"I've never done this before," he said to her.

Roxanne hadn't really been paying attention. Her mind was overwhelmed with what was taking place and the enormity of it all. The first time they were trying to actually be a couple … going on a date or whatever word he had called it – courting. Roxanne had been quick to correct him and then he laughed it off as a joke. Of course, he hadn't meant to say courting or any of the other odd words he had used over the past few years. She tried not to roll her eyes when he did this. He had an ego and it was hard for him to admit when he was wrong. Deep down she knew it was all a defensive mechanism. Megamind was used to failing and didn't like reminders of when he was wrong. It was like a painful flashback of all the times things hadn't gone right … which had been pretty much always. She saw this now. Behind that extravagant façade was a very sensitive person.

Now though, very uncharacteristically he was admitting to something that might lead to embarrassment. Roxanne was caught off guard, but quickly composed herself in order to give him her full attention.

"What haven't you done before?" She asked, turning to look in his direction, but she had a pretty good guess at what he was hinting at. Still, she wanted to let him tell her.

They were walking next to each other down the sidewalk that led to the park, the one that had been the setting of another date between them. Only then he hadn't been himself … well, he had, but in a different body. She didn't know why she suggested they come here again. In hindsight it just seemed like such a bad idea. Although, she had to admit that a part of her hoped to recapture that magic she had felt with Bernard … Megamind's alter ego. This place made her think of him and perhaps she could coax out some of that easiness they had felt between each other then.

"Well, I've never been on a date." Megamind grimaced. "I mean … uh well, as Bernard, but …" His voice trailed off into an embarrassed whisper.

A half smile formed on her lips. Roxanne could have taken the opportunity to gently berate him for his past transgression against her … the whole charade that left her feeling so betrayed. He had brought up Bernard after all, but this date wasn't about looking back. She wanted a fresh start. Roxanne wanted to look towards a future that she could possibly have with him.

"This is new for me too," she replied, grasping his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. "Can't say I've ever dated a Superhero from another planet before, so we'll learn together, okay?"

He nodded sending her a sheepish grin that was awkward and adorable all in one. There were so many parts of him that reminded her of Bernard and his smile was something that looked similar even if it was formed on a face that was completely different in shape and color. It was his and Roxanne knew before long that she would be able to forget Megamind had ever been Bernard. She would be able to accept him for who he was and that was something she looked forward to.

"This spot looks about right," Roxanne stated, coming to a stop and then gesturing to the blades of green grass to her right.

"Yes, I would have to agree," he replied.

Then pulling a tiny cube from his pocket he threw it into the air and rather dramatically brought out his rehydrating gun to zap the tossed block. For a brief moment only a shot of dazzling light could be seen. Eventually the bright white faded away and Roxanne spied a blanket slowly floating down to earth. He had returned the cube to its original form.

"Show off," Roxanne teased and Megamind shrugged his shoulders, a lopsided grin on his face.

She grasped the blanket and shook it out a few times before settling it on the ground. Then she sat herself on the soft cotton material, crossing her ankles to avoid any mishaps with the short skirt she wore. Her hand reached out and patted the spot next to her to which Megamind responded by falling down beside her.