Chapter 1 rewritten

I think I need to explain some things. In this story Akefia = Bakura and Atem = Yami

I say this to all who read this. It's NOT Akefia/Bakura x Atem/Yami even if it looks so. (Except they are kissing, but I won't write this)

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So here am I, back in Ancient Egypt, back as Pharaoh, back to dealing with that idiot Bakura... just back. Back to where I started. I thought this would be what I wanted. To be in my own time, and be pharaoh once more... To be with my family. However something's wrong, for some reason I'm not happy.

I'm missing something, and deep down I already know what. My Hikari, my Aibou. The one who I loved and always will love. Despite the fact I never said it to him. Why? I already knew the answer to this question, I thought I would be happier not knowing. He'd be disgusted. He'd never want to talk to me. Even when I was standing in the doors to the afterlife, I couldn't say it.

So here I am. Sitting on my pathetic throne, thinking only about a way back to modern times, back to him. I already have the answer, but I need help. Even a Pharaoh cannot do everything by himself.

I was sitting in my room, where no one could enter without my permission. It wasn't very big, but it was very cozy. The sheets were the colour of sand, as were the walls. In the corner there were a few chairs in case someone would want to meet me here. Next to the door was a small table, where I kept my things to write.

I grabbed a papyrus, brush and ink from the table, sat down on the bed again and quickly wrote a note in English. There's only one man who would be able to read it.

I called one of my slaves. A young, brown-haired boy came in through the door and bowed before me.

"Gather a small detachment of people and take this message to Akefia." I said. The slave looked at me in surprise.

"To the Thief King?" He asked, looking slightly confused. I didn't blame him. It's the first time I'm corresponding with the greatest enemy of Egypt. I simply nodded.

"Your not to arrest him . He'd probably go with you."

He bowed, still slightly confused, but I knew he'd never dare to disobey me. He took the letter and slowly went out of my room, to prepare the messengers. I looked out of the window. The sun was about to set, they probably will wait until morning before sending my message. From my window I had a great sight at Memphis, the city where my palace stood. The houses were small and white and the streets narrow. Further, behind the city there was the desert, where the sun was beginning to sink. It was a familiar sight and unfamiliar at the same time. I didn't know which sunset I liked better. This one, or the one Yugi shared with me at the top of a skyscraper.

"If I know you, we'll be seeing each other soon Bakura." I said, sighing silently. He's the only one, who can take back my mistakes.


Bakura's POV

I was sitting on a chair, in a big cave, which I used as my hideout. There was few people in the same room, my most faithful companions. After the little accident that happened last night I decided it's better to stay in the shadows for a while. But I seriously think they overreacted. Making about half of the pharaoh's army follow me, just because I robbed them. I looked at the wall in front of me and grinned at my reflection. After I came back, I realized I'm not tanned and still have long hair. After a while I understood I won't get tanned. Well… The charms of being in the afterlife. But I liked my look. It reminded me of the old good times with Ryou. One of my companions, walked into my cave-room and announced.

"There are people here to talk to you boss." He said with a bored tone. "They say they're from the pharaoh and that they have a letter for you." I nodded and raised from the chair.

Not what I expected from you pharaoh. I got out of my hideout, through the masked doors and appeared suddenly next to the pharaoh's slaves. I hope it won't take too long. It was getting hot and my hideout was in the middle of a desert.

"I brought them here after they said they have a message for you boss. Don't worry. I blindfolded them, so that they don't know where they are." Said the same companion, which announced them. I ALMOST felt sorry for them. They got an order from pharaoh, don't know where they are and are face to face with the Egypt greatest enemy. I sighed and looked at them expectantly. One of the slaves the pharaoh sent gave me the promised letter. The man was trembling with fear, a could sense it rolling off of him. I took the letter and grinned at a sudden thought, which bolted through my mind. I slowly turned around, looking at the letter, the in one second turned back and said.

"BUAH!" The slave paled and collapsed. I heard some of my companions giggle and I had a big grin on my face. I giggled a little, opened the letter and started to read it.


I don't like it. The fact that he dare use my name from the future was too suspicious for comfort. Even worse was the fact he wrote this in English… I kept reading however, curious to know what was written.

I know You don't trust me.

Good guess Pharaoh.

But there's something I'd like to talk to you about. You don't have to worry, you won't be arrested. I know you probably say "no" now that there isn't a threat.

Of course I am going to say no.

but I have a question for you. One you should think about.

Do you miss Ryou?


Do I miss Ryou? Of course not! Ok… Maybe a.. little. I mean… Who WOULDN'T miss those deep brown eyes? That porcelain soft skin and hairs? But… Did I want to see him again? Ryou probably wouldn't be very pleased with my sight. There's only one thing I did something for him. But I'd never admit it. That time at the blimp, when he was about to be attacked be a mad Osiris… I couldn't take it.

Everyone thinks that's because I didn't want to hide behind him, but that's not true. When I saw how helpless he is… I had mercy on him. That's why I never again had it for him. I never helped him again. I hated myself for showing emotions and Ryou had to take the price for it. He didn't deserved anything I ever did to him. Even if I came be back he'll hate me

I shook my head, trying to get rid of the sad thoughts. You should stop thinking about Ryou, I thought to myself. He's much happier without you.

Suddenly I saw an image of the pharaoh in front of me. His eyes looked directly into mine. He didn't smile, rather look serious and a little bit questioning.

"How can you know that?" He asked, still not smiling. He wasn't joking, there is something he and I have to talk about. That was the message. Though… Playing around with my mind isn't the best way to convince me do this for you Pharaoh.

I sighed, still confused. Maybe there is still a little chance of Ryou liking me. It was worth a shot… If it didn't work I could always kill myself again. I shook my head. That was really a bit crazy. Thinking about death as a door to another world… Which I can use according to my will. Though… Knowing the pharaoh he'd be against any mess. Pity, but still it's worth a shot.

Meanwhile, the slave I scared almost to death woke up.

"I'm going." I said. The slave nodded, a little thrilled. I thought about making another joke on him, but decided against it. Poor guy had enough scares for a day.

"Our pharaoh knew you would." Sighed the slave. Looks like he doesn't like me very much. I grinned and ordered to prepare my horse.


I slowly walked into the throne room. If we don't manage to get back, I know what my next target will be. I grinned and looked at all the gold stuff, just asking to get stolen. Besides pharaoh, there were few female slaves, as well as Mahado and Seth. The Dark Magician and Moneybag in the future. They both looked suspiciously at me, when the females started to squeal. Trust me. There's nothing worse then squealing girls. That sound drills into your brain and damages it. Atem was already sitting on the throne and it looked like he shared my opinion about squealing girls. After they finally stopped, he looked at me as seriously as in my vision.

"Everyone out." Atem said, with a commanding tone, not moving his eyes from me. The squealy girls left immediately, but Mahado and Seth stayed. The pharaoh sent them a glare. "Everyone." He repeated.

"I can take care of myself." He added. I grinned and turned around preparing to leave as well. The pharaoh sighed irritated.

"Not you Akefia" He said, being a little annoyed. I turned back around and waited until Mahado and Seth had finished procrastinating and left, as slowly as possiable.

"What do you want from me Pharaoh?" I asked, deciding to not annoy the pharaoh more and become serious. But Atem just shook his head.

"I don't enjoy being called pharaoh or Atem, it's just Yami, as long as we're private Bakura." He said, using a light tone.

"As you wish PHARAOH. I have nothing to say against it have I?" The pharaoh just sighed again.

"Fine. Call me how you want, but it's serious Bakura." He sighed, raised up and walked towards the window. He looked through it for few seconds then turned around and looked at me. He looked tired at the moment. He wasn't the great, ruling pharaoh now. He was someone who wanted to talk. Or needed help.

"Tell me Bakura. If there would be an opportunity to go back to your hikari… Would you take it?" I thought about it for a while, just to tease him. My face was like stone, while his expressions were anxious. It must be something really important.

"Yes," I sighed "gladly."Atem grinned and I could feel something telling me that I had just kicked myself into something slippery.

"I know a spell that could bring us back." Atem said, and I looked suspiciously at him.

"Why do you need me then?" I asked.

"Because I only know where it is. I haven't even seen it, let alone know what it says." I could feel anger building up in me and I grabbed him and slammed against the wall, but he didn't react. I looked away and let him go.

"You're the PHARAOH." I spat angrily. "You're telling me that you can't find one pathetic spell?" Yami shook his head.

"It's in hands of priests of Set. Which would mean war if I was to go there." He answered calmly. I had to give him a point here. The pharaohs were under the protection of Horus. The greatest enemy of Set, besides Ra. The gods can sometimes be problematic."That's why I need you." Yami looked at me, understanding I grinned.

"Wanting me to use my oh so powerful ability of stealing things?" I asked him, "No problem." Yami smiled and threw something at me. I caught it, It was a necklace. It wasn't very big, or heavy. It was made of silver, with mysterious signs on it.

"It will make a link between you and me." Yami said. "Just like you and Ryou shared. "But don't worry. it works only if you wear the necklace. You may need my help for breaking some spells along the way."

"Nicely planned" I said. "But I think we should steal more than only the spell. So they won't realize that we're after it." The pharaoh smiled wider.

"Just what I expected from you Thief King." He showed me a piece of papyrus. "Their hiding place is in here. After you get in there I'll tell you how to go." I nodded, taking the map.

"We'll attack tomorrow night." I said, before putting the necklace on my neck, where it hung next to Millennium Ring. I felt someone's presence in my mind, it took a second for me to recognize it.

"Your mind feels like roses pharaoh." I said grinning. He rolled his eyes.

"Very funny Bakura. I just simply had a rosy day. It's not my fault how I feel. And if you want to know, you feel like the old dust that covers you head to foot." I looked down. My red robe maybe had few darker spots, but it wasn't very dirty, for my standards. And it was comfortable. I never collapsed because of it, when I was running away. Unlike many other clothes I tried on.

"Don't be a princess, I'm not that dirty." I said. Pharaoh sighed.

"I gave the order that no one should arrest you. However news is slow to travel and you are rather infamous around here. It would be better if you jumped out of the window" I looked out. Easy cake for a pro like me. No bushes or trees, which means just jump and run.

"Thanks for advice." I said, grinning. Before I jumped I took off the necklace and hid it into my bag.

"See you in the afterlife." I saw in the corner of my eye that he's laughing. Steeping out of the window, I jumped to the ground and towards freedom. I wonder where do you go when you get killed in the afterlife. To the after-afterlife? I have to ask the pharaoh about it the next time.


The pharaoh was right. The guards of the city tried to catch me. But just tried. Nothing special happened. I, together with the guards destroyed few stalls and after that I rode away on a horse that I borrowed from the stable. Yes borrowed is the world I'm going to use, even though it is MY horse now.

I grinned to my thoughts and kept riding until I saw my hiding place. I'd better think about a way to convince my comrades to attack a priest's temple. It won't be too hard, after few deaths.


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