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Anyway onto this new story, I'd been reading a Manga called "Rappi Rangai" and I was totally sucked into the storyline. It's a Harem genre, but it's so original and the theme and characters are great. It's basically just Naruto, but with the main character swamped with princesses and ninja women. It set a new standard for me, and because I've read the most recent chapter, I've decided to make my own crossover with it.

Summary: alternative universe. Naruto is the heir to a royal household believed to be extinct. The ninja village that is loyal to prince Naruto sends him the aid of four ninja girls, whose purpose is to see Naruto live up to his family's name. The timeline is during the feudal wars in Japan, which I think is the 1300's or something. It's the point in time where Japan's leadership was split up into several major clans who were lords of a section of Japan.

(Rappi Rangai is a great Manga and I highly encourage you all to read it. I read it at Ten Manga, which has all the chapters ready to be viewed online)



The Lord of a New Age

Book 1: Lord Namikaze

Chapter 1: The Discovery of a Hidden Birthright

Naruto Uzumaki, he was a sixteen year old boy who had grown up in a harsh environment. Because of his whisker marks and his slit blue eyes, he was often seen as a demon; regardless of his caring nature people only ever saw his face.

His face wasn't the only reason why the villagers accused him of being a demon. No, that would be just too simple minded of them. The seed of hatred that made them detest the blond was the fact that upon his birth, the demonic Chakra unleashed happened to kill the local lord of the land.

This, of course, caused the land to be severely weakened, causing the neighbouring feudal lord to take over the land. The feudal lord only used this land as a means of resource; he didn't pay attention to it or try to better the living conditions of the lands people at all.

The villagers who had witnessed the death of the local feudal lord told others, and rumours spread like Chinese whispers. Naruto and his mother were kicked out of the village, forced to live on the border of the village's land, atop a hill.

As years went by, Kushina, Naruto's mother, protected her offspring from the more physical attacks onto herself and her child. Because of her willpower, and the strength only a mother could have, she survived long enough to teach Naruto the way of the sword.

Shortly after Naruto's seventh birthday, she passed away. Both the mental and the physical strain she had burdened for all those years had finally caught up, and when she had fulfilled her motherly duties, making sure her son was strong and could protect himself, she died in her sleep.

Naruto, who was ruthlessly, taught how to live, how to fight, and how to make a living from his mother took her death hard. The bond they had shared was undeniably strong, and because he was taught about life and death at an early age, the tragedy only made him stronger.

Naruto had no father that he knew of, the times when he'd ask his mother about it, she would have frowned and grit her teeth a little. Ignoring the question and distracting Naruto long enough for him to forget his question entirely.

When Naruto was left with no one to support him, and no friends to turn to, he was forced to work as an off licence coal miner, as no legit business would hire him. Not because he was a kid, but because of his hated, and in most cases, feared status.

Which leads us to the present day; Naruto had finished mining out this week's coal, and had decided to trade his goods with the villager's merchants. Naruto needed to be quick about this, he never liked to overstay his welcome in the village, and he'd always be chased out, or robbed of his possessions if he stayed for too long.

The other reason Naruto hated to overstay his welcome was because people would point and stare at him, often commenting rudely on how ugly his eyes were, or how grotesque his cheek markings were. This had caused Naruto to be cold to the rest of the village, and people in general. Naruto was never treated kindly, but because of his upbringing, he was always kind to others. But if they were hostile, Naruto would just put his mental mask up and act emotionless, just like he was taught.

Naruto gripped his wooden Katana tighter, he didn't want there to be any trouble this time around, he just wanted his food supplies and he'd be out of there.

Naruto entered the village as the locals took note, whispering and speaking mistruths about Naruto's past and upbringing.

"I heard that he killed his mother because she forced him to do the dishes one night!" one girl spoke to the other who gasped and glared towards the boy.

"He has rightfully earned the title of 'demon' then, hasn't he?" the two conversed more as Naruto gripped his wooden Katana tighter, but kept an emotionless exterior. People passing him by pointed towards his cheeks.

"Ewww! What a disfigured face he has!" a villager said loudly as others murmured agreements, or continued on their business while keeping an eye out for trouble.

"Those eyes... so full of evil and hate, I bet he wants to kill everyone here... what a beast." Another village girl said to her friends as Naruto looked over at her, hurting a lot at what she had said.

"Ahhh! He's looking this way! Hide me from his stare!" she said as the group of girls scrambled to hide from Naruto's attention. Naruto gritted his teeth a little, no matter how trained he had become in hiding his emotions; there was always those few new insults that got to him every now and then.

Never the less he forced himself onward, finding himself at the location he needed to be in. Naruto approached the merchant he usually traded with, a rather obese man who seemed to be better off than the other merchants. The merchant himself wasn't well liked, but that was because he was the only one who traded with the boy.

The merchant had gotten rich because he'd rip Naruto off each time they traded, often trading for thirty times less than the fair trade limit. Naruto was forced to accept the offer, as this was the only way he could survive.

Naruto spotted the man he usually dealt with and headed towards him. As the man in question noticed the 'demon' coming his way, he grinned a gluttonous grin, rubbing his hands together at the profit he would be making this week.

"Ahh if it isn't my favourite little demon child!" the man announced as he was a little too loud for Naruto's liking. Naruto obviously didn't like to attract attention to himself.

"I have this week's sack of coal" Naruto announced as he dropped the large sack of coal onto the merchants table. The greedy man looked inside the bag and sampled its contents for a short while before grinning.

"Excellent! Well, this is your side of the trade" the man said as he hauled a significantly smaller bag of food onto the table. Naruto checked its contents and was a little angered by the lack of food in there; usually he'd get a lot more. Which wasn't saying much to begin with.

"E-excuse me, there seems to be a lot less food in here. I won't be able to survive on this." Naruto said as calmly and emotionlessly as possible. He didn't want to anger someone into robbing him of his stuff. Or just plain attacking him.

"What? Are you complaining? Hmm... Well, I'm sure the guards will want to hear this complaint of yours?" the man asked in a knowing grin, Naruto swallowed his pride and decided he'd hunt to get the rest of his food.

"N-no, that's alright..." Naruto said as he grabbed his bag and left the market square as quickly as he could walk. He didn't want to run in case it sparked others to chase him again.

As Naruto left the village, he noticed it was getting dark and decided he'd make himself something to eat and sleep for the night.



As Naruto arrived at what was left of his mothers will, a rundown shack of a house, he noticed a abnormality in the water near his house. He gave it a closer look and saw the outline of a figure washed up on the beach.

Naruto dropped his belongings on the floor and dashed towards the figure's body. When Naruto got close to the body and lifted it out of the water, he noticed that the figure was a female, and that she was beautiful.

Her hair was a bluish black, and her figure was quite endowed to say the least. She wore combat pants and a battle ready top that was obviously too tight for her build. She appeared to be his age.

Naruto blushed as he looked away, realising where his eyes were heading. He supported her weight fully in his arms and carried her to his house. He laid her down on his makeshift bed and took her temperature.

"She has a fever... what did mother say about fevers again?" Naruto asked himself. He though back to his mother, who had told him to put a damp towel on the persons head if they had a fever, and to make sure that wet clothes were removed. And in extreme cases, alcohol would help raise the body temperature.

Naruto blushed as he went about his plan. He stripped her of all cloths, respecting her decency as he paid no attention to "those" areas. He had no spare cloths to dress her in, so he put the quilt over her and left her as she was.

Naruto drained a cloth over a bucket and put it on the girls forehead, in an attempt to help her. Naruto waited for a few minutes and decided that he'd have to resort to alcohol, as she was still shivering.

Naruto picked up a bottle of sake that his mother had left behind for him, as she would drink some nights to calm herself. He poured some sake into a small cup and sat her upright, helping her to drink the sake.

After a few minutes, Naruto noticed she had stopped shivering so he started to make some food for the both of them. A simple ramen dish was all he could really make right now.



30 mins later

Naruto noticed that the girl had started squirming and realised that she would wake up soon. He made sure to hide his whiskers and eyes with a Chinese style mask, often used on ninja missions.

The girl's eyes stirred for a moment before fully opening, her mind shot open as she took in her surroundings and state of undress.

She noticed she was naked, and that she tasted alcohol on herself, tears brimmed in her eyes as she noticed a masked man watching her.

"Oh hi you..." Naruto started before dodging a stool that was thrown at him. The girl picked up a nearby knife he had used for cooking and charged at him.

"Y-you bastard!" the girl cried out as she swung for him, but because of her state of undress, her mind wasn't fully paying attention to killing the man in front of her, but more so trying to hide his eyes from her body. The alcohol also blurred her vision and slowed her pace.

"W-wait! This is just a misunderstanding!" Naruto shouted as he dodged another jab of the unknown girls knife, who used one arm to futilely hide her body from his gaze.

"There's no misunderstanding! You u-used my body for your own pleasure!" the girl shouted again as tears threatened to fall from her face.

"Th-that's not true! You had a fever so I stripped you from your wet cloths!" Naruto said as he dodged an elbow jab to his face. The girl stopped and jumped away, covering herself quickly.

"If that's true, then why do I taste alcohol on my lips!" the girl asked as she glared deeply into Naruto's masked face, a feeling he'd felt thousands of times before. It was all the same, but never the less, he gave his same kind routine.

"You had a fever so I did what my mother told me to do when someone has a fever, I stripped them of all wet cloths, I put a damp cloth over your head, and because you still kept shivering, I gave you some sake to drink. Because I can't afford more cloths, I didn't really have anything to cover you with. My apologies for the mix up." Naruto said as he looked away the entire time, blushing at the sight of the woman in front of him. This is the most naked he'd ever seen a woman before, so he was very nervous.

The girl cracked a smile as she read his body language like a book; she didn't need to see his face to know he was telling the truth.

"Th-thank you... I'm sorry for attacking, I should have analysed the situation a little more." The girl said as she blushed, a little embarrassed because she was supposed to be a ninja.

"Nonsense, I should have realised the situation would have been interpreted wrongly on your behalf" Naruto said to which she blushed a little more, looking away slightly. "Would you like something to eat?" the girl's eyes sparkled and she practically lunged at him.

"Yes please!" she said as she hugged him a little. Naruto blushed a deep red at feeling her breasts pushed against him, she immediately recognised her mistake and pulled back, using the bed sheets as clothing for now. Naruto then led her to his kitchen.



1 hour later

The two had been talking for a long time, it turns out that the girl was looking for a boy with whisker marks on his cheeks and fox like eyes. Naruto didn't tell her who he was because she might possibly be here to kill him. And she didn't tell him why because she told him it was a secret.

She had apparently been fighting a group of specialised ninjas and had been knocked out and thrown over a cliff, which led her to Naruto and the present moment.

The two had gotten to know each other quite well, and were starting to feel a lot more comfortable around each other.

"So, I can't believe I haven't asked this yet, but what is your name?" Naruto asked, blushing from the embarrassment of not asking this sooner. The girl giggled as she too hadn't asked.

"My name is Hinata, Hinata Hyuuga" the girl now known as Hinata said, Naruto blushed a little, Hinata blushing after noticing Naruto's blush. "What's your name?" she asked in return. Naruto froze up as he realised if she was looking for him, then she might know his real name.

"Uhhh... my names..." Naruto was interrupted by the galloping a horse nearby. Hinata's senses went berserk as she recognised the horse's clatter of metal as the same horse of the ninja leader who defeated her. Her ninja senses double checking, and confirming who they were.

"Never mind that, you must escape quickly, the ninja I mentioned from before are here, and they must have followed me for some reason." Hinata said as she headed to the door, she stopped and her eyes widened as she felt a firm hand on her shoulder.

"You're too weak to fight at the moment, you must retreat while I talk to them, their probably here to talk to me anyway, please leave now, I'll stall them for as long as I can." Naruto said as he walked towards the door, Hinata's eyes trembling as she looked at Naruto's figure leaving the house. He was so full of kindness, she couldn't let him do this for her sake, she opened her mouth to say something but Naruto beat her to it.

"Now!" Naruto shouted in an urgent whisper. "You... you have something to live for, right?" Naruto said as he turned to look at Hinata's ninja appearance. "Well I don't... I'm the scum of this village and I have no purpose... please leave quickly." Naruto said as his cold eyes pierced through his mask and hit Hinata head on. Her eyes softened and shook a little as she left the building through the back entrance.

'If only you were him... if only you were my lord, Naruto Namikaze.' Hinata thought to herself as she left the house, leaving Naruto on his own. Naruto took his mask off and left it on the table before exiting his house. He was greeted by the site of a woman on a horse, and several men accompanying her.

She and her companions appeared to be ninjas, although a ninja riding on a horse was slightly strange in their current time period.

"Hello, can I help you at all?" Naruto asked as the woman swiped at him, Naruto leant back in time to avoid his face from being sliced. Naruto picked up his wooden Katana from the floor and struck a defensive pose.

"That's definitely him, his cheeks and his eyes indicate he is the heir to the Namikaze family. Naruto Namikaze!" the woman shouted as the men smirked to themselves, advancing slowly on the surprised and scarred blond.

Before any of them could strike a single blow, Hinata jumped out of her hiding place and struck all the male ninjas down easily. Her eyes were pale violet and her veins were bulging around her eyes. The woman recognised her as the girl from before and smirked.

"Didn't we already deal with you earlier on today? And if you think I'm impressed by you beating a bunch of weak worthless trainee ninjas then you're wrong!" the woman said as she jumped from her horse, and lunged at Hinata.

Hinata noticed Naruto was looking at her and her arms glowed a vivid blue, and before she knew it, she had her opponent rocketing off into the distance with an immense blow. The body of the female ninja landed within the lake outside Naruto's house.

Naruto stared on in awe at her abilities, he picked himself up from the floor and dusted himself off. In the middle of checking himself he felt warm arms encircle his figure.

"Why didn't you tell me you were the person I was looking for?" Hinata said as she had heard the entire conversation between Naruto and the enemy ninjas. Naruto didn't know what to do, think or even what facial expression to use.

At first he thought she had come to kill him, an assassination mission was anything but uncommon for a ninja, but because she had defended him even when she knew of his identity, he had trouble in understanding what her business with him was. He thought back to the ninja on the horse, she had said he was an heir. Was he a child to a rich man somewhere? Were they going to kill him to eliminate the family name so that he couldn't continue his family's business?

"W-wh-what exactly just happened? Why... what... an heir?" Naruto stumbled to find the right words. He didn't know quite how to feel, he'd lived his entire life alone... if this 'family' of his was looking to make a son out of him, then he'd have to decline. He didn't really want a family anymore, it was hard for him to accept anyone else as a parental or guardian figure.

"Naruto-Dono, you are the heir to the long thought extinct feudal lord, Minato Namikaze. From blood rights, you are a ruler, an emperor." Hinata said as she knelt down and put the back of his hand to her forehead. Naruto instantly freaked out. He disregarded what she said for the time being and paid attention to what she was doing.

"E-enough of that! You shouldn't kneel to someone like me; I don't feel comfortable seeing you doing it." Naruto said as he picked her up from her kneeling position.

"But I am milord's ninja, I must show him respect at all times." Hinata said as she looked at him like he'd said something strange.

"I just want you to act like you would to anyone else, I don't want you to change who you are just because I'm a stupid heir to a feudal lord. And besides that, I don't want you to think of me any differently" Naruto said as he blushed a little at his own words. Hinata's eyes had widened considerably as she watched the emotions his face displayed, reading them with much eagerness.

"If... if that is my lord's wishes..." Hinata said as she kept on remembering what they had taught her at the academy. Naruto frowned a little as he realised this may be hard for her to grasp. He didn't know what they taught her at the academy, but he summarised that they must have used a form of brainwashing to get them to act as their countries ruler wanted them to.

"No, see you're still doing it-." Naruto started but was interrupted.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to irritate you my lord... it's hard for me to understand." Hinata said as she looked down, looking like a kicked puppy. Naruto sighed as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm not mad at you Hinata, I don't think I could be mad at you." Hinata blushed heavily at his words. "I don't quite understand your position either, so it's not like I'm doing any better" Naruto laughed a little, cheering Hinata up and making her smile.

"I just want you to treat me like you would treat a friend; I want you to feel comfortable around me. I don't really like suffix's being used in my name, but if you want; Naruto-San is just fine." Hinata tried to loosen up and hugged Naruto, making him smile.

"there you go!" Naruto said as he used all he'd read about in books to act as sociable as possible.

"Naruto-Dono.." Hinata sighed into the hug, instantly making Naruto sweat drop. He'd have to teach her how to act like a civilian.



Inside the shack

The two had walked back inside Naruto's 'house' and started to finish off the meal Naruto had made.

"Master, do you have any questions to ask me?" Hinata asked as Naruto nodded, he was trying to think of a way to open this conversation, he was glad she initiated it.

"It's hard to think of myself as an heir to a feudal lord... for so many years I've just been a burden to this village." Naruto said to himself as he ran the idea through his mind hundreds of times. He visualised himself wearing elegant robes eating grapes on a gold throne. The thought made him laugh and shake his head.

"What exactly does this mean for me?" Naruto asked as Hinata smiled and shuffled closer.

"The village I was brought up in was the hometown to the Namikaze clan for as long back as history can tell. We have remained loyal to our old feudal lord in secret, and have been researching into finding you for a good fifteen years. We had learnt that the feudal lord had been cheating on his current spouse with someone else, and that a child was born. With this news we knew that we still had a feudal lord to the Namikaze clan out there." Hinata explained as Naruto hurt a little at the thought of being searched by people for fifteen years.

"Why... why did it take fifteen years?" Naruto asked in a small voice, feeling depressed that he could have had a family fifteen years ago. Maybe then his mother wouldn't have died. Hinata's face grew sad as she watched his face processes the information.

"We had no leads whatsoever, Minato's last words were 'I have an illegitimate son', that was all we had, we sent ninjas of all types to gather information on where the feudal lord had visited. A ninja who used to know Minato quite well told us that he had seen the feudal lord go over to a young woman's house in this village." Hinata said as Naruto could understand now why it took so long, he could only curse his father, Minato, for the things he did and didn't do for him.

"But, this Ninja, why didn't he speak up sooner?" Naruto asked, Hinata sighed as she had vague memories of the man who had the information the entire time.

"He was originally a ninja of another land sent to this village to intercept our intelligence scrolls. He knew of your birth but kept it quite for many years, until another feudal lord bribed him to talk. Of course, we had suspected him of treason long before he talked to the other feudal lord, so we had ninjas spying on him. The ninja that was spying on him delivered the information to our village's unofficial leader, who sent me and three others to intercept the enemy ninjas and protect and accompany you." Hinata explained as she rubber her hands together, it was quite cold in this house.

"That's... quite a story... but wait, where are the other three you mentioned?" Naruto asked as Hinata smiled at how concerned he was.

"I was sent to dispose of the bigger opposition so I wouldn't worry about the others coming out of this situation harmed. Plus, the others are really well trained in long range assassination kills, unlike me they use stealth" Hinata said as she rubbed her cheek, a little embarrassed. Naruto smiled as she had started acting like her usual self without realising it.

"That explains the history, but what am I supposed to do now? If I am heir to a feudal lord, doesn't that make me a feudal lord now?"

"Sort of, people won't recognise you as a feudal lord unless you own a significant amount of land and settlements. The feudal lord who has taken over what should be your land is far too powerful for our village to take on." Hinata said as Naruto looked a little down, how was he supposed to take over this land if he wasn't strong enough?

"But, how do we become strong enough to take on a feudal lord?" Naruto asked as he was confused, Hinata smiled and resisted the urge to rub his cheek.

"We need allies, groups of powerful people who are willing to serve at your command." Hinata said as Naruto's eyes widened at the sudden thought of him starting a war.

"But wait, I'd have to start a war, wouldn't I?" Naruto asked as Hinata's eyes softened as she sort of expected him to worry over this sort of thing.

"Sometimes... war is necessary, just think back to your times in the village, try and remember the villager's." Hinata said as his eyes widened, they were poor, they were hungry and they were ill. Disease was spreading like wildfire and living conditions had never been worse. The people his father used to rule over were being neglected and thrown aside.

"It's like this all over this country, not just in this village. The feudal lords in most parts of Japan are mistreating the common or lower class civilians, to the point where they're slaves. Sometimes... we have to fight for justice, and what we see as right and wrong." Hinata explains as Naruto gave that a really long thought. It made sense that people shouldn't live like he did, or how the people he knew did. He may not like them, but they were people and as such should be treated with humanity.

"I... I want to stop this suffering." Those simple words broke what he thought he was up until now, a cold an evil demon unworthy of human compassion. He realised Hinata's words had changed him, he had never once had a friend or someone who would try and teach him anything good or worthwhile.

"Thank you..." Naruto said with a tone of voice he'd never experienced before.

"Don't worry it was nothing-" Hinata started as she rubbed the back of her head, blushing a little. She had gained a new found respect for the blond in front of her for trying to make the villager's lives better. She was cut off as Naruto embraced her.

"No really, thank you..." Hinata's eyes pooled up as she heard his tone of voice, it was beyond grateful, she could feel an aura of pent up suffering being released from him, and it's when she truly started to understand the kind of life he must have lived. The things he had said to her so far, she had come to realise why he had said it.

"You... think of yourself as a demon, right? Because of your eyes and cheeks?" Hinata asked to which Naruto nodded in the embrace that she happily returned.

"Ever since I was small people shunned me for it, I've had religious people try to kill me, I've had assassins sent out to kill me, I've had the food delivered to us poisoned, I wasn't allowed to get an education, and no where decent would give me a job." Naruto said as he opened up to Hinata, he didn't even know why he'd only met her today and yet he felt like he could trust her with any piece information.

Hinata held him throughout it, listening to all his stories, hearing about both the good and bad times he had experienced in his lifetime. She had to admit that even what Naruto considered to be happy moments, made her feel sad. Like the time he had been pelted with items, and got to taste ice cream for the first time because some child threw the ice cream at him. It made her sick to her stomach that her lord and master had gone through these experiences.

It was getting late and the two of them were getting pretty tired. Naruto decided he'd ask more questions in the morning.

"Listen Hinata, I'd love to ask more questions, and to carry on talking to you, but I'm getting tired." Naruto said as Hinata realised he had worked all day and was completely spent. She went to go outside but Naruto stopped her.

"Ahh, no need for that, you can have my bed, I'll sleep elsewhere" Naruto explains as he smiles widely at her. He couldn't just let his new found friend sleep outside, it wasn't right, and he wouldn't be able to sleep anyway even if he did.

"B-but where will you sleep? This is your house." Hinata blushed as she felt him worrying over her, it was a nice feeling.

"It doesn't matter to me, I'm used to sleeping in rough conditions, this one time I slept in a tunnel I had dug" Naruto laughed as he thought it was hilarious waking up in a tunnel. Hinata's eyes showed sadness again as she tugged on his shirt. Naruto was surprised and a little moved at the gesture.

"Well, sleep with me tonight... it's not abnormal for a lord to sleep with one of his companions..." Hinata said as both their faces grew 5 shades redder. Naruto tried to refuse her gently saying it wasn't gentlemanly, but she forced him into bed anyway.

Naruto felt very awkward in this position, Hinata had stripped herself of everything but her bra and panties, and hid herself under the sheets. Naruto reluctantly disposed of everything but his boxers and settled down to sleep.

Naruto felt Hinata shivering even if she tried her best to stop, Naruto was used to living in such cold conditions, but obviously Hinata was not.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Hinata thought to herself angrily. 'You're a ninja and you can't even take a change in temperature? Pathetic!' Hinata thought to herself as she tried to stop herself shivering, while trying not to show she was trying to get warm.

Before she could lecture herself anymore, she felt Naruto's warm body embrace hers. She was surprised, shocked even as she hadn't expected him to hug her.

"You haven't gotten used to the temperature here yet, this should help you ease into it." Naruto said blushing up a storm as he thought of what he was doing. Hinata knew his intentions were pure so she smiled happily, hugging him as tightly as she could without hurting him. He was so warm even though the temperature was so cold. It surprised her.

The two gently drifted off to sleep; Hinata's dreams included a certain blond while Naruto's dreams involved what to do next.



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