After asking the million dollar question and getting a bunch of hem and haws, stuttering and basically Megamind talking in an incoherent matter, Roxanne turned away from him and over to the door. She knew that the only other person who lived there was out. Minion had left earlier to gather some last minute things for the party he was throwing after the "coronation" or at least that's what he called it.

Apparently Megamind's penchant for mispronunciations or using the wrong word entirely had rubbed off on his sidekick. In any case, Roxanne felt that even if Minion wasn't there, Megamind might feel more comfortable talking to her about the subject of sex if the door was closed.

With a click the door indicated it was shut and briefly Roxanne leaned her head against its wood grain. She was trying to decide if it was wise just to come right out and force him into admitting why the subject of sex made him so nervous.

"Roxanne?" she heard Megamind say her name like it was a question.

"Look I get it," Roxanne spoke softly as she turned around. She tried to make her tone sound matter of fact hoping that by doing this he wouldn't be scared away. "I've always gotten it. I just want to hear you say it. For once in our relationship I don't want to come across as a bully by forcing you into the next step."

It was quiet for a long moment before Megamind responded. "I've never done this before." he muttered.

It was the same phrase he had told her on their first date. She had been his first date, kiss and now …

Megamind's eyes were looking past her at door she was leaning against. No doubt he was embarrassed by the admission and couldn't look at his girlfriend. Deep down Roxanne knew this had been the reason all along. It was obvious from the start why he always avoided her advances when they became too intimate or led in a certain direction. He'd never kissed before, so it went without saying that he had never moved on to any of the other bases. Roxanne had waited, knowing that these things shouldn't be rushed, but enough time had been spent tip toeing around the issue with him.

Roxanne moved in Megamind's direction, until she was standing in front of him. Her hand reached out to grasp his chin and bring it down to where he had to look at her.

"Okay … so, just like before with the kissing, I'll have to take the lead in this, but you don't need to be afraid of what I'll think or say. I love you. I don't care what happens … only that we at least try to take that next pivotal step in our relationship."

Then gradually Roxanne moved her mouth up to his and was relieved when he didn't reject her, but instead welcomed her lips. Encouraged by the kiss, she reached around for the zipper she knew was on the back of his suit just below the neck and pulled it down a bit exposing his back. This caused Megamind to freeze. "What … what are you doing? Do you mean you want to …?" He stumbled over his sentence as a panicked look crept across his face and his green eyes darted around the room, "Here?"

Roxanne nodded and pulled her lower lip between her teeth, giving him a mischievous smile.

"Uhhh … I don't know if that's such a good idea. Where … I mean … I don't have a bed … did you want to … the coffin?"

Roxanne couldn't help, but laugh at his suggestion. Yeah, sex in a coffin … that would be a great symbol for their first time together, she thought sarcastically. "No, I wasn't thinking of that," she said once her amusement quieted.

He shrugged in response and Roxanne figured she would have to guide him in the right direction … again. Placing her hand in his, she led Megamind over to the desk and quickly moved the papers on top into one of the drawers. With the flat surface now empty, Roxanne sat on top, her long legs dangling over the side. Seductively she locked them around Megamind's own spindly ones and forced him closer.

"Oh," was all he said in reply, a look of understanding slowly crossing his face.

Roxanne's eyes were staring tenderly into his and she could see the same look mirrored in his as he found her lips once more. As they kissed, she sensed there was some anxiety in him as if he was overwhelmed by it all. His hands were definitely shaking somewhat as he reached around to hold her, but he had nothing to worry about. She would be there to show him. Her hands went out, and took hold of his torso to where her body was pressed up to his, against the two hearts inside, and a shock of joy ran through Roxanne's body.

"I love you," he whispered against her jaw as his kisses found their way all along the length of her skin there.

She giggled slightly thinking of how she had taught Megamind to kiss her that way.

See, he's coming along just fine, Roxanne thought to herself.

"What are you laughing about?" Megamind asked his voice drenched with concern, probably worried that he was doing something wrong.

"Nothing. Everything is fine. Perfect actually … and …I love you too," Roxanne replied.

Megamind scanned the sea of faces in the large crowd again hoping that he might catch a glimpse of Roxanne amongst the people … it would calm him down so much if he knew she was there.

"Don't worry … I know Roxanne wouldn't leave you here all alone. She's not like that," he heard the cheerfully forced voice of Minion say from behind him.

The Superhero closed the slit in the curtain he had been peeking through, the same curtain he was supposed to emerge from in a matter of minutes.

He knew Minion was just trying to play his role of sidekick by helping his boss through the apprehension he felt, but Megamind wasn't in the mood. "Don't you have a large robot to get inside of?" he grumbled.

"Ah yes … I guess … oh look at the time," Minion replied as he glanced down at the imaginary watch on his mechanical wrist.

Megamind glanced at Minion as he walked away and felt a twinge of regret for being that harsh with his friend, but it was hard to keep his cool when his mind was in turmoil. He had finally done the one thing he had avoided doing with Roxanne. His fear was always that if sex did happen between them then she would be completely repulsed by his novice ability. This in effect would cause the woman he loved to exit stage left from his life. As his brain traveled back to the memory of their afternoon together, he remembered her being happy … well, more than happy actually if her yells of gratification had been any indication. Therefore the experience couldn't have been that awful.

He sighed and had to stop himself from taking another peek at the audience. Then suddenly he heard his name being called out over the loud speakers. "That's my cue!" He remembered and pushed back the curtains to strike the most heroic pose he could muster.

As he went through the motions of what had been rehearsed, his eyes happened to catch a glance of the color dark blue rushing up the side stairs of the stage. On closer inspection he noticed that it was Roxanne wearing a dress of that shade. Another color was prominent as well, something white that she held folded in her arms. His girlfriend raced towards him and the two of them embraced. He held her tight, thrilled that all his worry was for nothing. Roxanne was here and that was all that mattered to him.

"What took you so long?" he whispered into her ear as he held her … almost refusing to let go.

"I stopped to pick up something I thought you might need," she replied wriggling out of his arms.

That's when he noticed the cape she had placed over his shoulders, one he remembered, one Metroman had worn. "He told me you could have it." Roxanne shrugged. "I thought it might help to have a change of color … try and forget all that black and you know … that vampire fetish of yours," she teased.

Megamind smiled at her. "You really think I can pull off white?"

Roxanne nodded. "It will help you forget all that black loneliness from your past. You aren't alone anymore."

Megamind couldn't resist, but pull her into another hug. No … he certainly wasn't alone.