Life As We Know It



My mind was cluttered with questions as to where we were going. I kept thinking of restaurants or maybe even a movie, but their hasn't been a building in sight for the last 10 minutes.

It stopped raining about half an hour ago. My window was rolled down and the light summer wind was blowing my hair back and out of my face. It wasn't to strong for it to mess up my hair. I started to smell fresh but salty water. As time passed the smell started to get stronger and drown my nose. The beach.

Why did I have to dress formal for this? I asked myself. I looked over at Logan who was just staring at my smiling.

How long has he been staring at me? That's kinda creepy. Maybe I have something stuck in my teeth. I looked down at the ground and turned my body towards the window, and started to scrub my teeth with my finger.

"We're here." I heard Logan whisper. I looked up and out Logan's window and saw something that reminded me of something that would be in a Nicholas Sparks movie.

On the perfect white sand stood a white lacey canopy with paper lanterns. Underneath stood a white vintage table with matching chairs for two. There was a candle in the center of the table and two plates with spaghetti on them, glasses containing water, silverware, napkins, and rose petals sprinkled along the ground with the sunset behind everything. How cheesy. I like it.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting this." I smiled up at him as he was opening my door.

"Only the best for you." He grinned. Logan paid the taxi and it drove away.

We walked hand in hand towards the table. As my feet hit the sand I took my shoes off and let my toes explore the soft, cold sand. So far so good.

Logan pulled my chair out and I thanked him. He then walked over and took his seat in front of my.

"How on earth did you pull all this together?" I couldn't help but ask. "It must have cost a lot. The food, renting out the whole beach." I said as I continued to list things.

"I doesn't matter." He said. "I just did a little shopping, cooking, called some people, and your mom also help but this all together."

"I wonder why my mom would help out? I mean I thought she hated you." I'm so puzzled right now.

"Maybe you should talk to her." He suggested taking a mouth full of spaghetti.

I sighed and twirled my food. "I don't know. I'm still pretty unset with her. I mean if you're mom kicked you out of your house and now where to stay, wouldn't you be pretty pissed?"

"Yeah, but-"

"But nothing. I don't even want Anna Leigh to be with her, to be honest."

"But if it wasn't for her we wouldn't be here right now and we probably would still be in that rotten hotel room." Logan pointed out.

"You don't understand. I never got along with my mom. Ever since I was little I looked at her like she was the bad guy." I confessed. I never told Logan that before. I never really have brought my mom up in past conversations in LA.

"Why?" I knew he was going to ask that.

"Because you know my mom was a teen mom too so my parents struggled with about everything. She had so much stress and stuff pilled sky high on her shoulders. So like any other stress person would do she solved her problems with drinking and drugs." Logan was completely motionless and staring at my straight in the eyes.

I guess looking at my mom now you would never expect her to have this type of problem.

"When my dad found out he took me away from her and we lived with his parents for about 7 years before I moved out to California and became an actress. During those 7 years my mom was finally sent to rehab. Since I was never really aloud to see my mom and my dad took care of me all this time I looked at him like he was a hero. Most heroes always have villains so I thought that was my mom when I was little. I knew that perfect families had a mom and a dad, and when I was little everything for me had to be perfect, and my mom was preventing that so I was always mad at her."

"I'm sorry, I never knew." Logan analogized. "Why didn't you ever tell me this?" He asked raising his fork, which had a noodle hanging off of this.

"I never wanted to bring it up and have people feel sorry for me." I told him taking a bite of food following a sip of the cool refreshing water.

"Well, maybe she has changed. When was the last time you talked with her before you came out here with Anna Leigh?" Logan asked.

"Never." I said putting my glass down.

"Then what made you come out here to her. I know you wanted to leave the drama of Hollywood but why your mother if you had all those problems growing up with her?"

"Because...because...of..reasons." It just came to my reason that I didn't have a reason for going straight to my mom.

Logan raise an eyebrow. "Probably because I couldn't think of any other place to go." I said.

"Well, you should really talk to her." Logan keeps telling me.

"I will someday." I told him, "Just not anytime soon."

I took my last bite of spaghetti. Logan has been done for about 5 minutes now.

"How was it?" Logan asked standing up and smoothing down his white button down shirt. He took his jacket off and it was resting on the back of his chair.

I decided to stand up to. "It was really good. Your cooking skills surprised me." I smiled.

The sun was completing gone and the moon was out it bounced off the ocean and filled the night with light. Logan and I decided to walk our food off and take a stroll a long the beach.

Logan's pants legs were rolled up revealing his ankles and his shoes were in his hands. My dress stopped about a few inches above my knees so I didn't have a problem with anything getting wet.

As waves crashed and birds flew above our heads. I was thinking about The Notebook movie and the bird scene. I was very attempt to run out in the water and ca like a bird would, but I didn't.

As we walked and talked for the next 10 minutes I felt the nerve to reach out and hold Logan's hand. When out hands touched it felt so right. Even though his hands were really cold I didn't want to let go.

To Be Continued...

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