen eyes as hers. They were rambunctous, full of energy and life. They seemed to sparkle sometimes. They were certainly different from Ash's. He did not want to describe Ash's eyes because they were child-like. More child-like than Iris's. Ash wasn't even attractive, while Iris was. It was her eyes. Her eyes were like his eye candy. Eyes were the most important thing to him in a person.

"Eyes give people depth," he would say. Iris nodded, without saying anything. "They give people character, too." The two would sit alone together, while Ash was off on his escapades. "Your eyes are lovely," he sighed. Iris blushed, without saying anything. She was too embarrassed to say much of anything!

The two were silent when Iris finally broke the silence. "...Thank you," she mustered the courage to say.

"You're welcome," he nodded, unable to contain his glee.

The two finished off with a kiss. "Kibaw!" Kibago popped out of her hair. The two blushed and sighed.

"Kibago!" the two groaned. They started to ignore it and Iris smooched him one last time before Ash came back.

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